I told ya so!

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A new gem?

Yes, I know… you are probably all waiting for the next GEM in the growing list of coins that I have now described for you. But guess what? Today I feel totally NOT in the mood to dive back into the sometimes boring descriptions of coins. I feel too happy and chaotic to make a proper description today. I am not in the mood to research the next coin. Simply because I can't keep my mind on it today after winning $1000 last night.

So unexpected!

You can read the blog that I wrote about it on my personal profile. And let's face it, if this happens to you as unexpectedly as possible, then you will not immediately have your nose in the coins again the next day, because you are not in the mood to keep your focus on researching what a good coin is.

I told ya!

I have noticed that I am not that bad at that yet. Not for one thing or another, but can you still remember the TELCOIN in which I invested 25 euros in February? Maybe not. Because at that time the TELCOIN was not worth a dollar cent. The first time I immediately bought 13008 for only 25 euros! Yes, it was a gamble at the time… I had a good feeling about $ TEL, but had an idea that this was going to be a 'HOLD' coin for me. Because to be fair, I only really started researching this coin AFTER I bought it. The reason I bought $ TEL in the first instance may have been the wrong one, but I consider myself lucky to have gotten into it. I bought it because it was a coin that was cheap, and from which I could buy A LOT of coins.

I still need more

It wasn't until later that $ TEL had made the first leap up that I started researching, and then came to the conclusion that I definitely needed MORE of it. Much more. I started trading with $TEL and managed to collect about 37K of it. And in the meantime, $TEL continued to make nice gains as well. My small investment of 25 euros had already grown to around 240 euros. Until last Friday, all of a sudden alerts on my phone came in, one increase after another. Percentages that flew through the roof and I could only watch in amazement as my favorite 'little Telcoin' went through the roof and crossed the 1 cent barrier.


Of the 1000 dollars I won, I swapped the majority in BNB because I certainly thought it was a safer coin. But in addition to that, I gave myself a little too … AND I put a little more into Telcoin. As a result, my total number of Telcoins has grown to 42K.

Stop being distracted

And to be honest ... that's about the only serious thing I've done so far today. Yes, I have to get my thoughts back together. Control my urge to throw money around and stop looking at one seductive photo after another.

Should I?

Can you imagine how tempting it is when you know that you can suddenly afford it, to actually book a holiday. Gosh, I haven't been anywhere else for so many years. My brain is yearning for new input, a change of environment that can give me back my photography passion in one fell swoop. For a moment the feeling that I don't have to think about anything, just the feeling that I don't have to pay attention to anything, that I don't have to worry about money at all.

Maybe Malta?

Yes a vacation would be great! Maybe I should book a trip to Malta, they are doing a good job there by the way! If you book a stay in Malta of at least 3 days, and you book directly with the hotel itself… then you get money too! Uhm… shall I? Oh, I would love to…!

Back to reality!

But realistically, I just know I have to keep my wits together. And reinvest the money so it can grow! Let it work for itself! That is wisdom, and that brings me more. If I would give in to the tendencies I feel now… tomorrow it will be up, and I will be the same as before. Now is not the time to fulfill my wishes, that will have to wait a while.

No I'm not rich!

I am not suddenly rich. In fact… with only $1000, incredible as it is to win, but still I'm not rich! I still have an empty savings account, I still don't have a monthly income, but… I do have something to work with now!

Finding the best way to grow my winnings!

So those are the things I'm doing today. Finding the best way to make more than what it is today. Make sure that I recoup the fees I had to pay for swapping to BNB, and make sure that I recoup what I took from it to replenish my bank account. Make sure I recoup what I took off to replenish my $ TEL.

In short, it is serious business that I'm looking at today, but unfortunately no time to research a new coin.

A Big Smile on my face

And yes, in the meantime a big smile on my face because I want to experience a Sunday like this every week ... I want to wake up like this every week on Monday. If this trend can continue, it will be something.

But um, what would you like to give me for advice? What would you advise me to do and what NOT to do?


Oh the contest tomorrow, I'll tell you that right now. Because I don't have the time and don't feel like adding a new coin to the list today… we will again look at the price of TELCOIN for the coming week.

I've seen it a bit higher already

In February you could have bought somewhere in that range for 0.001, and now today you buy TELCOIN for 0.01488, where I can already tell you that this is less than the highest I have seen from TELCOIN.

I wish you all a great Monday.



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Taking profits is a good thing. As for where things go in the future, its more likely to go up for a while since we are in a crypto bull market.

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True, we are in a bull market. And it feels great. After the very long crypto winter it's nice to reap the benefits of hard work.

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Malta is first on my list to go visit as soon as the Covid restrictions allow it. We should find out more later today.

Last time I looked you had to wait 10 days until after your second vaccination. That would take me to the end of June when we've already booked a trip elsewhere in the UK.

Then it would be July or August which is way too hot for me it's looking like September, subject to other Covid restrictions before I'm likely to get there.

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I hope you can make it to Malta, AND show me some beautiful photos. I don't think that I will make it this year. But, I will enjoy your photos as soon as you post them! Agreed?

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Here's one from my last trip to keep you going. 😂

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Hmmm, I think that will definitely do the trick! It looks awesome. And so quiet!

And so quiet!

It depends what part of Malta you are in. One area of the coast is pretty built up and touristy and Valetta gets pretty busy too. 😊

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Even if you don't feel rich, you're actually rich, I can understand the feeling. I haven't really won big in the past but wow, congratulations on that win. I actually remembered you talking of TELCOIN but I didn't pay attention since I really didn't know much. Congratulations again. Holidays to maybe the Bahamas? Hahaha

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I think you can turn that just the other way around. Even though I AM not rich, I definitely feel rich! And yeah, such a big win is awesome!

Telcoin is almost at 2 cents! I think she won't stop going up ... It's unbelievable!

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Its unbelievable to imagine TELCOIN do all those numbers I remembered you saying it was a friend who told you to buy in.

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Not a friend, my partner told me ...

Awesome stuff and well done! Fingers crossed it reaches $1

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Oh man that would be awesome! Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for that!

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Your shout at the pub!


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Hey @hetty-rowan, here is a little bit of BEER from @melbourneswest for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Congratulations, I'm really happy for you and we all deserve a nice vacation after the last year and half :)

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Thank you! And yes, we all deserve that ... but, I don't think it will happen for me this year.

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Well done and it's clear that the payoff in crypto is closer to options than traditional stocks. A couple of 100 baggers or 1000 baggers will overcome those few duds.

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I think it depends on what you can invest at start, and the kind of person you are. For what I heard is that crypto is more volatile, and the risks are bigger. But for me, it is paying off now. But I'm working on this since December 2017, so happy that I finally see some profits.

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Nice! What an awesome win for you! That is such great news. I am really happy for you and I hope that you are able to do something really special with some of your gains! I think moving some into BNB was a really smart move!

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Thanks, it definitely was and is awesome! To put it in BNB was the first thing that came to my mind, I didn't want to leave it in the other coin as I didn't feel that would be wise. For BNB right now, that is a much safer bet I think. And today showed that with a new ATH for BNB.

I haven't looked what the other coin did though!

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My problem with moving stuff into BNB is then I always want to throw it into some DeFi stuff. I can never just leave it alone!

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I really want to do so too, but not just any DeFi. There are so many scam projects around. I really want to do my research and protect myself from throwing my money in some DeFi and lose it all ...

Yes, that is definitely a possibility these days! Too bad a few have to ruin it for the many...

Keep on the good work
Just Deserve that

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Thank you! And I will do my best for that.

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Good on you! I should really be investing a little in each of the coins you cover. I enjoy the way you deep dive into each of them and see their true value.

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That's what it is about for me. Investing in coins that have a use case and have the ability to grow, to survive in this market. We all know that there are enough sh*t coins that won't. But I'm trying to find those little gems that have a good team, and that have a great concept.

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What a great win for you. $1k is quite some money. Smart to go in on bnb. If for one would have done that too and explore more defi opportunities

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Thank you! Yes $1K is a lot, and I just didn't dare to leave it in the other coin. Today I can't complain that I swapped it to BNB. Explore more defi opportunities can be a good thing, but ... there are many scams out there, and I don't want to get trapped in a scam.

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Well done! I read your posts and follow along but I haven't really done much with any of them. I did already own a couple you featured. PHA for one. I made a triple on that. I really wish I would have gotten into Solana though. I think you were talking about that one in the mid single-digits or maybe low teens. Keeps going up. Anyway, congrats on your big win and keep up the great work. LBI is and will continue to be a big winner and you're definitely earning your stake.

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