INCOME token has completed its switch to HIVE - stronger than ever!

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Welcome back to INCOME token!

Approximately 2 years ago I formulated INCOME token as a small fund that could hold other investments, a token that could represent all the entertainment of investing in those other things, with less single item risk, and none of the legal complications. INCOME token is like having a little piece of our SYNERGY Portfolio for yourself, and its 100% entertainment protects all parties involved, which may some day be important as the fund grows up. There are only 10,000 INCOME units.

When we split the chains, for a while we managed assets on both chains, giving out 2 hive and 2 steem worth of prizes each and every day.

That is over now. The STEEM assets were barely producing enough to give out the dividends, but we have an abundance on HIVE, just including our 4th ranked DCITY we are getting plenty of HIVE to give out all the dividends on HIVE.

As announced previously, we have a steem-hive gateway, just send your INCOME tokens to @ecoinstats on either chain, and get them from @ecoinstats on the opposite chain. Don't send your tokens to STEEM though, there is nothing there for you anymore! But if you still haven't sent your STEEM INCOME to @ecoinstats, there is still time.

Each day, there are multiple draws, and once you win a draw, your name is removed from the list, so that other holders get more chances to win and the top holders don't get all the rewards.


Now there are 34 winners daily, 2 at 0.5, 4 at 0.25, 8 at 0.125 hive, and 20 winners of 0.05 hive. Many of the larger holders have spread their tokens between multiple accounts, so be sure to check the richlist to see where everybody is with their holdings.

@ecoinstats, as the gateway account, is not counted as a token holder. You will notice that no one has more tokens than me, and I think this makes a lot of sense, as the largest holder of my fund is myself. I have listed 1000 INCOME tokens at 2.5 hive, if anyone wants to pick up some more off the market there will be liquidity, if anyone wants to sell, there is plenty of space to list an order.

We started INCOME token at 1 steem per, and our growth has been very exciting. There are more surprises to come, as any new project I do I will seek to benefit the INCOME token holders in some way. Let's see how we do with 4 hive divvies per day.

If there are any questions, Ask me Anything!

Freedom and Friendship!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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I knew about this token weeks ago but never dug up deep enough to know how profits are generated. But I get the gist somewhat on how holding it makes the token profitable. Are you planning to make a post that reorients what it does on Hive?

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It does the same thing it always did (just now exclusively on hive) which is paying dividends that are not directly linked to everything the SYNERGY fund invests in, as entertainment. The better the SYNERGY fund performs, the more entertainment can be packed into each of the 10k tokens, of course.

Does this make sense? While there is no 'reorientation', I will of course continue to post on hive about the project.

I've been inactive during those days when INCOME went live for the first time. I get a vague idea on the project when I was checking out some tokens on HE. Sounds cool, might get into it once I raised some more funds :>

I really like the token!

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Grats on the switch over, onwards and upwards!

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Sound like an interesting token. I have been starting a DHEDGE and INDEX position recently so I can generate some passive income.

About the divvies, does someone with 1 INCOME token have the same chance as someone with 10 INCOME tokens? I know that their name is removed from the list after their win but I just wanted to know.

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Yes, the more tokens you have, the more likely you are to get picked, but someone with one or two tokens can and frequently do win 0.05 hive, and with very little invested it can be quite entertaining :)

Nice. I put in an order to buy a token off the market. If it fills, I'll just sit on a token and see how things go.

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Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @ecoinstant