Coinbase Listing: What It Means For Crypto

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Coinbase is going public. This is the first crypto related company to go public. We also see FTX getting the naming rights to the Miami Heat Arena.

In this video I discuss how this is a similar trend we saw during the development of the Internet. That is one of the ways it started to enter the mainstream. We are seeing a similar path now with these companies in cryptocurrency.

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Is there a future for centralized exchanges or people are investing into sort of a gate into the crypto world ?

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lol fuck that exchange, they are too low skill level to handle Zcash regulations lol

I think I heard rumors of Binance trying to get listed too. As for centralized exchanges, I think they will still exist since there has to be a way to convert fiat into crypto and vice versa. Until this is solved, I think it will take quite a while before centralized exchanges decline.

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Interesting video. I agree with your comparisons to the Internet. There is much more adoption to come and many changes are ahead. Many of which we won’t have anticipated. I only hope I can put my knowledge to good use.

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