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In order to see the Cathedral of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir, or simply, the Vladimir Cathedral of Khersonesos from this angle, you need to enter through the main entrance to the open-air museum Tauric Khersonesos. But we entered this territory from the other side. We can say that we entered the kitchen through the back door. Therefore, we will be consistent in our actions and return to the coast of Khersonesos.

As for the construction of this temple, then you have almost official information.

The author of the project of the Vladimir Cathedral in Khersonesos was the academician of architecture David Grimm. The cathedral was built in the neo-Byzantine style. Its construction was carried out at the expense of donations and lasted 30 years, from 1861 to 1892. The cathedral is the second largest on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, as well as the largest cathedral in Sevastopol: height - 26 m.





After dry sunny trails along the roofs and walls of the ancient city buried underground, we have a view of the excavated part of the polis. The Vladimir Cathedral rises above it.


We must pay tribute to the architect and builders, the cathedral fits perfectly and looks very organic. When I was in Khersonesos in the 80s, this cathedral was a very sad sight. You can just say that it was almost destroyed.

The cathedral suffered the most during the Great Patriotic War. During the siege of the city, a large-caliber shell hit him. And during the retreat, German troops tried to blow up the temple, but 2/3 survived. Repair and restoration work began in the 90s of the last century, but the opening of the temple took place only in 2004.


It is believed that this cathedral was built on the site where Prince Vladimir of Kiev was baptized. I will not speculate on this topic. Let the conclusions and the official version be on the conscience of its authors. We're just going to walk around the cathedral. Be that as it may, but he is very handsome.


Let's use the shady path and go a little deeper.




Afternoon and shadows began to lengthen. True, this did not give coolness, but for the expressiveness of the photo it is much better. Shadows add volume to buildings and spaces.




Now we go around it from the side of the sea. This is the southwestern part of Chersonesos. The sun's rays will come here soon.


And here you do not see the temple itself. But his shadow is on the ground. It looks a little ominous. By the way, in front of the shadow is the pier of the diving school, in which I had my training practice at one time. The shadow is gradually receding and soon the opposite shore of the bay will be in the shadow. But we will not see this. And now let's go to the territory of the temple itself.





Landscaping work is still ongoing here. This magpie does not look fluffy, but it certainly does not feel so hot. Maybe she plucked herself?





This is a Volga car. We can say that this is a retro car in good working order. The roses are hot and dry here, but they manage to bloom.



We will not find coolness on this bench, so I suggest we refresh ourselves by the sea.





We used to swim right here. I dived with a mask in search of rapans. Now swimming is prohibited on the territory of the museum. You can only get your feet wet. Which we did with pleasure.

On this I say goodbye to you until we meet again.

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That place seems so fantastic and soothing. I admire the architectural details of the cathedral moreover the place looks very peaceful and clean. Great perspective of pictures.
Hope you have a nice weekend:)

The place where Chersonesos is located is very strong in its energy. The Vladimir Church is located at the highest point of this place. This is no coincidence. This is the strongest point. I think that this particular place was used for sacred purposes long before the construction of the cathedral and Chersonesos itself as a polis.

Have a nice weekend :)
Cheers! аnd !BEER

Oh it serves history!

Cheers! аnd !BEER

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This place seems very quiet ... ideal to spend some time of our life there

Yes, this place has very good energy, plus the proximity of the sea and the absence of harmful industries. Perfect place :)

Собор выстроен в византийских традициях. У нас такой стиль почти не встречается а в той стороне (южной) достаточно часто можно видеть.

Близость Византии определила её влияние.
19 век, веяния моды...:)