Decisions We Make for Our Kids

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Decisions We Make for Our Kids

I have always believed that things happen for a reason and the best thing I get out of life these days is the time I have with my son. Every decision I have made since I knew I was going to have a child was to do what was best for him.

With the raging crypto bull market and the fact I was so traumatized from the last cycle, I sold a lot of my crypto holdings really early. I often wonder about the money I could have made, but then I think about how fortunate I really am. In 2017's bull market, I was obsessed with crypto and that led me to hold for almost three years... then due to a decision I made for my son and what I believed was the right thing to do at the time, I had to sell everything at the bottom and that sucked!

However, I have no regrets about selling and I don't dwell nearly as much on the money I could have made... at least, it doesn't keep me up at night which is how I felt about crypto in 2017. Something in me has definitely changed.

One thing I have learned is that money will come and go but the time you have with your family can't be replaced. Crypto is an example of I've rationalized decisions in the past, it was always a means to an end... i.e. I put all my liquid money into crypto and it will pay off, but it didn't leave me with much room in the "now." Lately I find that unacceptable and instead I've learned to focus my energy on more healthy ways of thinking.

The time I spend on Hive is yet another example; with the profit I could have made I could have had a lot more Hive, but I'm happy with the amount of Hive I got and now I'm grateful since it's all "free." In fact, all the crypto I hold is house money and I don't think about the fact that I could have millions of dollars. Instead, what I learned is to trust myself. In the short term, I plan to spend my money on awesome memories with my son and I have a lot planned for the upcoming year.

Finding Balance

It seems life is all about balance, every time I seem to think things can't get worse I am proven wrong.

The way I think is that there is some kind of reason behind every low point that I may or most likely may not understand at the time. Thinking in the long term I try and find ways to prevent low points from occurring since the risk is much higher now.

Even though I know that I can afford low points, I'd rather not and it could be the difference of great memories I'd be able to have with my son otherwise. If I'm stressed, my mind isn't functioning properly and it could disrupt time that is more likely to be encouraging for my son.


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