Commercial Real Estate: Will It Intersect With The Technological Curve Before It Bounces Back

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Many industries are facing this prospect. However, commercial real estate might be the best example of what is taking place.

The idea here is that an industry suffers an economic pullback that lasts long enough that it starts to run into the technological curve which changes the entire industry.

In this video I discuss how commercial real estate could be facing a number of headwinds over the next couple years which means that some of the technological advancements taking place might radically alter the industry forever.

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the future doesn't look to hot for companies like we work, curious to see how they will survive

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If everything moves to VR, then there will be even less need for a large number of workers since they can have the same personnel service everyone in existence. Also distance won't be an issue in VR so long as people have the internet.

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I think commercial real estate without technology will find itself out of the game. The space is transforming and people will seek shared spaces or even a space just for a meeting or so. We'll see new use cases and those surely need technology in order to be powered up!

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