HIVE Stake Based Income is my greatest long term HODL

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For more than three years I have been getting 'basic income' on my posts, and all the people that I have sponsored previously are also getting votes. These votes often have the effect of 'attracting more votes', and in this way the overall experience is much more pleasant, I am encouraged to post about my life and keep my quality high.

I am talking about HIVE SBI - formerly known as @steembasicincome


When HIVE split off from STEEM, the @steembasicincome program split as well, and users were and are able to use their units on either chain to buy more units on the opposite chain, in this way a great expansion of units was possible.

What is so great about HIVE SBI units, is that you are not required to post everyday to take advantage of them, the units generate a 'r-shares balance', and from that balance votes are delivered whenever posts are made. This stock and flow model is just what is needed for humans who are less regular than machines. Perhaps today I will post three times, but then not again for a week or a month. This is the reality of being human, and as far as I have seen, Hive SBI is the only program that codes for this recognition.

Source: Standard bathtub stock/flow model

Hive SBI is in the process of getting a new logo, and will seek to be a strong partner to those users and projects that are building on HIVE blockchain. Consider nominating another user by sending 1 or more HIVE to @steembasicincome with the user account as a memo.

This will increase both your and the nominated account units in the Stake Based Income program.

I will be looking to assist in the upcoming promotion, I am a community manager for the program on HIVE SBI DISCORD where you can go to get any and all of your questions answered.

Its a long term hold, and it has performed very well in my portfolio and strengthened my motivation to continue to use HIVE. This is not financial advice, just social advice, I am not a financial adviser, just a community manager haha.

Ask me anything!

Freedom and Friendship!

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Hbi is amazing! I have been hodling since steem days!
Joseph should partner up with different communities in order to promote HBI more often :D

I've been looking into this much more this year, and we plan on doing so, but we are leasing delegations to target certain VP levels first.

Uh perfect! Let me know if I can help in anyway!
I am a Co-founder of the blogging challenge community!

Yes! Hive SBI doesn't get enough attention, I think it's fab.

True! Its really "sad" in some sense :D

Hey @cwow2, here is a little bit of BEER from @phoenixwren for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I only THIS WEEK found out that in order to transfer all of my SBI over to Hive, not just some, I was supposed to send a transfer request, lol. So I finally did that, and suddenly I have hundreds more shares over here on Hive. Yay! 😂

How do we make transfer request?

You have to log in to Steem wallet (I did it through SteemPeak) and send 0.003 Steem to @steembasicincome with the memo "transfer refund request to Hive"
Someone was kind enough to even send me the 0.003 Steem because I would have had to do a power down just to pull out a few pennies to do it otherwise X3
SBI has a post about it pinned to their blog.

Thank you very much, @phoenixwren ;)))

You're welcome! :)

0.003 steem, memo: Transfer Refund Request from Steem to Hive

Thanks for that.

just did it with this memo: transfer refund request to Hive
hope it's ok

I used to do so many giveaways for SBI ( on steem ) back then . I have a handful and am happy with it .

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HBI has been a fantastic program and idea since the start. Reminds me I gotta increase my delegation.

You are very right in everything you say, Hive SBI is a very good help to collect some extra votes and feel motivated with your work.

One of the best ideas to come to Steem now Hive. The regular upvotes helped me accumulate Hive and kept me motivated. There so many ways we can make this project even better and encourage people to delegate.

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Would it be bad for HIVE SBI to be on Hive-Engine?

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As @amr008 mentioned, the sponsorship component is an important part of the program that we are not willing to part with.

Aside from that, we have to avoid things that make it more "equity-like" instead of "subscription-like" or it becomes an issue for our US-based team and supporters.

It wouldn't necessarily be bad, but it would completely change the program.

Some enterprising person could make something like that... using the rshares accumation method us a database constantly updated to reflect new balances from hive-engine.

Another idea would be a concurrent hive engine token to represent 'inactive units' to facilitate trading them. This is more reasonable, perhaps to be considered as a feature request.

The coding to allow 'power down' and 'power up' units from sbi to hive engine and back would need to be scoped out and developed of course.

Another idea would be a concurrent hive engine token

I scoped this when Hive-Engine was initially launched as Steem Engine, but concluded that it was a distraction that took away from key elements (such as sponsorship) and increased the regulatory risk substantially.

Yeah US regulatory issues are something to avoid at all costs.


Hey @josephsavage, here is a little bit of BEER from @simplegame for you. Enjoy it!

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Okay, thank you.

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Interesting but then it will loose the idea of sponsorship I guess.

I mean right now if I send HBI , I can sponsor 1 other person ( I guess so because that is how it worked on Steem )

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On the other hand, many users don't even know that HBI exists because it's not on Hive-Engine.

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I love having Hive SBI and need to remember to invest in more. As the price of Hive goes up so does the value of my SBI votes on my posts!

This is a hugely important point!

A great reason to buy more and get a few to thank the hard working mods at the Feathered Friends Community and the Shadow Hunters Community! I'm on it!

All of it adds up.

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Hive SBI is really nice. I like getting an upvote every now and then. Other than that, I am a little confused about how the recharge rate goes and why sometimes it re-votes something with a vote (to increase it's value). I am not complaining though but the inner workings escape me sometimes.

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If it is re-voting with the same account, then that is a bug I will have to investigate :(

The logic around recharge rates and upvote delivery is mostly explained here:

I went through my log and I think I was probably mistaken. It was probably my misconception. I thought it had voted multiple times but I think it may of just been the awkward voting times between a post and the SBI accounts voting.

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That's a relief. Things have been running mostly smoothly for years, but there is always a risk of overlooked impact whenever there are hard-forks or updates to the API calls.

long term hold

Very important word in Crypto

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @ecoinstant