Manias: How To Navigate Them

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Is a deli with sales of $35K worth $100M market cap? In this market, it evidently is.

In this video I discuss how some things in the market do not make sense. Seeing a situation like this reminds us of the DotCom era. With prices like this, what is going on cryptocurrency does not seem outlandish.

Here is the article mentioned in the video:

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There is just way too much speculation right now so its tough to see what has value backing it up and what doesn't. It's funny how returns keep getting pushed back to a longer date horizon. As for that deli, I would just take the money and run.

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Speculation is the name of the game. Everyone seems to have forgotten what a bear market in equities can look like.

As long as the Fed is still providing a backstop, the market is happy.

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That is the biggest issue. The Fed can't backstop it forever. Eventually everything will be unwound and it will be even worst.

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with a bit of luck we might see some hive mania this bull run, especially since people are saying the altcoin season hasn't even begun.

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We might see that. I think we need to really get some development whereby we can see a big jump in users. If we do that, I think it will all fall in line.

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