All of the Dividend Tokens on Hive I know of :D

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I love dividends, so its natural that I love the dividend tokens! :D
I wanted to make this post about the different dividend tokens on Hive-Engine for new people who might not know some of these.

A lot of us "oldies" knows about a few of these tokens, but I am not sure a lot of the newer users do, so this is my attempt to shine a light on these different dividend tokens and give info about these dividend tokens. If I have missed some, please let me know in the comments, so I also get to know more :D Lets go in to it!

Tokens which gives dividends!


Utopis is the newest dividend paying token I know off. Its made by @chronocrypto and the white paper can be seen here

Utopis pays out dividends every week on mondays and it pays out in Hive. There is talks about paying out in other Tokens/Coins, but for now its "only" Hive.
Utopis is kinda unique since it incorporates everyday life into the blockchain, since @chronocrypto does DoorDash and invest the money he earns from that into crypto.
Its a hold new level of commitment!

Utopis can be bought on HE or Tribaldex
Utopis trades for 3.5 Hive at the time of writing.


Second token to pay out dividends is the legendary token BRO. I guess most people already know about BRO :D
BRO payout dividends daily.

BRO is made by @raymondspeaks and newest info can be found here
BRO pays out in 8 different tokens. The different tokens are: SIM, STEM, BEE, WEED, Archon, Pal, Neoxag and Leo.

BRO can be bought on HE or Tribaldex
BRO trades for 6.7 Hive at the time of writing.


The INDEX token works like an Index Fund. It holds a lot of tokens and pays out dividends daily.

The INDEX token is made by @jongolson and if you want to read the introduction it can be found here. They also have a webpage for the token with more info

The INDEX token currently pays out 16 different tokens. The different tokens are: ENTRY, SIM, CTP, STEM, SPORT, BEE, WEED, Archon, Dhedge, PAL, Neoxag, Leo, HUSTLER. Also Gamer and SPI, but it seems like there haven't been any payout of this token yet.

INDEX can bought on HE or Tribaldex
INDEX trades for 1.1 Hive at the time of writing.


DHEDGE have been around for sometime and have been paying out daily "drips"/dividends.

DHEDGE is made by @taskmanager and is part of the Archon team (I think) they have a dedicated Discord server via Archon's Discord - which you can join if you have more questions.
DHEDGE pays out in 20 different tokens. The different tokens are: Swap.EOS, SIM, Gamer, CTP, STEM, Blurt, Swap.STEEM, Swap.DOGE, BEE, WEED, Archon, Dhedge, PAL, Beer, Neoxag, LEO, BRO, Hive, Swap.HIVE, Battle.

DHEDGE can be bought on HE or Tribaldex
DHEDGE trades for 0.3 Hive at time of writing.
You can also send tokens to DHEDGE in exchange for more DHEDGE, you can check which tokens are allow by going to the Discord and use command !dhedge


EDS + SPI are tokens both managed by the @spinvest account and I think its made by @silverstackeruk but not 100% sure :D

EDS payouts out Hive curation rewards on a weekly basis every monday, but the payment is made from the @spi-payments account on behave of @eddie-earner.

SPI pays out every monday aswell, but it pays out in their SPI token, so that keeps stacking and increasing the price of the token.

EDS can be bought on HE or Tribaldex
EDS trades for 0.9 Hive at the time of writing.

SPI can be bought on HE or Tribaldex
SPI trades for 4.9 Hive at the time of writing.


Archon is interesting. Since its a tribe with its token Archon which also pays out dividends in form of "Archon-drips".

I think its made by @taskmanager but I might be incorrect. I know that @ecoinstant is quite involved :D

Archon have its own Gov system which is weight-based depending on the amount of Archon you have staked.

Archon can be bought on HE or Tribaldex
Archon trades for 0.26 hive at the time of writing.
Archon Does also have miners.
Webpage -

Thanks for reading!
I have been using by @amr008 to easily figure out which tokens paid out in what tokens. You can also see the APR of the tokens you own via the homepage, its very nifty.

P.s Sorry to all of the creators for the unwanted pings!
I might have missed some, but these are the ones I know.


very useful ty!

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Nice write up, clear and extremely helpful!! Appreciate it.

All great tokens to have in your Hive-Engine wallet for sure.

Thanks Buddy! That was the goal, so happy you liked it :D

Thanks! :D

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Very interesting to know the dividend paying tokens on Hive's second layer. It's the new way to passive earnings on Hive.

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Ye its amazing! Hope its useful :D

Yeah, it's really been helpful at least reminds one to do some more research and consider buying in.

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Yes! Also do research hehe :p

Whooot, all this dividend tokens? Wowza, I could swr I knew only two or three. When multitudes join hive, a lot won't even be here to blog, but join in many income generating initiatives.

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Yeps! I even forgot some I think xD

Tan also payouts dividends but only in Sim :D

😲....I'm officially lost

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Haha xD

Well. I also forgot MPATH and the new BUILDTEAM token xD

😂 😅 🤣 That sounds funny @Mistakili

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Wow, I have heard about these tokens but I didn't know about the dividends. I think I should look into some of my interest and grab it now that its not too late 😁

Amazing! Yes take a look! Its long term hodling :D

Sure! :)

Wow! Thanks buddy, the info is really helpful.

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You are welcome buddy! :D

Soon you will be able to add the Hivecommerce token or COM to that list when it starts paying out next month!

Uhh perfect! I have a tiny tiny bit of COM already haha xD

What will it be paid out in? Hive or other tokens aswell?

It will pay out SIM, CTP, WEED, and LIST

Amazing :D

I need to buy some :p

You can also earn it by staking HUSTLERM, HUSTLER, or LIST, as well as you can delegate HivePower to @hivehustlers and receive COM and HUSTLERM tokens for delegation, stake the tokens and keep earning more!

I already have 10 hustler miner and some hustler tokens :D

@cwow2 you deserve more than a beer i wish i have one to give you this time, this is what I've been looking for. Your post have cleared most of my doubts and it's full loaded and precise.😊

Hivelist token known as the "LIST" pays out dividends in Sim token as well. Thank you so much for these helpful tips. I hope for more of this. Stumbling on your post reminds me of blogging challenge community. I need to get back on track. Pls do have a wonderful moment.

Thanks buddy :D But no problem! Glad I could be of service :D

Ohh cool, I did have some LIST at one point, but there wasn't really a lot of info about it back when I had it, so I just sold it xD

aww, i wish you didn't sell the List, you should have earned an appreciable passive income by now.

Well maybe, its fine. I have all the others xD

Oh that's cool. I'll consider buying those tokens one after the other based on my financial strength. Thank you once more for the piece.

I think its made by @taskmanager but I might be incorrect.

You are correct

Perfect! Thanks for the comment :D

Great write up. Really helpful

You are welcome :D

This is quite detailed and informative! I'd actually been searching for something like this. Very helpful. Thank you. 🙂

You are welcome hehe :D