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RE: HIVE Stake Based Income is my greatest long term HODL

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Would it be bad for HIVE SBI to be on Hive-Engine?

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As @amr008 mentioned, the sponsorship component is an important part of the program that we are not willing to part with.

Aside from that, we have to avoid things that make it more "equity-like" instead of "subscription-like" or it becomes an issue for our US-based team and supporters.

It wouldn't necessarily be bad, but it would completely change the program.

Some enterprising person could make something like that... using the rshares accumation method us a database constantly updated to reflect new balances from hive-engine.

Another idea would be a concurrent hive engine token to represent 'inactive units' to facilitate trading them. This is more reasonable, perhaps to be considered as a feature request.

The coding to allow 'power down' and 'power up' units from sbi to hive engine and back would need to be scoped out and developed of course.

Another idea would be a concurrent hive engine token

I scoped this when Hive-Engine was initially launched as Steem Engine, but concluded that it was a distraction that took away from key elements (such as sponsorship) and increased the regulatory risk substantially.

Yeah US regulatory issues are something to avoid at all costs.


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Okay, thank you.

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Interesting but then it will loose the idea of sponsorship I guess.

I mean right now if I send HBI , I can sponsor 1 other person ( I guess so because that is how it worked on Steem )

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On the other hand, many users don't even know that HBI exists because it's not on Hive-Engine.

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