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Basilica in the Basilica. Basilica 1935. Uvarov Basilica. These are several names for a medieval basilica - an early Christian temple. The age of these ruins dates back to the 5-6th century AD. This is the age of the first basilica, which was destroyed in the 10th century. The second one, built at the end of the 10th century, is located in the place of the old ancient basilica. It is so small that it fits completely in the central nave of the previous one (the nave is part of the room bounded by rows of columns).The basilica symbolized Noah's ark, its entrance was facing west. In the first photo we are looking towards the east. That is, we are just at the entrance to the basilica.

During the construction of the second basilica, marble architectural details of the early church were used. It was once white marble, mosaic floors. During the construction of the late basilica, part of the mosaic was destroyed. The floor was covered with slabs. Only some fragments of the ancient mosaic have survived to this day.

There are always a lot of people here and wanting to take a selfie against the background of the ruins. This is no coincidence. The 6th century basilica is the hallmark of Tauric Khersonesos. We will not be elbowing and photographing someone's legs here. Better to look a little from above.



We will return to this shore. Now I want to show you some more photos of the amphitheater. More precisely, its ruins. I found them in the memory of my iPad today. Let them be an addition to my previous post about Khersonesos.







Hope you get to know this wonderful place. This old limestone masonry simply breathes centuries of history. I cannot convey in words the feelings that arise there. You have to feel it. And for this you have to go there. I am not an employee of this museum and I am not involved in advertising. Just looking at these photos, I begin to experience those emotions and energy.

And now we will turn our backs on the ancient basilica and walk several tens of meters forward. Here we will find an equally popular place for tourists' selfies.


This powerful bell has a rich history. Some interesting facts. For the casting of this bell, the captured guns of the defeated Turks were used. This bell was cast in Taganrog at the end of the 18th century.
By order of Nicholas I, the bell was sent to Sevastopol to be installed in the Church of St. Nicholas. After the end of the Crimean War, he was sent to France as a trophy. At the beginning of the 20th century, he was returned to Sevastopol.

Now it stands on the seashore in the territory of Chersonesos. You might think that this bell serves to sound signals during poor visibility at sea. Perhaps this was one of the considerations when installing it. It is believed that if you make a wish and walk under the bell, then your wish will definitely come true. I have not tested. If you want, check it out for yourself.




But this view will open to you from the side of the bell to the basilica and its surroundings. In fact, this is closer than it seems in the photo. Let's just wander in silence among the foundations of the ancient polis.







And now I will show you a place that has not yet become an excavation site. But this does not mean that there are no old walls, foundations, wells and pavements under your feet.




Do you believe that there is simple earth and stones under your feet? So I don't believe :)


A strong wind blew. I had to take out a lace and tie a Panama hat to my head ...
Don't lose your head.

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I couldn't help smiling while reading your post. The shoelace worked haha!

"It is believed that if you make a wish and walk under the bell, then your wish will definitely come true. I have not tested. If you want, check it out for yourself."

It seems many are believers, I'm now curious to teleport and try it myself. 😄

Yes, my hat almost flew off my head. I had to show miracles of ingenuity. After all, do not nail the hat to the head with a nail ... although the head may be wooden LoL

Teleportation is a great way. It is a pity that we have forgotten how to use it. Not like our ancient ancestors :)
But you can use more primitive methods, for example, an airplane or, at worst, a rocket))

Hahaha 😂 Your comment brightened up my day. I guess I'll stick to the airplane. 😄

I would agree to teleportation ... perhaps ... maybe to the moon))


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