The Last 30 Years Give Us Some Insight Into The Next 30

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We are seeing the world changing very quickly. Over the last 30 years, we saw the Internet grow from near nothing into a supersized species that has a "life on its own".

In this video I discuss how we tend to underestimate the impact of technology in the long term. Where things are going the next 30 years is tough to pinpoint but we do know some trends that are in place will likely continue.

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It is amazing to just look back 30 years. You Got Mail, ie., AOL, was just starting to take off. I was just learning about this thing called the internet. www wasn't a thing yet. Wow...

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Prodigy and Compuserv were the dominant players at that time. The DVD wasnt even all that popular since most were still using VHS tapes.

Another 30 years, considering the starting point we are at now, will be amazing to witness.

It is hard to grasp unless we take a step back from time to time to see how far we truly came.

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The world is changing way too fast. The internet has changed the world and it has affected communication across the world. We would of never expected to talk to anyone across the world with almost no delay when the internet was first created. I am waiting in anticipation for the new technological improvements but I dread that big tech is leading the way because of what they want is not exactly what we want.

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Yeah we have to move big tech out of the way. It isnt going to be easy yet that is why it is vital we embrace decentralized applications and move ourselves away from their power.

It is a one by one process, where one person removes him or herself from one app...then repeat that a few hundred million times.

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I'm exactly 30 years old. And this was the television I grew up with it.

With the advancements being made in robotics and AI, the future should be an amazing one. And as you said, we probably can't yet wrap our head around what's to come, just like how people who had the television couldn't wrap their head around flat touch screens. I wonder where those Boston Dynamics robots will be in 30 years.

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It is going to be interesting to see. How much will things change over the next 30 years is hard to comprehend.

We are going to see a bigger move than we saw the last 30. Where it takes us is anyone's guess.

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@taskmaster4450 while growing up,when I was in high school,I am only able to talk to my parents when i send them letters which is delivered to them maybe once in every three months because there was no mobile phone that was available easily during that time....but now with technology via mobile phones I can now talk to them whenever I want ,Anytime I want and from any place I have made impacts on lives...

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@taskmaster4450 by next thirty years,we will hardly see a single person strolling into the bank to do any transactions,very soon robots will be the one helping us to do errands to the shopping malls,to pay our electricity bills etc...

@taskmaster4450 the fast changing world is the reason why technology is catching up and i believe more developments will keep happening in the world of technology...

@taskmaster4450 by next thirty years I believe that the AI technology would have finally taken over ...