The Lassecash Rebrand: An Underappreciated Tribes

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There Are Many Tribes Out There, But Only ONE Lassecash

There seems to be a tribe for every occasion: food, finance, sports, medicine, even hypnotics! But I find most of these tribes fairly limiting within their subjects. I'm not always posting about psychological manipulation, or food photos. That is why I'm especially fond of the general purpose tribes. Examples would be "proof of brain" or "neoxian city" or "Archon". All great tribes, btw.

One of my favorite general tribes is ""

Very few if any tribes have a tribe leader like Lasse.

Quick disclaimer: I am currently invested in lassecash. I am giving my honest assessment of the token, but it is only my opinion. I am not a financial advisor, please invest at your own risk.

Why Lassecash?

  • Lasse Ehlers, the man himself and his philosophy

I've become quite fond of the founder of Lassecash, @lasseehlers he is true to his passions, especially when it comes to crypto and the philosophy of Anarcho-capitalism. While I don't completely agree with Anarcho-capitalism (that's a conversation for another day), I do share many of the same sentiments as @lasseehlers in regards to Statism, government over-reach, cryptos, and many of the deceptions that are out there... and I mean really out there. My first interaction with @lassehlers was flat earth. Don't laugh until you research it with intellectual honesty. Lasse and I share this understanding of the world we live in. Sometimes the truth is less strange than the science fiction.

  • the Cutting Edge of Technology

Lasse is always on the cutting edge of the technology. He was one of the first tribes to move to HIVE. He was one of (if not the) first tribe to make his own NFT.


One of the first to have a diesel pool.


To me, this has demonstrated that this tribe will advance with the technology, not fade off into obscurity. It's here for the long haul.

What's New on the Horizon?

Given the trend of always being on the cutting edge, as the tribes advance, so will lassecash. It's likely when (if) we see SMT's active on the HIVE block, Lassecash will be first in line for the upgrade. Imagine, instant transfers of Lassecash. So good.

Get 'em while you can, Lassecash in seven years will be tricky to get.

Lassecash Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

There has been some updates to the Lassecash economy that will help sustain long-term growth. One feature in particular that is good for the future of Lassecash is:

The powerdown time is 26 payments every 7 day over 6 months. This is made to incentivize longterm mentality. Furthermore the payout ration is 90% LASSECASH POWER and 10% LASSECASH, this is another huge difference from HIVE

Everytime a user blogs on and it's curated by a lassecash whale, 90% of the payout will be instantly staked to your account, creating more incentive to curate and offer larger rewards to others!

Imagine if HIVE were 90% stake?

The Price is Fairly Stable Around 0.003 HIVE

Lassecash has it's ups and downs, but the price is fairly stable compared to some cryptos out there. What I find fascinating, is that while HIVE was bubbling, Lassecash remained stable! It's a hidden GEM of a token that it can always be counted on to have value. It's a long-term investment.



Lassecash is one of those tribes and tokens that it's easy to underappreciated - but it's a hidden GEM of a token that has an interesting personality behind it. Lassecash is a long-term investment opportunity that I believe will have huge implications someday.

To invest in Lassecash, check out the market, or when you blog on HIVE or any of the tribes, make sure to include #lassecash in the tags.

If it's a good post, maybe a "lassewhale" will come along and give you a nice upvote!


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sir, i upvote you for your upvote i thank you dear

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I'm not always posting about psychological manipulation...

But you're always thinking about it, right? Or is that just me?😁

We live in a world of psychological manipulation, I'm trying to UNDO my own psychological trauma of K - 12.


Hey @ironshield, here is your HYPNO ;)

This was my regrets back then, that I was not table to engage so much in this tribe. But its never too late.

The tribe is very welcoming, I'm sure you'd be well received.

I don't pretend to understand almost anything about crypto @ironshield , and frankly, as far as I can definitely remember, you are the only one I've heard or read mention Lassecash, which is not to say it has no validity; I just stated my ignorance of crypto in general, so....
Curious though (off topic) I wonder if @lasseehlers knows anyone named Danlos?
There is a genetic condition that I strongly suspect I have called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
But like I said, off topic. Just the name Ehlers jumped out at me.
This post is 100%

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I didn't know about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, very interesting. Have you explored any natural treatments to help with EDS?

I'm told there are no treatments. It is a genetic disorder, so any "treatments" would be palliative.
It manifests with different folks in different ways. And I don't know that I have the condition, I can't get anyone to test me.
I suspect I have it, because I've had a lifelong tendency to bruise very easily, I've always had extremely loose joints (we used to say I was 'double jointed') and extremely elastic skin.
Now that I'm older, my spine is more or less collapsing, I have worsening scoliosis, but also kyphosis (widows hump/osteoporosis) and lordosis, and lastly, in 2016 I began to manifest extreme leg and foot cramps, but only after I lie down.
So I take magnesium for the cramps, Tramadol (pain) and Baclofen (muscle spasms) and that's about it.
This is what my neck scan looks like or did in like 2014 (we almost did a fusion, lord god I'm glad we didn't)


Wow, that's quite a bend in your spine. I'm not a doctor, but at a glance I can see somethings a little off. Have you considered collagen to help with your skin and joints? We make bone broth whenever we can for the collagen and minerals, make soups out of it. We also take turmeric supplements, to help with inflammation.


As a young person @ironshield, my skin and joints being loose was not a problem, in fact in many cases it was an advantage.
Now not so much. I like to think I eat relatively healthy, now days any way.



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