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There appears to be a concerted effort to get more engagement on Hive and especially on Leofinance. Since this tribe went to a different reward curve, the number of comments has been fairly impressive.

That said, we can do much better.


According to the numbers put forth by @leo.stats, we are still pushing the 8K-9K level most weeks. This is fairly impressive considering where we stated. However, there are ways we can push those numbers higher if we focus upon it.

About 5 months ago, I proposed the "Initiative of 10".

This was a project that asked people to commit to doing 10 comments per day. For many this seems like a lot, yet it is not as hard as people think.

Because of that, I wanted to add a few ideas as to ways people can increase their comments.

Before getting to that, I want to put forth a few goals that we have set.

The first pertains to the weekly stats provided by @leo.stats. We would like to hit 10K comments per week through the Leofinance interface. Realistically, this is not a number that is difficult considering we had more than 1,000 users on the interface last month. If 200 people do 10 comments per day, we will easily surpass the 10K comment goal.

I will set forth the second going in a bit.

So here are some ideas of how to improve one's commenting and, thus, engagement.


The first talking point is that one must be committed. From those who are having success with this, their commitment is evident. One cannot really make a half-assed attempt at this.

Thus, I would suggest that people make the commitment to leave more appropriate comments. If one sets a personal goal of 10, then it is more likely to happen. What does it mean to commit? That one will get it done no matter what.

Comment On Comments Made To You

This start with one's own blog posts. Do you realize how many people do not even reply when someone places a well thought out comment on their blog post? This is really bad.

If one commits to answering every decent comment make on one's post, he or she will find that, over time, more are left. The reason why I put decent is because there are some who still the "great post, thank you". Skip over them because there is not much reason for engagement.

Leave A Comment On Every Post You Read

If you take the time to read a post, then leave a comment. Even if you dont upvote the post, put something down that is applicable. You already spent the time reading, why not add to the engagement?

This will add a couple more comments to your daily tally.

Visit @leomarkettalk On A Daily Basis

We have a "chat room" set up to engage with other Leo members. Each day, we post a new article which opens up the comment section to "talk" whatever people want to discuss.

Here is the second goal that was mentioned before. We now are aiming for 10K comments under these posts for the month of April. We did 8K in the month of March so this is an attainable level we feel.

In a 30 day month, this equates to 333 comments per day.

This is a place where one can get involved and chat with other Leo members. It will not only stimulate some engagement but also earn a few upvotes here and there. We also see people getting a few more followers out of this which can help the return on posts.

Have An "Ask Me Anything"

This is an idea put forth by @hitmeasap. The idea is to take what is happening in the Leomarkettalk comment section and try to push it outwards.

Anyone can host this. Simply put up a blog post where you invite other users to ask you questions. This will hopefully stimulate them leaving comments in the form of questions. Of course, the engagement increases when one answers the questions.

If someone gets 15 questions, that will be a minimum of 30 comments on the post.

Keep in mind that Leofinance is a financial/crypto site so keep questions to those pertinent topics.

These are a few ideas of how to increase the comments without resorting to spam or crap commenting. It doesn't take long to type a couple of lines that are applicable to a well written article.

Engagement is vital when new people visit the site. If things are dead, they will not be interested in participating. However, if we show this to be a vibrant community, as evidenced by the engagement in the posts people read, they will not want to miss out.

After all, everyone loves to get involved where there is activity. Most of us on here for any length of time know what it is like when getting engagement going is like pulling teeth.

Thus, let us all commit to doing out part to push Leofinance to the forefront in terms of the engagement. With 1,000 people here on a monthly basis, we can really make a strong impact.

Put some of these to use.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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Comments are one thing that can make a writer/blogger feel that his or her writings are well received by the community. On a personal assessment, I still have a lot to improve upon as far as engagement is concerned but there is always a room for improvement. Thanks for bringing this post up.

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Thanks for the mention. I think this is a superb (and much needed) post. I thought about making a similar one myself but you beat me to it. I guess the outcome will be better when this is coming from you anyways, so that's awesome. :)

I hope we will see more people putting in time curating comments and encourage engagement like people did in the beginning of #initiative10 a few months back.

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Thanks for the mention.

No problem. It was a great idea that you put up so we will see if some people follow it. I will be doing an AMA here in the next couple days.

Hopefully this will inspire people start dropping more comments and getting involved.

It is only to their benefit.

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Hopefully this will inspire people start dropping more comments and getting involved.

That's exactly my thoughts as well. I can't help it but I think it's weird how some people doesn't seem to have realized the importance of real engagement yet. Oh well, I'll just continue to remind them.

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People complain how few articles have comments in them yet they fail to leave a comment themselves.

It really isnt that hard if one is committed. As you said, engagement is vital for the success of the platform.

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What I think is the weirdest of it all is how some content creators seems to ignore their own audience completely by never responding to comments they get.. That's just awful behaviour.

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Well as the level of engagement increases, it becomes the norm which makes certain behavior even less acceptable.

This is where setting the trend can come in. If we establish the bar where people have to engage with those who comment in their posts, then those who do not will find things changing for them.

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Good point. I can totally understand that some content creators miss a few comments, or that they ignore some of them due to the quantity of comments they get, and/or due to the quantity of articles they publish.. But ignoring all the comments you get.. Yikes.

That's just really, really poor behaviour.

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There are a lot of comments that are not worth commenting upon because they are bullshit. That we know.

However we know there are a lot that are equally as valid and worthy of some interaction.

Yet some just ignore them.

At this point, we should start calling attention to that.

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Thanks for the great AMA idea. We do pretty well in engagement on the weekly Saturday Savers Club post, but always good to have fresh ideas 😍.

I honestly had my doubts before doing an AMA as LeoFinance is crypto & finance-related, but I figured it would be worth a shot as the goal is to boost the overall engagement and "take advantage" of the amazing engagement we have on the @leomarkettalk posts. I want that engagement to spread outside of those posts, so they reach a lot of other content as well.

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But who can even dream to match taskmaster ¿?¿
He is a machine. Android, or smth.
I sometimes struggle to even reach my keyboard after reading a post. Unless I need to make only my 2 keystrokes ctrl-c ctrl-v , and leave my BOOM!

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Have to provide a target for people to strive for.

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I've been saying for a while that he's an AI and not even daring to challenge his throne. I only once had more comments in a week than him and that record has been absolutely blown away by the one and only. The power of example weighs heavier than any preaching one can pour on Leofinance. When you talk engagement you need to show it and he's done on every possible level a user could do. Role model.

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I have no idea.. I wouldn't even try to beat taskmaster if I knew that he was on a deserted island for a week without wifi.. But, I am eager to boost the overall engagement so I don't mind pushing my own limits a bit.

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And once the curve get flatten on the new HF25 (potentially), then upvoting comments will become more frequent.

I personally enjoy comments because its like a conversation... and not like posts where is more like a DUMP of a crash kernel in some cases. Either way, I enjoy more the conversations because that's where I usually feel the "immediate added value", as opposed to the posts, which is more like a "documentation" or "news feed" to buffer and read it later. You get the idea.

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I get the idea and I totally agree. There's often a lot of value in the comment sections, it can even be greater value than the article itself, but those who make the comments doesn't earn much for doing it.. That's the biggest reason for people not to engage.

It's an horrible outcome for a social platform, but hopefully, we'll see better outcomes going forward.

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"This start with one's own blog posts. Do you realize how many people do not even reply when someone places a well thought out comment on their blog post? This is really bad."

This stood out to me, as it reinforces a real problem as I see it. So ... It nice to see you bring it up here.

Any reasonable effort to comment on a post, in my view, adds value to it. Not just for the benefit of the author of the post. But for the benefit of all reading it, since I have always viewed comments as an integral part of creating content on our Hive blockchain / LeoFinance community. I have always done what I can in my own posts, to encourage engagement by both soliciting comments and then upvoting those who make the effort to leave them (yes, even on our Hive blockchain, where our current EIP penalizes you for this ...)

I appreciate all you do to drive engagement @taskmaster4450le. There are many of us who are part-timers, so we do what we can, with the time we have available. All working together, with contributions both great and small, we will steadily add value to our Hive blockchain, in general, and our LeoFinance community, in particular.

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There are some posts where the information in the comment section outpaces what is in the article itself.

We have a lot of wisdom in the community and sharing it is vital. Comments are the way this can be done. We also open the door for others to participate.

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There are some posts where the information in the comment section outpaces what is in the article itself.

I couldn't agree more, even some of the comments give ideas for the post/s, writer just have to research on them or to share his/her information on that topic.

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You bring up a great point.

There are ideas for posts in many comment sections. Those who add comments can help others to garner material to write about.

It is a self feeding cycle.

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Liked this image and thought of using it somewhere, you gave the opportunity.

Other than that, you are one of the writers I have learnt and have been learning a lot from. No doubt, engagement is the key to success for blogging, at least, HIVE and HIVE like platforms which ultimately opens many other doors of opportunities.

Yes, good points. If we can improve on fostering an environment whereby everyone contributes to the best of their ability, all benefit. Both from an "intellectual capital" point of view, as well as financially. Properly understood, I don't think you can separate these two anyway ...

Have a good and productive day! 👍

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Isn't that the essence of Hive mind?

We all have talents and abilities here. Our knowledge, especially about crypto, is probably unmatched in any single area. There are over 1,000 people a month on here, all who are involved with different facets of crypto.

That is a wealth of knowledge to share.

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"Isn't that the essence of Hive mind?"

Interesting question. Which exposes (for me) what is almost certainly a difference of opinion on what these new "virtual worlds" represent. No need to get into that, however, as I understand the point you are making.

Focusing instead on this ...

"We all have talents and abilities here."

... that is beyond dispute. The great differentiator is what we all choose to do with them. As an older man, you and I can probably agree our respective paths through life have brought us in contact with some remarkably talented people. Who do next to nothing with it ... As well as "overachievers" who excel beyond all reasonable expectations ...

The "great differentiator" then?

The willingness to go to work. And stay with it. Squarely facing the inevitable difficulties which come our way when we are trying to make progress. It is a fundamental part of life, which too many "in here" seem to think they are going to avoid somehow ...

Anyway, I think you are an excellent example of the work it takes to be successful. As you state clearly in your post here about commitment ...

Keep it up, as you are well deserving of whatever already has and will continue to come your way, as a direct result. 🙂👍👋

On into my day ...

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Without a doubt, the differentiator is what we do with the skills, talent, and knowledge we have.

On a platform like this, it is taking the opportunity to exhibit what we know. This comes through posting, both articles and comments.

That is what enables people to engage and learn.

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Late December i made a Hive goals for 2021 post. Today I put out a first quarter update. Of about 7 goals, 6 were already met and 1 was inconclusive. A big reason was increased engagement. Bottom line...comments work.

Comments are the NUMBER ONE thing everyone here can do to increase their accounts. Unless you're a prolific author like taskmaster here lol, most of us can only come up with something decent to write about every few days or once a week or something. But we can ALL write a decent comment on something someone else has written. The compounding effect of dribbling in 1-2 Leo's a day from curating is really amazing. If you commit to doing it for 30 straight days you will be amazed how much your account can grow.

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A lot of the following I have is due to the comments I wrote years ago.

It all builds upon itself. Comments are a great way to stand out. It is also a way for people to show their knowledge.

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The ping-pong ball effect of a comment is a good thing. I smack a comment into your court, you smack a comment back, then back at you. I kind of think this is how humans are hard-wired to interact, to process info, banter it around, bounced it back, reprocess it, and carry on.

Bottom line...comments work.

We need to put this at the top of Leofinance as a banner.

It really sums it all up.

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Good ideas to improve our participation. I didn't think in Comments without Upvoting.

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comment is the indeed the best way to engage, I this what I do most of the time.
Thanks for the informative post

Great tips, I've fallen short a bit on leaving comments and been trying to pick it back up as much as possible. Trying to dedicate more time to the platform as I know it's worth it and a project I believe in. Comments on your own posts and replying back to people are some of the fastest ones to do as you already read/wrote the entire article and know the subject matter. The longer ones are when reading others posts. While it does take honestly a seriously good amount of time it's worth it. Just like you want others to read your articles and leave good quality comments about it you should be doing the same for others.

Going to check out leomarkettalk didn't know it existed till now but seems interesting I always enjoy a good constructive discussion.

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Yeah it is a good place to engage with some of the Leos on here.

We link charts, articles on other sites, and memes. It is fairly well open. We do try to keep it to the Leofinance genre.

Look forward to you being in there.

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I will take your advice and comment on this post, because I read it. Definitely an area I need to work on. You and @galenkp are probably the two best commenters here on the blockchain.

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@galenkp does a terrific job of commenting but there are others.

It is something that many of us focus upon.

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I've been averaging at least ten comments per day over the past week. This is both inside4 and outside of LeoMarketTalk. This is an important metric for all of us to contribute to, as it shows the power of our platform and the fact that comments beget comments. It's a great way fo announcing oursefl to the world! :)

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It's a great way fo announcing oursefl to the world! :)

That's the other thing I don't think a lot of people understand. By giving thoughtful comments to authors, your name gets seen by those authors when they go back and look at their work. This means that they start recognizing your name and the next time you post something, they're more apt to check it out and possibly (probably) vote on it. Again, that's not something that happens overnight, but if you're doing your part it WILL happen. EVERYBODY on here knows who taskmaster is. Why? Because besides writing these articles, he is constantly reading and engaging other people. He may have the most articles written every week but if you look at his engagement stats, he also has the most comments. That is not an accident.

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It is the easiest way to stand out.

On more than one occasion when I came across someone who is complaining about not getting any attention on his or her posts, I said to go put up 500 well thought out applicable comments and then get back with me.

Anyone who does that will end up standing out over time.

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Yes it is noticeable. I will say your comments are also very applicable and well thought out.

Thus you are not only adding in number but truly being a value add to the system.

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Commenting is a vital aspect of this community, in my opinion. The vast majority of the stuff I learned about crypto, blockchain, and Hive were from either reading other people's comments or having my own comments answered.

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It can be a treasure trove of knowledge.

There are a lot of smart people on Leofinance (and Hive in general). Sharing that knowledge is paramount, especially for an industry that is still relatively small.

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Engagement is a big deal and honestly its the base core to building ones network or a chain or an identity. An AMA is brilliant apart from interactions it actually makes a lot of people know who a lot of people are inadvertently. There's no short cut to meaningful engagement.

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There's no short cut to meaningful engagement.

Totally agree. It's not always easy. You do actually have to think about what you're writing. But, the rewards are far greater than just a quick upvote. As you say, they help give you an identity and allow people to know who you are. We all know who most of the "big" players are here. This is a way for you and me to build our own brand so that when we DO post our own articles, there will actually be an audience who might like to read it.

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Commenting on a post is very important. It tells the author what the reader understood and maybe there are some additional points he want to add.
Commenting in leo is rewarding for both author and reader as an engaging reader will add beauty to the post it self with a good comment.
I always try to leave a comment on your post as you reply to it and it makes a healthy discussion.

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Hopefully we will see more upvotes going to comments over time.

That will help to provide incentive to those who leave comments.

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Yes exactly!
This is like an appreciation for people who are interacting with the post.

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Well here's the other thing about comments. You get paid when you upvote and comment on posts. Apart from the courtesy and engagement and name recognition you get for responding, you get half of your vote back in curation rewards, plus half of anything the author or anyone else throws on your comment as well. This is what we mean when we talk about curating, curating, curating as the way to get started on Leo and Hive and all the rest. When you read, comment, and upvote, you get paid for your time. It's not a lot, but if you make 10 comments and 10 upvotes on whatever you commented on, you will get half of that back PLUS whatever upvotes you get from your comments.

This is the power of Hive/Leo. If you can do this every day, you will constantly be getting rewards into your account. And those can add up very quickly. Especially when you consider that your voting power slowly increases as you stake your rewards so those upvotes start to increase in value.

I get it, it can be a grind, especially early as your votes aren't worth much. But if you put thoughtful comments on many of the authors on here, you'll see results as they reward your efforts. As we're talking about in this post, it won't happen every time, unfortunately, but you'll also quickly learn the people who DO appreciate your engagement and you can follow them.

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It is all part of the compounding process. Not every comment will get an upvote but some will. And when that happens, especially on Leo, half that money is the one making the comment.

Stake it a week later and it adds a little more to the VP.

There are times when I have seen comments having more upvote value than many posts.

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Good ideas. I don't know if I hit 10 comments (I doubt it) but I do try to leave at least a few per day. But it is demotivating when the vast majority of my comments receive no reply nor even a small value "seen" upvote.

I think another thing leo (and hive) can do to encourage more comments is to add a reddit-style ability to collapse comments so that we can more easily and quickly look through threads.

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It's great to see the engagement and interaction with the posts here on Leofinance.

Leave A Comment On Every Post You Read

I don't agree with you on this point.
I often read blogs that are several hours, sometimes days old which have a lot of discussion already.
When I have nothing to add to the discussion, I don't leave a comment.
I also think 20 comments with "Nice blog" have really added value over a upvote.
This triggers the need for the author to say "Thank you" to all these comments.

[added later]
I also think commenting shouldn't be a goal on itself. I see people wanting to comment more. What really matters to me is the quality of the comment.

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Without a doubt we want engagement, not just nice blog, thanks.

As for the number, lets be honest. Overall, for the amount of users, they are pretty pathetic. So yes we might get a lot of the bs comments as you mention, but the idea of leaving a comment on every post you read is a good mindset to have.

The fact that we have 14,000 accounts active daily on Hive yet there are barely that many comments left shows how poor the engagement is overall.

So thus if people focus upon 10, maybe they leave 3. That would go far in expanding the interaction on Hive.

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I don't make much posts so responding to comments is fairly easy for me. I tend to leave the kind of automated bot like responses out though.

I probably need to do more commenting on posts I read. Sometimes I just don't leave a comment.

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Well I will say you do a good job overall so someone else could take up the mantle. LOL

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I once planned to make 20 comments a day, not just comments limited to "great, thanks", but more comments that have interaction. This takes time and commitment, I also have to read the entire post to understand in order to be able to comment.

The most difficult part is commitment, as you said, and also don't set too high a target, like 20 comments a day, 10 comments I think is more than enough and very good for engagement. I will try it.

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I also have to read the entire post to understand in order to be able to comment.

Good point. 10 comments a day sounds more reasonable.

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Yes, rather than forcing ourselves with a high target but not achievable.

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Whatever the number is, set the goal and commit to it.

Some authors provide more opportunity to comment. They will also engage more which makes it easier to get a back and forth going.

That is when the numbers truly start to grow.

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Indeed, the number will increase by itself if the authors begin to reply and discuss each other.

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What‘s also very important to increase engagement is upvoting comments, as this does encourage (especially new people) to comment more, because they are „rewarded“.
Of course not copy paste comments, but if someone really thought about the post and gets an upvote on his post this will for sure motivate him to continue doing this in the future!

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On Leofinance, that is becoming commonplace. With the next hard fork, changing the reward curve, hopefully we will see that across Hive also.

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Didn‘t know about the changes in the upcoming hard-fork!
However, sounds great for the community! :)

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I probably set my goals too low - but I know I can't be here every day. I do like aiming for 10 comments a day, and have been recently trying to use small breaks through out the day read 1 -2 articles and comment.

I do not yet left a comment on every article - mostly because I don't feel like I can always add something of quality, but I can give it a shot for a day or two and see how it feels.

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Time is something that we all have to navigate. Not everyone has the time to post a ton of comments.

However, we do what we can. I think the focus upon it is what matters. Even if one leaves 5 or 6 a day, at least the attention is consistently there.

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Love the goal centric nature of this post @taskmaster4450le. I am definitely up for the challenge of making more regular comments via @LeoFinance. I tend to be so focused on writing and posting good content, I sometimes miss the importance of commenting. I do always love reading the comments on my posts.


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LOL Well I didnt really set it out as a challenge but okay, we can go with that.

It is great that you are so moved by it. We all benefit from increased engagement so I hope many feel the same way as you do.

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Yeah I totally get this, I try to write a valuable comment for every article I read, but sometimes struggle with just what to say, So I just say what I think and stop overthinking the situation, we all love a nice reply on our posts, sometimes though I have learned that an abjective view can be more educational for an open minded author and I do be greatful for all replies even those that may point out mistakes or challenge opinions, I find these the most rewarding replies as they allow me to re-evaluate my own thinking, learn from study and put in a little more effort. Thanks for posting this, it reasured me that I am on the right track...

When struggling with something to add, simply leave a question about something in the article.

That could also start some engagement with the author.

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I'm not sure I'll manage 10 comments a day.

But I'll set a goal of leaving at least one comment every day. And I'll go from there!

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One can grow into two or three.

Of course, you just hit your one already so now you are in the bonus round.

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I already used some of these suggestions in the last few days (e.g. commenting on every post I read), but the suggestion for an AMA is a really good one! I'll try that out somewhere this week :).

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10 comments a day is not hard really

No it isnt especially if one replies to comments left in a post.

That will often stimulate a conversation which can lead to more.

A couple of them a day and boom, one is there.

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These are really good tips. Especially the "if you read a post, comment it". I will really try to do that !

I usually try but some of time, even if I want to leave a comment because I likes and 100% upvoter the post, I don't know what to say and that's the biggest reason why I don't comment more often

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Ask a question. That is another way to stimulate engagement.

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Ok ! Thank you ;)

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This start with one's own blog posts. Do you realize how many people do not even reply...

GaryVee talked about this in one of his podcasts recently. It is grossly irresponsible not to reply to comment if you care about building relationship/brand or a sizable following.

I try my best, regardless of the size of an account, to reply to comments on my post. It is very important.

Leomarkettalks is another cool place to boost engagement. I have watched my engagement grow since I joined. Plus you get to interact with other community members and come up with great ideas for blog posts.

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Those who take it from a business building perspective understand the role that engagement has.

Everyone seems to want the payoff without doing the work. Human nature I guess. However, on here, engagement is our stock in trade.

That is what helps us to get noticed.

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Everyone seems to want the payoff without doing the work

The work brings a bigger payoff than most people think. I can attest to this. It is the best way to get noticed and build social capital. I am talking to people across the globe about exciting idea that add value to my life.

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Some really good tips in this. I was reading a few weeks go about the 1% improvement a lot of companies and sports teams use. Basically, they look to make small 1% increases in every area of the business/team. These small differences then add up and create an overall stronger organisation.

It is hard to find ways of increasing things by 10% but if each small part of a process can be improved a little then it can be achieved.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That is very true. I believe you are referring to the 1% a day idea.

It is valid. If one can improve 1% a day, or even a week, over time, that adds up.

Each tip for success that we get on here, if implemented, will help one to grow his or her following. That is what most everyone wants.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think the article I read was about the British cycling team, they improved each part of their bike by 1%, gears, wheels, aerodynamics and so on. It basically gave them that edge over competitors. The 1% a day sounds like a good lesson as well though will look into that.

I like the ask me anything part as well, I have been trying to put together a series of articles doing a Q and A with community members to give everyone a little more info about them and their time in crypto. If you would be interested in participating in something like that let me know and I will put some Q's together.

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I really like the AMA idea. Would you suggest starting it off with a particular topic that might interest people?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is Leofinance so it is vital that we keep it to the topics of the site.

Obviously, those who are on here have an interest in crypto and financial matters. So opening the door in that realm is going to target most people on here.

Beyond that, my thought is to leave things open ended.

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An AMA post is a great idea and something we could do on the weekly Saturday Savers Club post over at @eddie-earner. In our case, it could be ask us anything about saving and anyone/everyone could respond in the comments.

There are also lots of ways to tip comments, too. I like the ENGAGE tokens (hold 1,001 ENGAGE tokens to distribute tokens to others), but there's also BEER and WINE. For newbies, especially, this helps to build their engagement and stake.

It seems like a fine combination of ideas.

This appears to fit the genre that account is focused upon.

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I am definitely putting some of these into use. I must admit first of all that I am one of the "great post" kinds. Sometimes I read an informative post and I don't have much to say. At the same time, I understand why a post like that can be easily ignored.

I learned one thing from your post and something I saw in another post on Youtube asking a question at the end of a post. It was something I did on Stemsocial. It got me a good back and forth with a few commenters.

I wrote a post on fever and asked if they have had a harsh experience with fever before.

Thank you for this post because, initially I was speculative of the fact that good engagement was important to the community...but now I am sure it is. And I will look forward to making it giving feedback and I will request it from my readers more often.

Have a lovely day @taskmaster4450le

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Questions are great ways to start engagement. I am glad you found success over on STEM.

Try applying that elsewhere and see what happens.

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I will do that. Thank you again for such an enlightened post

Hello there,

Definitely some good tips and I need to gather with all the brains out there on @leofinance and chat under the @leomarkettalk posts !

Let's break this 10k resistance in April

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It is our goal and we are off to a good start.

We look forward to seeing you over there @vlemon.

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I have started my first 2 comments on the daily discussion !

See you over there Diamond 💎 Holder 😉

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2 is a great start lol

Plus this one, that puts you at 3. At this pace you will be over 1,000 in a year.

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I just need to use more, over the last 2 weeks i have hardly been online 😥😥😥

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"Time on site" has always been the main currency of successful social platforms. Engagement, and an effective push-notification system that bring users back to the app or website when they receive engagement that they're likely to want to spend time on, have always been the main drivers to enable this. I think one weakness is having a reward system that solely relies on inflation-derived rewards through stake-based voting. Users are then not incentivized to do what they can to bring more eyes to their content the way they are on other platforms where income correlates directly with views and clicks. Instead, people often perform best if they go and show themselves to others who are already on the platform because those are the people with a stake and who thus determine rewards. In other words, effort does not create a network effect.

I hope the next set of innovations to come from Leo is to give both creators and stakeholders benefits that scale with views. This could be a quarterly dividend paid out to stakeholders and the top authors based on views where some of the ad revenue is shared. Maybe it won't be a lot initially, but it can get stakeholders more motivated to consider the effort users put in to create a network effect when they curate, as obviously, they want to see users bring in more eyeballs and engagement in order to see their dividends grow. That's just 1 out of 20 platform-economic ideas that could work that I have for now.

I know the recurring payments system in hf25 and l2 smart contracts planned for hf26 will do a lot to enable these things, but hope people start implementing some "soft versions" sooner.

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You are right, the focus is upon rewards and it is impossible to get away from that. However, we all can do things that set that in the background, if you will, while concentrating on other things.

While it would be nice for the apps to do something like you mention, it is important to alter what we do individually. If we can put our efforts towards "time on site" and engagement, perhaps we can bring the social media aspect to Web 3.0, not just the monetization.

It is going to be hard but it all starts with the one in the mirror.

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I like what you say about just leaving a comment on any post you read, I think I could do a better job of this but it is just so intuitive; if you've already spent the time to read it there must be something that you can say about it

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Yeah especially if it was a well written article. I know many posts do not offer much since they have very little in them.

However, we need to keep this in mind when focusing upon the quality stuff that interests us.

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Fair points, luckily there are so many articles that we should be able to continuously find something interesting

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Yeah there are. We can also provide suggestions to many of them.

A lot of different things we can do.

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I'll give it a shot today, see you on those engagement lists later this week!

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I am looking forward to it.

There is the one on Saturday that Asher puts out and the @leo.stats one on Monday.

They are good to rank upon.

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Awesome 😎👍 Great tips @taskmaster4450. Engagement is vital for any social media platform to grow. Those are some cool practical tips to ace the 'commenting' game.

There is one more thing I want to add here. If there is a quality comment, and you appreciate it through an upvote or a reply, then there is a good chance that person will come back to your posts again. Since they understand it would be worth their time.

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Very true. There is a bit of self serving altruism here. Those who comment tend to get people visiting their blogs.

Thus it can have a nice financial impact too.

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self serving altruism

Every newbie should be aware of this fact. It's so cool.

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That is true. We do need to build out accounts, if for no other reason to pass it on later.

Of course, all of us should be seeking financial freedom in my opinion. Thus stacking and growing one's account is vital for this.

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Yes everyone should try to be debt free and manage their expenses with ease.

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Commenting on is fun. More people should try it. Plus using has the advantage of not having to wait for it to be written to the Hive blockchain. Everything feels instant since it's done in the background queue.

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There is that aspect to things.

We are meant to have fun and get to know people. This is what commenting does.

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