Canadian Government SEIZES Grace Life Church: Puts Fencing Around the Building

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Grace Life Church, SEIZED and FENCED by Canadian Government

For backstory on Grace Life Church in Alberta, Canada, check out this post here.

The short version is this: Grace Life Church congregation continued to meet at their building, even as COVID restrictions were placed on all churches. The pastor James Cotes was arrested, but was released after several weeks with most of the charges dropped.

This event made headline news and made the Canadian Government of Alberta look pretty bad. They instructed Pastor James Cotes to cease meeting at the building, but they continued meeting as usual.

This is consistent with his sermon "Cesar Has No Authority Here" from February 14th right before he was arrested.

“We're showing the government, they're overstepping their authority... We must call government to its God-ordained duty... Attempts to dictate to us the terms of worship is not the government’s jurisdiction, and I refuse to give the government what isn’t theirs. Caesar has no jurisdiction here.” -Pastor James Coates

Caesar's Jurisdiction "Here"

The explanation for the seizure will likely be that they have to occupy and quarantine the building because the congregational leadership was not practicing the health guidelines. They are trying to make an example of Grace Life Church, so all other church leaders will fear and surrender their mode of worship before the beast, ehem government.



But why the privacy fence around the building? And another fence around the perimeter? Two fences?

The interior fence has black plastic on it to obscure the view. Why?

Treating the Building as Occupied Territory

Just like a military operation, they came in early in the morning and erected the fences without the knowledge of the building owners, brought in police cars and a private security firm at the gate.

Without firing a shot, they were able to STEAL the property of Grace Life church and occupy it like a military base.


No fear of God or man.


This Won't Be the Last Time We See This

We are about to see this repeated all over the world, this is just the first occurrence. The media is already trying to spin this, saying that there is a "spike" in cases and this building is the CENTER of the pandemic outbreak. Propaganda media, trying to legitimize this theft.

Grace Life Church was demonstrating both the over-reaction that "health authorities" are imposing over this former "pandemic". Grace Life Church is also demonstrating the God-given authority to believers to worship and practice their faith as ordained by the Most High.

They are saying that the emperor has no cloths on.

Completely SPITEFUL

There is no reason to do this, other than to appear strong to a certain set of people. They had already lost the battle over Pastor James Coates (all but one charge was dropped), now they are issuing commands to "cease the endeavor" (holding church service) and because the congregation are continuing to operate in the authority of the Most High, they are flexing their power.

Making a show. They have no fear of God.

There is no fear of God before his eyes, for his eyes are too full of conceit to detect or hate his own sin. The words of his mouth are wicked and deceitful; he has ceased to be wise and well-doing. Even on his bed he plots wickedness; he sets himself on a path that is not good; he fails to reject evil... therefore the evildoers lie fallen, thrown down and unable to rise. Psalm 36

The Next Step Will Be Mass Arrests

They believe that by shutting down the building, they will shut down the people, but this is not true. People of faith cannot be stopped by fences.

The Temple of the Most High was BURNED to the ground, yet the faithful of Israel still prayed three times a day towards the desolated Holy place because the NAME of God was once placed there. The people were scattered to the four corners of the earth, yet still the Temple continued it's existence in the hearts of the people and the NAME of Yah continued to reside within them, according to HIS WORD.

Likewise, even if every church were demolished in the world (which may happen someday), the faithful will always remain - because the WORD will always remain within them.

Even if every BIBLE were burned, erased from the internet and masses of people have their religion "reprogrammed" - still the faithful will take the WORD in their hearts to the grave. And be saved.

So they can arrest us. They can execute us. The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the WORD of our God remains forever. That which is planted in us cannot be destroyed, but will sprout into new life in the glory of the Most High God.

The only damnation is forsaking the WORD which is able to save, the WORD made flesh, that is Yeshua the Messiah, Savior of the world.



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In the Netherlands teh constitution prevents this. SOme large churches still see 700 visiors each Sunday instead of 3000 and some criticism is there but not too much. They are mostly large families meeting also at home.

If this continues, there will no longer be public church buildings anymore, unless they are communist-style sanctioned assemblies under the thumb of the the dictates of the ruling authority. The real church will be underground in homes, like in China. Eventually they will be persecuted also.

People must resist this tyranny.

It won't stop until people do.

Good on the pastor for standing up.

Only time will tell how this will turn out. I'm thinking mass arrests as the church gathers around their property Sunday morning.


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