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The most ancient visual part of the city of Sevastopol is Tauric Khersonesos. Or simply Chersonesos. This is undeniable. This is where we will go today.

According to the official version, this city was founded by the ancient Greeks on the Heracles peninsula on the southwestern coast of Crimea. May be so. But I think that this place has even more ancient history. Winners write history. And its description does not always correspond to the truth. But we will not deal with questions of alternative history.

Chersonesos Tauride is the only antique city-state in the Northern Black Sea region, where city life was continuously maintained until the end of the 14th century.

It is officially believed that Khersonesus was founded in 424-421 BC. e. as an ancient Greek colony by immigrants from Asia Minor Heraclea of Pontic. The city consisted of a fortress and a choir - plots where the townspeople were engaged in agriculture. Grapes and cereals were traditionally grown. Choirs were also part of the defense structures of Chersonesos.

The visible part of the ancient city is concentrated on the Black Sea coast, 3 km from the center of Sevastopol.

The plan of the Khersonesos settlement. "Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron", volume XXXVII (73): St. Petersburg, Semyonovskaya typolithography (I. A. Efron), 1903

Unfortunately, most of the buildings and structures have not survived to our time due to the destruction during the wars and simply from time and weather conditions. The first excavations for scientific purposes at the site of the deceased Khersonesos were carried out in 1827, by order of the chief commander of the Black Sea Fleet and ports, A.S. Greig. Since then, excavations have continued to this day.

At present, the open-air museum of Tauric Khersonesos is founded here. He has his own [website on the Internet] (https://chersonesos-sev.ru/).

Ancient foundations can be seen directly on the seashore. According to them, one can make an assumption about a rather dense building of the settlement. This is understandable, the land fenced with fortress walls is always scarce, and for the life of the townspeople and the military garrison, many buildings of various purposes are needed.



The purpose of our visit today will be the antique amphitheater, built in the first half of the 3rd century BC and used for its intended purpose for almost a century and a half.

When I was in Sevastopol in 1978, this theater was behind fences. There were a lot of wild thickets around and I'm not sure if the theater was visited by tourists. In any case, I did not see him and did not even hear about him then.


With our backs to the sea, we will go towards the theater.


On the way, we will look where the entrance is prohibited for everyone except the museum employees. I was lucky the gate was unlocked.




This is a small courtyard with a service area and several artifacts on site. I will not describe them. See for yourself. Soon we were asked to leave and I was unable to take enough photos.


On the way, we see the building of the "Byzantine Exposition", which is located in the premises of the former Korsun Church. We will come back here and get to know this place in more detail.




The shady garden provides shelter to tired tourists. Here you can take a breath from the summer heat and take part in various entertainment. For example, see and take part in the production of colored glass souvenirs. A stove, a forge and everything needed for this craft are installed right in the garden.

As you can imagine, the most important element here is the man fanning the fire. Without it, everything else makes no sense :)


Touch the antiquity of this place with the cat.


Finally, we leave the shady garden and immediately get to the purpose of our visit for today.

The architecture of this theater is typical of its time, but with the change of regimes and religions, the theater was expanded, then rebuilt, then it was generally closed and two Christian churches were built on its territory. What I will show you now is all that has survived to this point in time.



As a photographer, this suits me perfectly. It has an interesting shape, color, space. But, unfortunately, a lot of interesting things have been lost. The only thing that remains here for sure is the Spirit of that time.

Probably, then I should shut up ... I think that for an experienced architect and an inquisitive eye, these ruins will tell more than I can describe in words. I already talked a lot ...








We have not finished the story with Khersonesos yet. But I think there are already too many words and photos.

To be continued.

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From Russia with Love




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The ruins, the places the buildings the art everything is beautiful and represents its rich cultural history.
Wonderful post, hope you have a lovely weekend:)

Good to see you and thank you for your kind words!
I am glad of this wealth and aroma of the spirit of the times :)
Have a nice weekend too!

I felt like being there while walking with you @bambuka during your discovery and investigation of Tauric Khersonesos. Being a curious explorer and adventurous traveler myself, these are the types of locations I'd truly enjoy! Thank you for the amazing tour!

Yes, there is something to see. There are more questions than answers. I think that this place can be compared with Egypt in terms of antiquity. There are underground pyramids on the peninsula and there are many of them. I'm afraid we won't find out ...)
Glad to see you @storiesoferne and thank you for your kind words!
Have a good weekend :)

Underground pyramids on the peninsula? Now, that’s making me extremely curious! Happy weekend!

There are different opinions about these pyramids. Someone piously believes in them, others consider all this to be a myth and deception. The truth is somewhere in between. After all, something is passed off as these pyramids :)

Wow, this topic deserves a separate post! Whether these underground pyramids are real or simply urban legends, more useful information might surface in the future. Only by then can we put our curiosity to rest.

The topic is undoubtedly interesting. But I do not have my own photographs of these places. The information on the Internet is very contradictory. I agree, new information may appear that will put everything in its place, but an even larger pile of useless hypotheses may simply grow. If I manage to get to Crimea this year, I will try to visit at least one such place myself. Then there will be something to talk about :)
Anyway, I will have this topic in mind :)

Hello @bambuka, we are thrilled to congratulate you for making it to the top feature! Continue to inspire us with architectural discoveries and stories!


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