HOW TO GET STARTED with a HIVE wallet in order to play DCITY! (or some other game)

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Hello and welcome to HIVE! We have a number of applications here that use our unique infrastructure, please take a moment to prepare your browser and understand some of the benefits of using HIVE!

1. Get HIVE Keychain browser extension

Here it is in the Chrome Store and here is the open source Github repository.

HIVE has its own browser extension, much like Meta Mask for ETHEREUM or BSC. This extension is wonderfully simple and can be used to sign any type of HIVE transaction securely. Everything built on HIVE will generally integrate with Hive Keychain Extension first because it is the easiest and most secure way to transact on HIVE.


2. Get an 'account', which is really a wallet.

HIVE is built in a different way than ETHEREUM. To avoid high transaction fees completely and still make very fast transaction times, HIVE blockchain charges 3 HIVE to register a wallet, currently less than $3. A wallet has the bandwidth to do an amount of transactions limited to a pool of resource credits, which can be grown by staking additional HIVE to the wallet.

This is a very ingenious mechanism, by which, for the price of a single $36 dollar ETH transaction (~50 HIVE), you can create a wallet and stake enough HIVE to transact for years to come.

Currently there are several promotions for FREE accounts! We at DCITY recommend LEOFINANCE.IO, which is another great project built on HIVE where users share information about Finances or Crypto tokens or technologies.


On the LeoFinance Page, shown above, click on 'Get Started' to create your free account.

Save your passwords, add to Keychain

Everybody in Crypto knows that you need to save your keys. I will repeat it here, if you lose your keys you lose your crypto. Except, actually HIVE beats regular crypto once again, because there is actually a slow but possible recovery process through a parameter called a 'recovery account'. If you used LEOFINANCE to sign up, LEOFinance may be able to help you to eventually recover those lost keys.

If you used a different account creation service, or changed your 'recovery account' parameter, you will need look to a different account for help.

Creating an account also creates multiple keys. This is permissioned cryptography at its finest, know that the Master Key is the only thing that can change or reset the other keys, and all the keys are 'inside' the Master. Refer to this guide for more information about keys and their differences.

After saving your keys, or at least the txt file, you can add an account to keychain, if it is the first account you will be prompted and should click 'USE KEYS/PWD'.

Screenshot from 2021-05-03 08-26-41.png

Enter the account name and the master password, and Keychain will automatically extract the Posting, Active and Memo keys for you, and use the correct one for each transaction. Keychain will not save the Master password (you must do that).

4. Login to DCITY (or any HIVE dapp)

Screenshot from 2021-05-03 09-02-10.png

Keychain will popup, and will automatically know that you need the posting key for login function. Hit confirm and you are already experiencing fast and FREE transaction with HIVE!

Freedom and Friendship!

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This is a really good and detailed guide. You have done and awesome job in creating this and sharing it with the lovely people here. Very helpful.
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