$300 a day goal DD let’s go

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Good afternoon block chain this is Chrono here, Couple days ago or last week I spoke about doing DoorDash completely full-time and when I mean full-time 10-11 hours a day now two reasons why I’m doing this.

So the first reason why I will be switching to DoorDash 100% or I have been this last couple of days is because I can make a lot more money I can make a lot more profit and what I want to go ahead and start doing is taking the weekend mornings off and an occasional evening so I can also enjoy myself so I figured out that I can go ahead and work 10 to 11 hours a day I’m perfectly fine with that I can do that and then I can also continue work on my Crypto while I’m doing DoorDash and while I mine some ETH as well.

This will also allow me to focus my creation on the Hive Blockchain and also allow me to research and focus hive projects and outside of hive projects I have been doing this lately I have been putting some time aside doing some research trying to figure out some new jams or coins so I can invest in such as rune and cub now I’m also looking at OMI that’s for a different day.

I have a quick game plan I still want to reach 100,000 Hive power before end of April I think I can do it I got to move some funds around, I will continue researching and purchasing parts and graphics cards for the money ETH.

With the increased hours of me working I could easily make $250 a day without much hassle now I could probably hit $300 a day and this is Monday through Thursday this is that include Friday Saturday and Sunday which are going to be the biggest days but again I will be only working couple hours for Saturday and Sunday Fridays are still the same and I think my new goal for this week alone is to hit around $1800… That’s a week now mind you... Once I am able to efficiently figure out the extra hours and how much profit I can make and the neighborhood I should be touching on these extra hours been I could be hitting $2000 a week on DoorDash.

No keep in mind I will not always hit $250 or $300 things do happen issues do have in my car could break down I could not feel like working that day which is very highly unlikely but still possible I can have issues with my car DoorDash could go down now I could also be making more than 250 or $300 a day especially if it’s a holiday or if Biden decides to give people even more money for the heck of it this will intern allow people to spend more money on fast food and entertainment and I am part of the solution.. I provide services for people with extra cash to just eat away.

I have said many times before this past year and this pandemic has been different for many people many people have created businesses many people have become even much more wealthier let’s continue to grow I will continue to grow and I will continue to hustle and I will continue to grind I will continue to pump my Crypto bags will you?


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Let's get this Crypto!

Damn. Thats really good! But yes, please take some time for yourself if you ever feel like you need it buddy :D


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You need to change that hustle tag to hustler and make some HUSTLER, lol. Keep going my man!

Damn I'm thinking it's hustle.

Will use hustler moving forward thanks homie.

What you having this wonderful day?

Got me some Gods Gift heavy strain.

Chillin on some Mob Boss live resin, lower THC levels, but nice for a good daytime work buzz

I like to be sober enough to know what I am doing, but just stoned enough to really enjoy doing it!


damn that isn't bad for only a few days

I have a question ... is there a min. amount one has to have to receive the dividend payouts?

Way to hustle!!

That's really cool to see! I've recently purchased a car and have been considering signing up for DoorDash myself to fill the time I have between writing jobs.

Sounds like you've definitely got your goals in mind and are pushing hard to accomplish them! This is a very inspiring post, and I'll be including it in my latest edition of 'Rogue Curator' 🚀 (It's even more fitting that you intended to include this post on the #hustler tag, as HiveHustlers was originally the intended target for this latest curation article 😁)