Could Hive Revolutionize Marketing?

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Social media certainly changed the world of marketing. However, when you think about it, the industry still works pretty much in the same manner.

For the most part, companies still utilize tactics that were employed for decades to reach customers. Information is still mailed out in droves in an effort to capture attention. At the same time, telemarketers are pounding the phones to drum up leads. Advertising is still heavily relied up, especially television and radio.

The question is whether there is a better way?


Even with today's social media world, which many companies leverage for great success, there are limitations.

Hive could provide a solution.

We are watching Hive form into a well rounded ecosystem with tools that allow people to create whatever they need. Thus far, a lot is at the developer level yet we are close to seeing this expand. Here we will see, marketing by companies make a lot of sense.

In this article, we will use Tesla as an example. The reason for this is they are innovative by not utilizing marketing. Nevertheless, what is going to be laid out here is a terrific way for them to get into the game.

The key to all of this is to switch marketing from something a company pays for to something that is free. Hive offers this solution.


We all know about tokenization. From a company's perspective, this process opens up an entirely new avenue.

For the most part, when we discuss tokenization, we overlook the fact that tokens are marketing tools. This means that brand awareness can be spread through this vehicle.

A company like Tesla could establish a token to be utilized for a host of purposes. They could integrate it into their business as a reward system for vehicles providing data. At the same time, it could establish bounty programs for people who help to promote the Tesla brand through their social media activities. Finally, contests and other promotions could be run offer tokens as a reward.

Of course, the company would accept the token as payment at its service centers and on its website for products, including automobiles.


Advertising is done, when you really think about it, to tap into the "community" that is interesting in what is being offered. For example, beer companies spends a fortune putting their names in front of the adult berverage community by advertising on sporting events. The idea is not to get an instant action, i.e. see the ad and go out to purchase beer. Instead, it is a constant reminder of why one wants the product.

The challenge with marketing is you still are promoting to people who do not care. Sporting events are watched by kids. They are also enjoyed by non-drinkers. Yet those are part of the demographics that a company has to pay for.

With the community concept on Hive, we something completely different. Instead of trying to find their customers, a community could have them in one place.

Since Hive has the Proof-of-Brain concept, the aforementioned tokenization is applicable. When a company creates a token, they can reward their customers for posting, commenting, and upvoting on content.

Going back to Tesla, customers can be encouraged to post about their experiences with the product, along with pictures of the vehicles. In addition to the owners, others can get rewarded for their activity. This feeds into the economic cycle mentioned above.

Also, by promoting the community, the company can direct traffic there. If it is an ardent community, which Tesla appears to have, we could see more people drawn to it.

Here again, the company can offer promotion in the community, bring out new information, and cater to those who spend time there.


One of the core features of Hive is the blogging capability. While this is not everyone's forte, it certainly is for a company. They are always trying to get their message out there and what better way than a blog?

Naturally, this is known by most since they put it on their websites. Thus, companies recognize the value of using this vehicle to provide information and keep customers engaged.

The challenge is websites are usually a one-way street. The idea of commenting is not common. Blogs on websites for companies are usually just information sources.

On Hive, this is not the case since the comment section is open for anyone to engage. Couple with the idea of all posts dropping into the community and we see how some members of the community will answer questions and help to guide newer members.

We also cannot overlook the tokenization factor in this. Here again, we see community members incentivized to participate.

Social Media

Hive is forming a menu of social media tools. In addition to blogging there is video and soon microblogging. When these are combined, it is a powerful system for companies to use.

Many corporations employ full time social media personnel. They have to monitor YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook as well as LinkedIn and Medium. This can be quite a job.

One of the biggest challenges is each is its own silo. Tesla has to generate followers on each platform, hoping to keep all satisfied. An answer posted on one will not show up on another. This creates a lot more work and reduces the overall effectiveness of the marketing.

Hive solves this. No matter what the application, one's following is just that. There is one set of followers who can access all information. This is a windfall for a company since they do not have to repeat all their activities across many platforms.

Consider it one-stop marketing. They simply utilize this as their main hub for information distribution and question answering while incentivizing the community to take the promotion outside.

Tesla can post videos of new plants being constructed, test drives on cars, and updates on interiors. At the same time, if the company's personnel wants to engage in a short form manner, that is available too.

The benefit is all the activity is in one place, providing a library of information for people to reference. By using the customer base for engagement, the "marketing" department grows significantly. Instead of a handful of employs in the social media department, the community might have tens of thousands engaging daily.


Will this work for every company? Probably not, at least not in totality. Yet for an exciting and creative company like Tesla (or Apple), it could handle a large part of their marketing.

It also completely reverses the model. Instead of customers being on the other side of the table, they are enlisted to, essentially, be part of the company. There is now a reason for users of the product to engage in promotion on behalf of the company. Basically, they have an economic interest also.

Presently, in the online world, the website is the go to for a company. This is their main hub. However, by changing the equation, we can see how the focus can shift. Instead of trying to drive everyone to the website, the goal is the community. Trying to expand that is the key. Thus, the success there will likely translate into greater results since it is an incentivized community. Couple that with excitement and innovation, and we can see how things could really expand for a company.

It would revolutionize a large part of the marketing world. Why go out and try to hunt down users of your product when you have find them in one place? And, as Hive expands, more who are interested in that product will naturally gravitate to the community.

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Why go out and try to hunt down users of your product when you have find them in one place?

On the other hand why look for marketers they will find both within Hive. All the company would need to do is feed community detail they require to be shared and incentivize the actions taken sharing out into other media platforms.

Enjoy a product people will share.

Or just put the information out there and let the community talk about it.

Just like a Leofinance announcement gets a dozen posts about it and a couple dozen tweets.

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Besides just tokenization, I think NFTs are a viable good option for companies. You don't need to just reward in tokens as NFTs can also be rewarded. In some ways, gamifying tokens on WAX is the best way to look at things. You can sell the tokens, you can back the tokens with actual crypto or you can even build a system to return crypto for staking the NFT.

I like to think of it as what I heard in CTP, give people a life-time's membership and teach them how to learn. In turn, you can use what they give you and compound that into growth. If both people are happy, then you can have some great supporters who will interact with the community from time to time.

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NFTs are certainly becoming a thing.

Did you see that the Kings of Leon are going to be selling NFTs tied to their next album release?

They are going to have different levels that people can buy in, with a limited offering.

Smart move to tap into the collectible market while generating some cash for themselves.

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Yea I saw the Kings of Leon. The limited time offer adds value to these NFTs and I can definitely seeing hardcore fans buying them up at a premium. At this point, some whales are just buying up everything on the market before the hardcore fans get on board. In fact, games are making a killing off selling item packs or even fan art. Since everything is digital, costs are minimal.

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Unfortunately Hive itself is not a good example of marketing, with it´s 10K or so users. Even platforms like VK attract millions of users despite not paying for content or curating.
For companies it is too much of a niche, maybe Leofinance with its way easier onboarding can change this in future. Not Tesla, but rather some Fintech companies could use it then as a social platform and token tool.

But there is another reason which makes Hive not attractive for marketing purposes: the lack of control. Companies need to control the content on their webpages, they don´t want e.g. some negative feedback on their products. Imagine some Tesla car batteries explode like happened before and customers start ranting around and complaining. On Hive any such comment would stay forever - not good for a company´s reputation.

Communities can be moderated.

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moderation of the communities will bring sanity to the community and mae it better

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It Will, and the ways to do it so are endless. It all starts with tokenized communities. Best regards boss.

That is a huge starting point.

Giving them the ability to easily and for low cost to tokenize is the first step. After that, it is open to the imagination.

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This is all true. But I believe we need to focus on growing the user base first and foremost.

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If someone builds their social media empire on HIVE - they will not be doing it to tap into our user base, they will be doing it to give a home for their already existing user base.

It is like providing a giant hall for you to throw a party, you bring your own guests.

Interesting point. But if someone were to build an empire wouldn't they want to build a platform of their own for it?

You build the platform on HIVE.

HIVE is a platform controlled by a relatively small group of people. Why would you want to build your empire on a platform like that instead of cloning it?

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The land is already flattened. The infrastructure is already there. etc etc.

We don't need to worry about the people who don't think this is a good place to build. We need to be welcoming to the people who do.

I have worked for marketing companies and I have been working on this for 2 years, companies like Tesla deceive, they imply that they do not have marketing and if they do, all that users experience that experience, how the product will be delivered, etc. It is marketing, what happens that they do not use traditional marketing and advertising techniques, they are on another level and their team is small.

We still have a long way in bringing People's attention to how limitless Hive can be it comes to being the perfect media.

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Very true. A lot of opportunities as to what can be done.

This is what blockchain and crypto bring, the ability to innovate.

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Interesting thought process and is very feasible that this could indeed happen. There are so many use cases once you have a massive audience or member base that companies will be sucked in. They to would have to buy Hive in order to get RC's.
I can recall Coca-Cola was everywhere in the 1980's and their policy was for everyone to spot something with Coca-Cola 20 times per day.

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Yes the branding is something that major companies engage upon since it is vital. They need to keep in front of people.

A community of ardent users could really help that initiative.

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I could totally see TESLA doing something like tokenizing the process for charging. Say you are at a remote location, you pay a certain number of tokens to be able to charge your car. Or, even better if you buy the token and stake it you earn free minutes of charging based on the amount of token you have staked. Sorry, I know that doesn't have much to do with marketing. It was just something that came to me as I was reading your post.

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They certainly could get creative with the use cases for whatever they brought out. That is something that opens up entirely new areas of focus.

Imagine if a few companies started to follow this path and put their minds to innovating. They would come up with some tremendous use cases.

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No doubt!

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Hive is currently under appreciated
If it became more popular
It will affect the social media marketing for crypto
And it will be like facebook but in specific media "crypto"

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I dont know if it is becoming more popular at this time but it will. I believe projectblank will kick start the activity.

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Hive needs a clear brand story. What it is and what potential users should feel about it. Only then we talk about channels, like in this post and one other I saw today on the same topic.

We have a better product, when we build a better brand, we can grow and win. I think it would be great if Hivers with experiences in marketing/advertising would cooperate to help Hive grow. I have 10 years of experience and would be happy to help, even for free, but do not know how do connect with other people that want to help too.

Give me Hive5 if you agree.

I disagree because Hive is not a brand. It is a back end for which people to build upon. That is all. It is the same with Ethereum and EOS.

So when people start the idea of Hive marketing, I cringe. Applications and games need to do the marketing. Sure, Hive can be promoted to developers wherever they assemble because that is who will do the building.

Hive is not a business, we need to remember that.

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Well, let's look at it this way. We have 4 basic target groups:

  1. Programers (like you?)
  2. Basic users (like me)
  3. Media
  4. Investors

I don't think looking at it as brand or not is important. Important is the story behind it. And each target audience needs a specific story that they can connect with.

I agree to that which says social media is Changing the world of marketing.
And has been a lot of benefits to most companies

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Genius! This could totally work. I see some naysayers already talking about why it wouldn't work but...I'm pretty sure I didn't read anything in your post that said this was the "only" way for a company to advertise or market their brand. This is just another way. Companies ALWAYS spread their marketing budgets among many different vehicles: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, social media, billboards, direct mail, etc. They then take the numbers, see what's working, and reallocate funds. In my opinion, now (or within a few months at worst) is the PERFECT time for a company like that to experiment in this arena. It's cheap. They would get a fairly rabid community to help them. Announcement time! Gotta go.

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Many thought the Internet would never be anything either. I am sure there were naysayers when people first started talking about companies promoting on Facebook or Twitter.

Either way, Hive is crapped upon for a variety of reasons. However, the pace of change around here is incredible, something I think many are missing.

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Agreed. The price might not reflect it, but this place is TOTALLY different than it was even 6 months ago. Night and day. As with anything worth waiting for, the real value isn't seen until after the work has already been put in. If you're lucky enough and smart enough to recognize it early, the rewards can be astronomical. The base infrastructure is getting put in place for massive growth. Waaaay better to grow slow and work out the bugs early than to take on a massive influx of people and burn them through lack of "readiness" for lack of a better word. It's coming.....

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You are right. We forget where things were even 6 months ago. There are no more node issues which were a problem for a while. The chain is optimized a great deal more. Look at what Hive-Engine has done since the start of the year. Of course, there is LEO expanding and some of the games have brought out major updates.

This does not include some of the newer tribes that might be of interest and have the potential to grow.

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@taskmaster4450le naysayers tend to always doubt everything,hive blockchain is here to stay and the future is bright...

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Hive is forming a menu of social media tools. In addition to blogging there is video and soon microblogging. When these are combined, it is a powerful system for companies to use.

You brought up Tesla as an example, which is great. Tesla or any other company coming to Hive would boost our traffic and get us to another level.

However, I see small businesses joining Hive much sooner. Those who need exposure in order to survive. A decentralized, free platform like Hive could be a huge advantage for them and sooner or later we're going to see that happen. In time we're going to have all the features they need.

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Certainly the example of Tesla was not to imply that it was only for the big companies. In fact, you are correct, we could see small and medium sized companies excel with this format. The challenge is will they have enough people with crypto knowledge to make it beneficial.

With a large company, while only a few percent might understand it is enough to form a strong online community. The same is not true for a local small business.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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The challenge is websites are usually a one-way street. The idea of commenting is not common. Blogs on websites for companies are usually just information sources.
On Hive, this is not the case since the comment section is open for anyone to engage. Couple with the idea of all posts dropping into the community and we see how some members of the community will answer questions and help to guide newer members.

@taskmaster4450 you are totally right,and that is why i love what is currently doing,they are encouraging engagements on their platform which is a great idea...

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I have no doubt about it. The power of Hive is immense!

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Nice #ideaseed @taskmaater4450
Keep 'em coming.

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