Crypto: Offering People The Ability To Take On Risk

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This is an advantage that the wealth have over the rest of us. They are able to get into those opportunities that could result in high payouts yet carry a greater degree of risk. Since the average person usually cannot afford to lost a significant portion of the money invested, the usually path is more conservative areas.

In this video I discuss how crypto is completely changing this model. We are seeing the ability to go after the 10x, 50x, and 100x returns. This can be done because we filled our bags and have the resources to operate in this manner.

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Yup, excellent points you've made in this video! We take a step back at high yields around 50% and above because most of us didn't have the mindset of venture capitalists. Crypto is teaching us many things, and the level of access to serious opportunities for an average investor is unprecedented.

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I was reading the time, "Every adventurer wins pleasure."
I have not felt the meaning of that sentence yet.
Certainly, risk is something that is taken away from a person by nature, but overcoming your instinct and trying to have fun and adventure is very exciting.

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I definitely understand how it is. I am trying to build this account without inserting any fiat so I am growing my account. When I first started, I didn't have the liquid HIVE to participate in some of the good projects. Now that I have grown a bit, I can start participating in the projects on a smaller scale and start my path on compounding my earnings.

HIVE is also a great place to do so as HP and HBD has interest. If you don't want to curate, then lease it out. The same can be said to the rest of the HE tokens (the ones that can be delegated).

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