Almost all of the Hive gains vaporised in 24 hours

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Cruel crypto

The crypto world can be very cruel. Especially the alt-coin market can flip and turn in an instant. As we see now for Hive. Only last week we saw a top of Hive at 0.41 USD, and holding quite strong at 0.32 USD the last few days. But then there was a flash crash of Bitcoin yesterday, which threw away a bit of the gains, and today a substantial correction on Bitcoin makes the whole alt-coin market react even harder. And there they are flying away, the beautiful gains Hive had made. But I am not in despair, as I am not a rookie in the crypto market. For one, the fact that Hive didn't tumble down to 0.12 USD is a good sign. It means that there is still momentum in it, and the buy side is still there. And then there is just the fact that it is... Crypto.


Anything can happen, who knows Hive is swirving around 0.50 USD tomorrow? It could definitely be, and the day after tomorrow is an even bigger mistery. That is just how cryptocurrency acts and reacts, very fast and very volatile. So, I kind of got used to it. And I am just looking forward to keep growing my stash. For the next strong of Hive!



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Weak hands being closed out, I think. Hope it doesn't cross 16c.

It's going to be fine!

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Wasn't it to good to be true anyway?

Why, 35 cents for Hive is still a bargain!

I hope you're right. There's still a scenario where it goes to 0 cents in my opinion, but 10 dollars is possible too.

True, but in my opinion, we have nothing to lose. At least I have not!

That's the great thing indeed! I only have a little to lose, but don't mind too much if I do.

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