Thoughts on DCity - My Honest Opinion

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My Honest Opinion

DCity is a great game but many players might not like my current opinion of the game. Around the end of the 1st edition cards and going into the release of the 2nd edition cards, I bought into the game and basically doubled up on my Hive investment... but history doesn't always repeat itself now does it and much has changed since that time...

The biggest change since then is the amount of sellers and that was what made it a short-term profit success for me. The ability to gain short-term profit success is attractive to new buyers and at that time there weren't nearly as many players. Since then, the game has grown in popularity and there are way too many active sellers to keep up with flipping cards as easily.


Currently there are 16k cards for sale...

Another thing to note is there have been too many 1st edition and 2nd edition cards issued, making the ability to compete with sellers much more difficult - especially in the case of new players looking to only flip cards for profit. The ancient whales on the game are looking to at least break even if they haven't already and will continue to cause uncertain sell-offs.

The Selling Game

I believe the selling game is over and nothing will change with the launch of the 3rd edition cards. This is because there are now many more sellers and many of the players have since become aware of what I'd call an "edge."

The numbers above are from an old spreadsheet I kept. What this signifies is how at one point you were able to make an active profit from buying cards and quickly selling them based on the odds of getting any card cumulatively...

I.e. these figures mean that since you can buy a card for 4 hive you would be able to make profit by immediately listing them...

At this point I don't even have to update these figures to tell you that buying any cards with the hope of selling them for profit would yield the type of returns they once did. Not to mention that you'd be in a price war with someone that is more than likely willing to sell at a price below 4 hive against any edge, since they would have had more passive income coming from the game.

FUD - Sorry

While I don't mean to spread FUD, I know this post represents that. But, the game for me was only fun as a game of understanding economics and using data to make profit. That no longer applies, nor do I believe it will change with the release of 3rd edition cards.

I have this same gripe with Splinterlands releasing new cards and devaluing existing cards, it only makes money for the developers in the long run; however, of course some will profit but less likely for those who have less time earning passively or looking to flip 3rd edition cards.


Think about it, what's really changing with the release of 3rd edition? Not much, and rather than spend development hours making the game more interactive instead it's just more cards for you to buy to earn more sim. I'd like to see blockchain games become more meaningful but I understand people are attracted to profit, especially in the beginning.

I hate to say it but Splinterlands has proven to be a better example, coming out with tournaments, anytime tournaments, guilds, etc. While they did issue more cards, those cards became less desirable and the improvement of the gaming experience is what brought better value from my perspective.

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I have never really gotten into the whole flipping aspect. I just buy and use it for cash flow. But I agree with the value of everything on the game taking a dump, it’s getting harder and harder to recover profits.

I completely agree that the game needs for interactive functionality. Seems like gerber is only worried about making money instead of making and enjoyable experience. But hey, isn’t that the case with most crypto developers?

I need to dive more into splinterlands, but I was never a card game kind of guy, unless it is poker or something, then I am still not that great, lol. But Rising Star and HashKings are catching my eye so I may take a look at those. But for now, I think I am about done with building my city and just trying to get paid back for it, except with these ridiculous tax rates, it’s very hard to do.

Thanks for the comment my friend.

That is certainly the case for most developers, can't blame them but as a community member I can attempt to add some pressure into making something more!

I think you're not alone, many players will attempt to exit with 3rd edition to recover and this is the big difference from the release of 2nd edition to 3rd edition... there are many more players I suspect with the same intentions that didn't exist with 2nd edition release.

I think Splinterlands has the most mainstream potential, especially with the rising attractiveness of NFTs. They're making IOS/Android apps, marketing on Brave and Facebook. So I think think it will retain it's current value. I invested long ago and don't play, I just rent my cards for about $1 of passive income per day...

Whoa I need to look into renting cards, that’s cool and definitely some good HiveHustlers content because that is a good little passive side hustle honestly. But with building all these communities, stores, etc, I don’t have time to fart most of the time, much less play a card game, lol. Hopefully in a month or so things will settle to a management mode and I can focus back on those things and making content and music.

I invested in 1 and 2 generation cards and always earned less Sim, I decided to sell everything, I just have a hard time understanding this game

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The game is really only to earn profit, at one point that was best earned by flipping/trading cards.

I'm constantly buying cards which have a ROI lower than 100 days. I don't really care about those cards afterwards... As long as I can stay in Top 300, I'm happy :)

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I have to agree with you on the point that sometimes these games just release too many assets too quickly. They need to remember that the game is played by their customers and they hurt their fanbase when they flood the market.

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The most important thing is not to increase the sales operations significantly in the recent period in order to maintain the game stability

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I’m just trying to make my city as bulletproof as possible.

Oh, and getting them backgrounds and animations.

Fair points I think. What if you could stake your cards to earn additional tokens or NFT's? I think this is a direction some games could explore in order to help remove some supply from markets..

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I think this post is mostly about flippening, and you could just rewrite it same way for splinterlands and buying packs. Generally it's weird to build opinion about game from flippening aspect. Also when talking about this it's worth to add something about DEC/SIM & flippening, I think when games are aging flippening completely depends from game currencies.

You just described short term flippening on release which is... short term. How long you can flip PS4 after release before everyone will have it and it will be not profitable. lol

Were you playing splinterlands 2 years ago? Would be same age like dcity now. That's about "better example" argument heh. And "value" of the game going down and up mostly depends from updates and new stuff. Same for both. Can you imagine Splinterlands still only with alpha and beta cards, even with approach 100% for us and price manipulation to keep it worth for players would be extremely hard to keep value at right level :D

Anyway completely different games, dcity is meant to be mathematical idle game with minimal waste of time and increasing decentralization over time, and in splinterlands you just use your time to earn. Actually there is large % of splinterlands card owners that play splinterlands same way dcity is meant to be played. Build account(people mastering it already with multiple low level accounts with low deck value for max roi) and leave it for bot, in dcity there is just very small difference in wasted time when botting, so very few people do so. Long run it's splinterlands changing towards dcity idle gameplay. There are botting services, you just need to do math like in dcity, compose deck, and leave it. Not even comparing incoming land update to dcity...

You are correct, I am coming at this from a flippening perspective, for me this was my most enjoyable experience of the game - it made me more active within the community. With less sophisticated blockchain games, I think a lot of people are considering profit over playing experience.

I agree with your point on SPT vs DCity as well. You can make SPT like dcity if you rent your cards out - i.e. earning passive income with little work/time. But that takes way more work then just buying cards in dcity and hodling them...

Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to more updates in the game. I should have pointed out that I do like the idea of combining cards, as this will probably help in the long term when other updates come out. I still see a lot of potential.

I don't know, even everyone told me it is profitable, I never put more than 150 hive in this game.

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I have been playing for a while, I have bought cards that give good SIM income only to find out my daily returns have reduced even further. From this observation, no new edition cards is going to change this.

My goal has always been to try and get into the top 400 and stay there, it was never about profit. With the monthly HIVE invested and the SIM returns I got gave me a chance but once I saw my ranking drop consistently it's just investment going down the drain.

Moving down in rank because I'm being outplayed strategically by smarter players is awesome, but linking taxes to the SIM token that defines how much you get rewarded removes competitiveness, the desire to play is no longer there.

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Hi @cryptoknight12

I was surprised by this "I bought the game and basically doubled my investment in Hive" is something that not everyone can express, certainly in these types of games amount of sellers always tends to increase disproportionately.

Yours, Piotr