The Driveway Saga Season 3: Episode: 8 - "A Monochromatic Monday"

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March 2nd, 2021

In like a Lion, out like a Lamb

The close out of February; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we had some precipitation of one kind or another and it ran the full gamut with the exception of any serious significant rain. We did have some liquid drizzle and some snow drizzle. We had normal snow, wet snow, frozen snow, but no real accumulations from each little snow fall, yet they all added up to about 4 inches of snow by Saturday evening.

Sunday, now that was a different kind of day, sunny and blue skies and in the mid teens to lower twenties with no significant wind, in other words it was a nice day. We got all of our running around done, stopped to have a dinner on the way home, and was hoping for a nice Monday. No such luck. When we went to bed it was still just partly cloudy.

We awoke to five more inches of semi-dry semi-lightweight snow. The perfect snow for snowballs and for sticking to everything, and somewhat heavy. We were not really expecting the plow guy since so many of the side roads on Sunday were still pretty much a mess with snow, but just in case we cleared the snow off the car.

He showed up after breakfast so I did manage one and a half cups of coffee and then it was start the car and wait, he is pretty quick with plowing.

View From the parking area
It is once again one of those monochromatic color days for us. This is not a converted picture, it is a full color. I need to hang a colorful outdoor thing but it would just fade and look ugly after awhile or be blown away or stolen by a moose. That is the rear view I get when backing out from where I park.

Secondary parking zone This is one of the first areas he clears, that way I have a place to park while he clears the normal parking spot for me. We really needed to be plowed, the snow was up to the door sills of the car.

In and Out Drive viewHad to have at least one standalone single image unstitched. Our in and out part of the driveway, it is getting a little bit narrow, so hopefully not to many more snow falls left.

Circle of trees
I still like our little stand of trees there in the middle, the plow guy is pretty good about not pushing the snow onto the trees there.

Temperatures were holding pretty steady, I still can not believe we made it through winter with only a handful of days below zero. We do seem to have more snow than the previous years, so maybe we will get some nice street flooding this spring.

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I love your colorful "monochromatic" shots! The stand of trees is so beautiful, the nature of snow-laden pines.

She sighs.

I lived in Connecticut, born and raised, and if there was one thing I don't forget is that last snowstorm in March. You could have spring weather all of February, right into March, and right before you broke out the flip flops- boom! A blizzard. No lie!

It is truly beautiful! Enjoy! Almost there!

One of the nice things about the part of Alaska we live is we very very rarely get wind with our snow, so drifting is generally not much of a problem for us, but it does happen sometimes.

Oh, how lucky you are! Some parts of Alaska are like a wind tunnel at times!!! Your scene is so gorgeous. I love those tall cedars with snow on them. I love them in abundance from overhead! :))