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For a more complete picture of Sevastopol, I must show how it looks at night. I noticed one peculiarity of cities. City at night and city at daytime ... they are two different cities. And this applies not only to cities, but in cities it is especially noticeable. You go out onto the embankment and do not recognize the usual outlines. Some architectural and landscape elements are distinguished by light from the general darkness. The backlighting can be of different shades, which creates its own atmosphere. I think that when building and arranging recreation areas in cities, it would be nice to take into account how they will look in the evening and at night. People love to walk before and after sunset.

In fact, the city has two lives. One common, daily. People go to work, shop in stores, do their usual things. Of course, someone has to work at night, but basically the night changes the rhythm of life. People are either sleeping or just relaxing and having fun. We will try to feel the taste and rhythm of the evening and nightlife of Sevastopol.
But before we can walk the night streets, we need to guide the sun to sleep.

We will not be alone, the townspeople and guests of the city love to go out onto the embankment in the evening. Long-awaited coolness, fresh sea breeze, sunset colors, what could be better to end the day.

At the same time, I did not see masks on people's faces. I understand that it would look ridiculous in the setting of sunset, but it was August 2020. Not that the height of the so-called pandemic, but far from sunset. People were just taking a break from the violence of the media.

I will present the photos to you in the order in which they were received. You can judge by the position of the sun (yeah, until it disappeared altogether).



These people are full of serenity and peace. There is no unnecessary noise here. Many came here with their children. Family embankment.


In the rays of the sunset Monument to the scuttled ships looks very impressive.



Meanwhile, the sun already touches the water and the spectators take their places.



The rays tint the snow-white walls in shades of orange. I shot these pictures using a slow shutter speed. Therefore, in some photographs you may see ghosts or phantoms of people. If you take a very long exposure, then you will not see people on the embankment at all. Unless you can see those who were sitting motionless on the bench or the stone embankment fences.



For example, here are two photos with different shutter speeds. 1/40 sec. Vs 20.0 sec. Feel the difference.



However, the sun managed to hide behind the horizon. Now you can't do without a long exposure.


Now let's turn our attention to architecture. Looking ahead, I will note that the illumination of buildings leaves much to be desired. But still, it is there and I can show you something in spite of the dense darkness around.
Notice how the mysterious look of the building and embankment in the night version. Deep shadows and just darkness. In this there is innuendo, imagination can picture to finish on his own. The night city is unique every night. As soon as the music starts playing in the square, everything changes.


You have already seen this modern complex.


But if you go higher, the picture changes a little. I like both.




Leaving the embankment, we find ourselves on the streets and avenues inside the city. I think it would be better to review them as a separate story.


I hope I didn't talk too much and you weren't bored.

CameraSony A7М2
LensSamyang 1.4 35
Post productionin LR

Manual processing in Lightroom

Unless otherwise specified, the text and photos are mine

From Russia with Love




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Every picture is artistic and skilfully clicked. Loved the place and the beautiful sunset.
Hope you have an interesting week:)

Thanks for stopping by :-)
Glad to see you and thank you for your kind words!
There will still be a night walk along the city streets ahead (:

Да, как-будто время там течёт иначе - днём и ночью. Пространство другое.

Днём лёгкость и доступность, ночью упругость и немного мистики ))

Hello @bambuka, I'm just dropping by to congratulate you. Continue to delight us with you architectural captures.

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Thanks for stopping by and support :-) And I appreciate that!

Beautiful photos and picaresque article.
Will you be using your stream of consciousness while writing next time? :)
I dare you to make some "waves"!

Saying Hi from across 2 borders.

И снова знакомые места!))
Первое фото просто шикарно!

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