My BRO holdings

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What better way to share my hive block chain investments than share with you some stats on some numbers I enjoy numbers especially if they amount to $$.

And this post I want to share with you my bro token Divs, I do like to say that I do have 7153.77262514 bro tokens that makes me the second largest holder of bro bye 200 Bro tokens to be the #1 holder.

Bro token is a very successful project created by a long-term hive member Ray.

I believe the brofund itself is worth over $180,000 now having a nice chunk of this portion makes me very excited, that’s the reason for this post I wanna share with you my difference with a cool tool created by a member of hive where you can enter your username and to your debit and tokens and it shows you your stats from I guess right now is because it’s the 17th or the 18th it’s showing January 1 to February 17.

Current balance: 7153.75858559 BRO

  • Total Hive from All token from Jan 1 to Feb 28 is: 1184.36510 HIVE
  • Per day average(Hive) for the above period from All token= 20.7783 HIVE.
  • Yesterdays payout ( in Hive ) = 25.30583 Hive
  • APR (based on most recent payout + Recent price of BRO):19.86 %

Keep in mind this is if I sell all the tokens at market value, but since I am powering it all up its double juicier wealth is grown slowly.

I also purchased about 80% of my BRO holdings at 2 Hive each and considering BRO is worth around 6-7 Hive Id say I am glad I jumped in super early, this insured me to be able to get a LION share of the divs.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @chronocrypto, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Never sell anything ever. It is simply the only way. Every time I sell anything I get screwed. Let's all be theoretically rich LOL

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Same thing happens to me

Damn! Thats some nice dividends :D

Wow I had 200 tokens but sold them to power up awhile back. Seems that was a mistake

Oh my my!
I can't believe those figures lol.
I wish I had bro tokens.
And I also wish I knew about this when it was just 2hive, now it's about 7hive per bro.
And if I wait any longer the number might increase :(

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check out Utopis on Hive-engine

I did the checking yesterday. I guess that one is tradable for 3 hive or more.

It's the benefits of an early adopter. I am glad I got 2 UTOPIS at 2 HIVE and even bought one at 3.5 HIVE. If I had more funds available, I would of bought more because I can see UTOPIS doing just as well.

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damn 7k?? i have 55 it seems like a "now way" to reach 100 :P

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