Get Hive Listed on Binance.US

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Get Hive on Binance.US!

Let's get Hive listed on Binance.US!

For the longest time I was able to use Binance (not U.S. version) from a U.S. IP. Around the beginning of the new year Binance started to really crack down on that so I had to move my portfolio to Binance.US.

All the Hive I've ever bought has been from Binance, I realize that Bittrex offers a Hive pair for US buyers, but I think Hive would do very well if it was listed on Binance.US...

I looked up how to get Binance to add new coins and the only thing I could find is below...


So What Do We Do?

My Vote is that everyday we should shill Hive to be listed on Binance, you can submit a request like I've done below.


In addition to this, we can also put out tweets everyday to CZ's twitter account:

Source: Twitter

Is There a Better Way?

I'm not sure if there is a more formal way to get listed on Binance US. Since Hive is listed on Binance already, I would assume we meet most of the criteria to be listed on Binance.US.

This would open up a significant opportunity for new money to flow into Hive since Binance has become so popular, especially now. I know in my own personal case I prefer to make things simple and I do all of my trading on Binance.US. I've found that there are many like me too, which is why I feel it's an important initiative for our community that should be prioritized and coordinated.

I think the steps I've outlined here will serve as planting a seed at the very least. Maybe someone who knows how to navigate this procedure will pursue it more formally and by keeping our name out there we will establish the presence and desire of our strong community.

Hive Stakeholders Submit your Binance Request

If you're a Hive stakeholder, I shouldn't have to incentive you to submit a request. Maybe in a future post I'll do a giveaway but I'm curious to see who all will post a screenshot of the request they submit to have Hive listed on Binance.

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I never knew it was not listed on the US version of the site. It might require a determination about not being a US security to do so ? Not sure.

You'd be surprised with how very few exchanges Hive is currently listed on. It's going to be very beneficial to start getting it listed in more places.

More exchanges are always better.

This is good idea
we can all do the same and send to binance

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Thanks, with the price action we're gaining credibility on "market demand"... "community feedback" is what we can do to check that box

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Do I need to have a binance.US account, specifically? I don't think it will take my normal binance email ID, right?


tweeted to cz though

Not sure if you need a binance.US but probably would. Thanks for tweeting to CZ!

I'd love to see Hive listed on Binance. Half the time Bittrex is doing maintenance on their Hive wallets so you can't withdraw your tokens even if you buy them there. It is horrible.

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Yea I've noticed that too... plus Bittrex has 1/10 of the Hive volume right now. So that's showing as a huge barrier for new US whales

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Yeah, for sure!

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Why just Binance? I’m not particularly fond of them. I have to use them for some stuff but they aren’t my go to. If we’re going to campaign for expansion we should hit multiple exchanges. Hive is strong right now, getting stronger everyday, and unanimously agreed (by everyone on HIVE 😊) to be a huge success story unfolding. We should be everywhere. 😁

I agree I'm just thinking practically. Obviously Coinbase or Gemini would be huge, but that may be a little hopeful. Binance.US seems more appropriate since Hive is already on Binance. Binance.US is where a lot of US buyers had to go to trade altcoins since binance cracked down and prevented them from trading

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Great news!!! HIVE will have bright days

Very timely initiative. Thanks for siggestion!

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Great information

I will try and send out requests to for sure