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RE: HIVE Stake Based Income is my greatest long term HODL

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I only THIS WEEK found out that in order to transfer all of my SBI over to Hive, not just some, I was supposed to send a transfer request, lol. So I finally did that, and suddenly I have hundreds more shares over here on Hive. Yay! 😂


How do we make transfer request?

You have to log in to Steem wallet (I did it through SteemPeak) and send 0.003 Steem to @steembasicincome with the memo "transfer refund request to Hive"
Someone was kind enough to even send me the 0.003 Steem because I would have had to do a power down just to pull out a few pennies to do it otherwise X3
SBI has a post about it pinned to their blog.

Thank you very much, @phoenixwren ;)))

You're welcome! :)

0.003 steem, memo: Transfer Refund Request from Steem to Hive

Thanks for that.

just did it with this memo: transfer refund request to Hive
hope it's ok

Is this still active?

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