Sevastopol - Classicism and modernity (visual walk 18 photos)

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An example of classicism. Temple of the Apostles Peter and Paul (Peter and Paul Cathedral). In my opinion, it is low. If you lift it higher, it would become visually lighter.
The cathedral was built in the middle of the 19th century. Oddly enough, during the Second World War, this cathedral was not badly damaged and was quickly restored.
At first glance, you might think that you are in the Mediterranean, for example in Greece.


Образец классицизма. Храм апостолов Петра и Павла (Петропавловский собор). Как по мне, низковат. Его бы повыше приподнять, сделать визуально более лёгким.
Собор построен в середине 19 века. Как ни странно, во время Второй Мировой войны этот собор пострадал не очень сильно и был быстро восстановлен.
С первого взгляда можно подумать, что вы попали в средиземноморье, например в Грецию.



If we take larger plans, the cathedral looks much more solid. And the sunlight makes it even solemn.


To varying degrees, classicism is present in many buildings in Sevastopol. Let's go for a walk along its cozy streets and, along the way, look into the courtyards.




What I like about this city is its slow pace. Life flows measuredly in its own unique rhythm.



Lots of greenery and cool shade. All the same elements of classicism, but many of them require repair.




And, of course, we will have to use the stairs more than once. I have already mentioned that the streets of the city are somewhat reminiscent of a serpentine. And passing from one to another, you often have to either go down or go up. At the same time, you can observe courtyards and even small gardens with fruit trees from above.




And here is one of the cozy courtyards. Grapes and ivy have richly adorned the walls of old houses. Pay attention to the last photo. Second floor window. Such a construction is not quite clear to me. Maybe someone will explain this trick with the cut visor?




A few more streets and it's time for us to head down the hill. It's time to admire the Black Sea.


But that's another story...

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From Russia with Love




Russia is beautiful, The mouldings, the columns, the baloneys, the windows all depicts the history of the place.
Keep posting, wonderful post.

Sevastopol is a very colorful city. He had to go through a lot, but he managed to save himself. We will still walk along its streets and amazing corners.
Thank you for your kind words :)

That place got lots of amazing historic structures. You are very keen observer and appreciator of architecture. Good to find your content here.
Keep flourishing.

Thank you for your kind words :)
Yes, in this community I found support for my posts about the cities I have visited. I have a lot of pictures of buildings, streets, courtyards, and this is a good place to show it all.
I live in St. Petersburg and soon the turn will come to this beautiful city :)

I agree with Praditya, you are a keen observer and you spot beautiful architectural treasures.
It was great you included the car and person in the first photo, it helped visualize the proportion with the building and its columns.
Wishing you a lovely day ahead!

Thanks for the compliment :)
A beautiful thing is hard to miss. Fortunately, beauty is everywhere and in everything.
I tried to hide the man and the car in the shade, it was not difficult, they were already in the shade :). I have a feeling that there was also a basement part or at least a few steps as in the second photo. Looking at the first photo, I feel some kind of disharmony. Maybe I'm wrong.
Have a nice day too @discoveringarni

Yes @bambuka We love to see your content. I agree with @discoveringarni that car and person helped to visualise the proportions well.
Keep posting and keep flourishing!

Good to see you @praditya and thank you for your kind words!
Wishing you a lovely day ahead!

I had no idea you were trying to hide the man and car in the shade. It turned out well in the end in my humble opinion. In creating 3D renderings, I've learned, we need disharmony to make the drawing relatable or more realistic. I am not really a photographer so I'm not sure if that applies to photography? Is it so?

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Beautiful post, nice photos! I always associate Russia with cold places, and I am wrong