Lurking Around Leofinance? Project Blank Is Involved

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It's been weeks already and I am still waiting :)
You know over the weeks I have been reading and hearing a lot about Leofinance microblogging with the hashtag #projectblank.
If you haven't yet heard anything about it then I think you aren't even in this space :) or are you?

Well, over the weeks I have been trying to kick my butt up and start utilizing the leofinance interface but for some reasons I haven't but I am still waiting for the project blank to become a reality with a project name lol.

If you aren't eager to know what this would be or how it would look like with all the features and its function, I am.
My anxiousness might lead to me being the first tester don't you think? 😉 just kidding. I am sure there are many people out there who are more anxious than I am.

How prepared or ready are you when the time finally arrives?

I had to ask myself this question, don't worry I wasn't throwing that question to you but if you find it useful or something you should ask yourself as well, then go on, I won't stop you.

So many times I ask myself, how prepared am I to receive whatever it is that is coming?
What plans do I have towards it?
I have seen a microblogging site like that of which I have already heard a lot about but quote me right, I don't feel I belong to that space, or if my presence is even needed 😂

Overhyping of the site made me sign up for an account but I can't remember the last time I stepped my foot on the platform.
This is a failure on my part. I wouldn't mind joggling all the things I do and still having time for it but I just don't feel my vibes over there, I don't know how you guys do it.

Back to my question How prepared are you for #projectblank?
I will give you an honest answer. I am not very prepared for it but my anxiousness alone is enough to know that when it finally arrives, there wouldn't be much of a problem on my side.

I will embrace whatever it is and I am sure it is going to offer the best.
So when next you see me lurking around this awesome community, just know I am eagerly anticipating #projectblank :)


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i am so hyped and excited for projectblank!

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Lol, I guess we all are.:)

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Hopefully it is ready for mobile. Microblogging seems a natural fit for mobile users.

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