Hive: Things Are Really Heating Up

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It is amazing that Hive is still in its first year. While it is true that we have the legacy chain from Steem, just under a year ago, the blockchain was forked providing a brand new direction for the community.

Certainly the first 12 months were not without some pitfalls. However, since the fork, the way the community responded is incredible.

The biggest different is the amount of development and innovation that is taking place. Everywhere we look, there are either upgrades or completely new projects being released. In fact the pace is such that it is impossible for one person to keep track of it all.

This means that we are now seeing a great deal more opportunity nestled within our section of the blockchain world. It is a situation that is putting many in a dilemma. We each have a finite amount of resources, whether it be financial or with our time. Thus, we are having to accept that we cannot be involved in every great project that comes along.

Nevertheless, that is the magic of blockchain. As long as one is holding HIVE, indirectly the success of every project feeds upon the value of that token. As projects expand, and we reach the breakthrough point of a couple different ones, that is when we will see the explosion.

The development is there; next up will be the increase in userbase.

Hive is offering a menu of opportunities. This is something that is providing a solid foundation. What started out, originally, as a blogging platform has expanded greatly. We have gaming, finance, NFTs, and video content. There is also the soon to be released "twitter on the blockchain".

What is exciting is each of these areas is growing.

Throughout the early part of this year, we saw Hive-Engine decentralize its operation to a much greater degree. They also added a lot of other options, moving it more towards what is being done on Ethereum. This was a big step forward.

At the same time, the gaming sector is exploding. Updates to @cryptobrewmaster, Rabona, and Exode are really making them viable options for true gamers.

Finally we see the social media offering growing. We soon will be at the point where we have an alternative to not only Medium/Reddit but also YouTube and Twitter. This covers a wide section of the social media spectrum. Perhaps we will see an Instagram and Facebook option showing up at some point in the future.

What does all this amount to? If one is only watching price, not a great deal thus far. However, that could change.

Perhaps this individual is known to some on Hive here. This is the rebranded Twitter account for WallStreetBets. This is a tweet that was sent out yesterday.


If nothing else we got the attention of one of the top players in the organization that is making financial news of late. His view is that Hive, the token, is an easy 10x from these levels. The points referenced: cross chain integration and censorship resistant.

In other words, Hive is starting to get on people's radar. Yet, this is about a lot more than token price. That is the easy part. We see pumps all the time.

The true baseline is going to be formed by the development that exists. It is what provides staying power. Applications are what draw in users; updates is what keeps them.

We all know the Hive community is a dedicated resilient bunch. Perhaps there is no other community in crypto that took the punches we did, outside of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, not only are we still standing, we are excelling.

The blockchain itself has been optimized to handle a lot more users. It is less expensive to run as compared to before. This increases the overall efficiency by an order of magnitude.

It is something that is not focused upon since the activity, relatively speaking, is low at this point. That will not always be the situation. Soon, we are going to see a test of how much we can handle. Fortunately, it is easy to be confident that we will not run into the problems of Ethereum. We already know that Hive is fee-less, negating one of the biggest drawbacks to that chain. However, traffic is a nightmare, something that Hive will not have a problem with.

Speaking of traffic, we see an interesting project showing up. This is something that is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. However, as a Hive token holder, that doesn't matter. This is a platform that promotes the idea of censorship resistance, hence we welcome those who are ostracized or displaced by the traditional Internet entities.

Whether you call them truthers or conspiracy theorists, that is just a matter of perspective. Regardless, they are ones who espouse a different point of view as compared to the mainstream narrative. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what is true.

However, a community was formed that takes an interesting twist on what is usually done on Hive. From the introduction post of @projectrevelation, we see this:

Our initial structure is simple: 12 elite content creators and community leaders from different ideologically congruent niches have been chosen to become our first whitelisted creators (with a combined following exceeding 300,000).

Here is the full post:

What obviously stood out is the 300,000 followers. This is exactly the type of market that Hive can tap into. These are likely people who read content that was censored across the web. For that reason, they have fewer options.

This bodes well for Hive. Couple that with the aforementioned WallStreetBets tweet and we can see how some rather large communities are being tapped into.

Of course, all this is in addition to the other tentacles of Hive that are already in the process of growing and expanding.

There is no doubt all of this is a grind. We know the pace of growth is rather slow. However, we keep at it, adding more to the plate each week. As this expands, our ability to appeal to larger sectors of the Internet-sphere increases.

Thus far, we are still looking for that breakout. Those who understand the exponential growth curve grasp there is a point where we reach the elbow of the chart. That is where things head in a massively upward direction.

Before that point, though, it is like watching grass grow. It seems as if little is happening. Does this seem familiar?

Of course, the reality is a lot is happening. The problem is most of us are unaware of what is taking place. That stops once we hit the elbow. Suddenly, seemingly overnight, there looks like there was a bunch of stuff being created. The truth is that it was being worked on all along.

Hive's success is not going to come from massive run up in token price or by getting investors with huge wallets to buy in. While this could happen, it is secondary. Ultimately, the success here will come from the development and the users who are drawn to what is created here.

The first has been going full tilt since the hard fork. Perhaps we are getting close to seeing the second one take place.

Either way, there is a lot happening on Hive. We are not to the point where it is impossible to keep track of everything.

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No offense but it's kind of weird you get 71 hive payout from reposting a probably fake twitter account with 50 subs.

Even if im wrong why the fuck would we be excited over Hive getting shorted?

Ummm, the twitter account cited has 56 followers lol... why the hype about - ZOMG WSB is taking interest in Hive?!


Certainly this isn't something to brag about.

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yes, its some random account.

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Perhaps this individual is known to some on Hive here. This is the rebranded Twitter account for WallStreetBets. This is a tweet that was sent out yesterday.

Is this true? Even though the account only seems to be a week old. 56 followers is very low if it's a official rebranded WSB

Yes I would like to know how they know its official; almost no followers on that account.

It is exciting to be here at the beginning.

One day you put a site where you can see the developments of the different blockchains and I lost it if it refreshes my mind, it was like something that you could see that chains had greater developments but hey.
Yes, there is a lot of development to compete with the traditional chains of social networks that will give us the impetus that we have so much needed up to now.
As someone said just do things and someone very soon will see that you are working very hard and your reward will come to you, it is very certain that this will come to us sooner than we think.
Today with so much resistance to censorship we have the power to attract the greats who have been and are being censored, in traditional networks, when those networks realize what we are doing here, hopefully they do not want to crush us, which will be impossible for them because of the walls that are being erected build the adequate infrastructure.

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The key remains development. We are still early in the game and the tools are not truly at our disposal.

Yet over time, we will see them if the pace we are on continues. That will allow us to really cater to larger groups that want to interact with their followers.

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Wall Street bets consider blockchain as shit, and don't discuss crypto atall and won't deal with it, its in their reddit guidelines and your saying they have rebraded to crypto and are HIVE fans, I am not sure about this atall!! ...

That might be. We shall see if that is the case.

Of course, getting their Reddit account suspended could be a wake up call.

They might be more open knowing that they are now targeted by mainstream social media.

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The Twatter account says TheyCallMeDan, so it's just the Hive guys pretending to be WSB.

In other words, Hive is starting to get on people's radar. Yet, this is about a lot more than token price. That is the easy part. We see pumps all the time.

WallstreetBets taking note of Hive and being bullish on it is truly extraordinary.

That community has the raw power to moon anything, let alone an altcoin that has a pesky $100 million market cap.

The true baseline is going to be formed by the development that exists. It is what provides staying power. Applications are what draw in users; updates is what keeps them.

Yep. It's all about the ceaseless development and fanatic core community. One day we could be referred to as the Legendary Ten Thousand.

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Yeah we will see if WSB ever does anything with Hive or it is all talk. No way of telling but anything that garners a bit of attention is not a bad thing.

Of course, I still stand by the belief that we need people talking about the apps and communities rather than the generic name "hive".

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That's a good point. In the tweet, the WSB guy did not mention Leo despite saying we do cross-chain stuff.

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Of course, I still stand by the belief that we need people talking about the apps and communities rather than the generic name "hive".

I second that. It's way more easier to onboard people that way.

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Need to have the ammunition. The last few years saw a lot of progress with the applicatoins and what we developed on here. In the past, we didnt have the best product to offer.

This is not longer the case. There are some games/applications that are quickly becoming first rate.

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That is all true. And pretty soon we're going to have a lot more.

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I'd say things have never been more interesting and exciting and we haven't seen anything yet as the majority of possibilities, development and onboarding is yet to come.

Imagine what our life would have been like if the guitar guy decides not to sell us to the highest bidder. He had a goldmine in his hands and blew it. Lucky us he did.

This decentralized blockchain is flourishing now.

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I am not familiar with that story. Who was that and what happened?

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That was Ned with Steemit.

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It seems just like yesterday where we were having this back and forth cat and rat dialoguing with Justin sun, who could have thunk we would be here now

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That is very true. I was saying to someone yesterday that a year ago, we were in the middle of that.

Now, almost a year later, look how far we have come. What is exciting that, by my estimate, we are just starting to see things heat up. Whatever took place in the first year was a warm up for Year 2.

Things are going to get very interesting.

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@taskmaster4450le this year is going to be really interesting,i really can't wait to see the hive and the leo reach the moon....

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Damn that WSB tweet is sweet.. I didn't even hear about it.. same thing with project revelation.. Imma have to check that one out

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It was told to me the other day.

Interesting twist they have whereby they assign the authors and that is all who can post.

Not an open forum like other communities other than commenting. Could bring a different model to Hive that is copied in some instances.

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Things are definitely heating up. Your "grass growing" analogy is totally spot on though. As fast as it's moving, it still feels like nothing is happening, and then, a week later, you gotta mow the damn lawn cuz it's overgrown. lol By the summer, we'll look back at the beginning of March and see how far we've come and we'll be like "Holy @#$%!!! I was excited in March! Look at us now!" Going to be fun...

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I think your timeframe is accurate. With all that is in the works, another few months of development should really take things to the holy crap level.

It is only going to take one breakthrough to get things rolling. What will it be? Hard to tell.

However, once we have that, the community can start to promote the heck out of that.

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It sure is hard keeping up, it will be hard to choose which community's to follow with so many choices to pick from. I see this as a good problem to have.

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That is very true. There are tremendous opportunities forming each day. However, time is a problem. Where to go, who to support?

With most being tokenized, there is also the potential for a great return. Alas, can't be everywhere.

We are just going to have to accept that and choose wisely.

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That is definitely very interesting about the Project Revelation. It does make me worry a bit that there will still be room for people like me that have just been doing their own thing the past three years. I don't really post anything that would be censored, so that would suck if that is all this place becomes. I also didn't realize the WSB people were actually taking a look at us. I thought that was just created memes and hype when I saw it.

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There are a ton of communities that will be opening. In fact, you could create your own community if you cant find your niche.

That is the difference.

As for WSB, who knows what they are doing. They obviously are on alert after getting their Reddit account suspended. They have to realize they have a target on their chest now.

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Yeah, it would be nice if they just took the plunge and jumped over here instead of just talking about it.

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This might not be their cup of tea. That said, we can see how the potential is there for some bigger communities.

We can appeal to lots of diverse ones.

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Very true.

WallStreetsBets 3.0 lol

Great Article xo

LOL maybe. maybe not.

The key is that we can now talk about communities like that with legitimacy. If it is not them, there are others.

We have the ability to tap into rather large groups and provide them with tools to advance their cause, whatever that is.

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Things are looking up as everything is somehow just coming together falling into place. Interesting tweet that from WSB and do believe 10 x is easy from here for what we have going on. Far less out there is worth more and that needs to change.

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Yeah it is an interesting tweet. Not sure if it means anything. @nathanmars sends out dozens of tweets like that a day. Nathan might know more than that guy.

However, to a degree, we are on the radar. We just need to keep developing to push forward.

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For him to know what we are doing on here tells me they are keeping an eye on Hive. How can anyone ignore the development as these things coming now are huge not only just for us but anyone looking for a new home. I have a feeling we are all holding the golden ticket on here.

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Interesting, growth on the network is a great thing. Not my cup of tea but welcome none the less.

Their structure is odd, I think it will be hard to retain users but if they already have 300,000 followers they will have no trouble at all securing investors.

Wonderful stuff

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It is a different structure. They are using it more of an "approved" posting community where the authors are hand chosen.

Thus it opens up the door for bigger names. An interesting idea considering the fact that it introduces another approach on Hive. While it isnt for every group, it might be a way for top authors in certain fields to form and tokenize a community which can be controlled.

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I think it will work and work well for them. It's important for communities to operate in their structure. I'm sure their followers have already been working in that manner previously. Heck, people follow on FB and YouTube for less.

I'll definitely be watching and taking notes.

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Thus it opens up the door for bigger names.

This is an area where I think Hive should focus efforts. Celebs all have instagram pages, twitter accounts, etc.(likely managed by others) but if say a Lady Gaga were to join ... watch out!

That is all true but few of them are long form content creators. If, however, we start to give them tools that would allow for them to interact with their communities, and tokenize it, that could really be something different.

We are seeing some of the tools rolling out. We will see, if over time, any celebrities are interested.

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NFTs and celebrities are a match made in heaven.

At this rate of development, I can't really get hold of all of them, but at least I am here, still holding my hive to see how things turn out to be.
If its really true Wallstreetbets are here, then it will be a great news to us, maybe more and more influx will come to hive.

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None of us can keep up with it all. That is what is so fascinating about things.

They arent hear yet, and might never be. But we are getting on the radar of those who are censored (or potentially are).

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Hive is the wave of the future

Applications are what draw in users; updates is what keeps them.

Completely agreed. I was drawn in by Splinterlands and I only learned about HIVE afterwards. I think by attracting users in we are promoting the block chain and if a portion of that enters to interact with the Block Chain, we may see a network effect of people recommending HIVE.

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Finally with a big following somebody is shilling hive :) couldn't be more happy to see that. Now if we can get the attention of other people like Musky boy, it will be Mars landings and pink lambos :))

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Except it might be a fake account. Seeing if the true account is linked in any way.

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The Hive ecosystem is a good crypto product. In the end it will sell itself. People need income..we can fix that :)

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Doesn’t look like that is the actual WSB crypto twitter, unfortunately. Nonetheless, Hive to the moon!

Wow so many exciting projects are happening. Exciting times for us all.

This account only has 57 followers, not too exciting. But eventually interest will come, it's inevitable

That is true. Stand corrected.

But eventually interest will come, it's inevitable

The progress that is being made on the ground level will end up pushing the interest. We just need that one breakthrough which could come at anytime.

We will see when it happens.

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When I joined Leofiance the first thing I thought of was to immediately withdraw my tokens after receiving them in my wallet, but I completely erased those thoughts because every day I see the price of LEO rising!

I rely on good things.

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Everything that has been done within Hive in such a short time is truly an admirable feat.

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@taskmaster4450 yesterday someone told me that the hive price will reach $10 before end of this year,i did not know what made the person have such confidence to say that,but i am beginning to see the reason why he believes so,the hive blockchain is really going to do well ...the signs are coming in already.....

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I am not going to say it cant happen but that is rather aggressive. It would take a lot to shoot up that high. With a bull market anything is possible.

For Hive to really fly, it comes down, in my view, the development and the numbers of users drawn. We will have to see what happens with price action. That is out of our control but our activity on here is not.

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More info why you see this.

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I'm really excited about the growth in Hive, and will have to check out some of those games you mentioned (Rabona, and Exode) as I already enjoy playing many games on Hive. Not thrilled w/ us attracting conspiracy spreaders (you can call them truthers, I call them agents of misinformation - many with dubious intent). There is room for all, but I would hate for such a group to become the "face" of Hive to a lot of newbies.

I call them agents of misinformation - many with dubious intent

Many would say this description fits many mainstream institutions, including governments.

So once again, perspective.

I would hate for such a group to become the "face" of Hive to a lot of newbies.

What would you prefer is the face of Hive?

What does that even mean?

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So the "face of something", to me means, the thing most people first see when they encounter something for the first time - the first impression. For me, that was OCD, and it was an inviting place with a wide range of topics. If my first encounter had been some hub for Pizzagate/Qnon/Russian Trolls I would have clicked "back" and likely would have a lasting bad impression of Hive.

We should get ready for some downvoting drama if they hit trending page regularly but there won't be 300k trolls running around. Potential for a few thousand new accounts, most (many) of them non-weirdos? Sounds fair to me (proudly in the mainstream camp on this).

If they remain the fringe, I'm fine with that. I'm a worrier by nature, and I see the potential for big money backed disinformation groups pushing agendas here that could twist what is a great platform into a propaganda tool. They are on Twitter, they are on Youtube, it is just a mater of time before they turn their attention here if they haven't already.

It is like the internet, there are billions of web pages out there.

Even with a following, how are they going to be the "face" of hive. What is the face of hive now? If you come through leofinance, it is drastically different from Dporn or Splinterlands.

The first and the last have rather big followings (Dporn not so much) yet rarely overlap. Sure there are leos who are into Splinterlands but that is not the majority.

Even if they brought that 300K followers, who would be mostly readers and likely not have accounts, what is to say that a year from now, that will even be anywhere near the biggest account?

They will not even show up on the feeds of most people unless interested in that. There is a lot of material posted on Hive each day that I dont see, nor do you. It is impossible to come across 5,000 different posts or whatever are made a day here.

Most of the tribes, whatever is posted in them, I dont know about since I dont subscribe. This one will not be much different.

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dporn... omg, didn't know that existed. lol.

I see your point especially as Hive continues to become more diverse and less about blogging.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for always giving me hot information.

A part of me is starting to think that the ability to create hype might have a big influence on project adoption, especially with crypto projects. So perhaps one thing missing on Hive is more people who can hype.

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That is true but hype tends to have short term effects. When it comes to financial affairs, that is pump and dump.

However, if we look at things from a different perspective, hype about a new DApp or some development, then you are onto something.

The question is have we had that app yet. Splinterlands did okey but not much else.

Projectblank is the one I am banking on getting some users here. But we will have to see.

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Yep, ProjectBlank certainly seems to hold great promise for much wider adoption. Shortform content seems applicable to many more people than having your own blog.

However, if we look at things from a different perspective, hype about a new DApp or some development, then you are onto something.

Yes, yes, this is the type of hype I am thinking of, not the pump and dump stuff.

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Hive is starting to get on people's radar

In my opinion, there will be big boom in the mid 2021 for hive. Discussion of tribaldex developers with ethereum developers can be the trigger to boost hive. Besides that, projectblank by leo developers are another bullet that will blast leo and hive.

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I dont know when it will happen, I just believe it will. Your mid 2021 could be spot on. We shall see.

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Amazing animado.gif

It is sometimes hard to believe it has only been a year @taskmaster4450!.

All other things aside, "something" happened when Hive was created, and then again when the HF removed any old threads to Steem. It was as if all those who'd been noodling ideas around in their heads for four years and then would think "Yeah, but STEEMIT... I'm just not inspired" suddenly woke up from their collective slumbers and apathy and felt like they had gotten the green light to do something about their plans and projects.

I am continuing to hold that Communities are what will drive Hive forward; LeoFinance is merely a sort of trailblazer for what can be done... in time, other niche communities will follow; a few are already "in the wings," making their own starts. Maybe base layer Hive will gradually move into the background as primarily a framework for other things... although I am sure people will always create content on the main chain.

I see a future innovation for @peakd's interface, allowing users to view content "through the eyes" of different communities... a drop down menu with choices, and "view content via LeoFinance," for example. We may love decentralization, but the bulk of the world is trained to look for all-in-one convenience, hence aggregation features are needed.


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things are going very well on twitter... especially Nathan.


Oh my, I just got to read this post.

Well said, things start to heat up for Hive.

I just hope the WSB boys aren't looking for a quick pump and dump, given that Hive has the "right" lack of the liquidity for it.

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It was a scam and nothingburger, discovered as soon as he posted it.
He could have updated it to say "sorry, nevermind" but yeah, it's nothing.

You mean that account with 12 whitelisted writers? I briefly checked it, but it wasn't my thing anyway. Thanks for sharing, if it is a scam.

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So TheyCallMe___, who is obsessed with Twitter, has a new account? Big deal... lol
It's odd that he is pretending to be somebody else, and also that he's saying stuff like "bullish on Hive, ez 10x" etc. Meanwhile he didn't disclose that he owns millions of the token he's pumping. I don't even know if that's legal, but it's definitely not moral.

Yes things are moving along nice with onchain DeFi by @aggroed and off chain DeFi by @khaleelkazi , along with cub finance, bleo and project blank to name a few.

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Pasti bisa