Cub HIGH APY but loving the steady flow of it

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Well Cub is going back to $3 dollars soon tm 💸 TVL is now over $18,000,000!!
That is very nice and bullish.

When do we get to see $10 CUB? With the many updates the Leofinance team has for the platform I’d say it’s just a matter of time when see see ATH for cub.

With the success of Leo finance with the success of cubdefi, I see no reason to doubt the team and for them to go ahead and continue the platform to skyrocket as it should be right now the price of cub is super cheap in comparison to the roadmap in comparison to what we’ve seen from the Leofinance team I have some I have some LP and I’m stacking and I’m making cubbies.

I really enjoy this steady market while earning a ton of DIVS.

You are going to regret not holding Cubs but this is no financial advice I’m just telling you we seen the success a leofinance there is no rug pull here. I would say this though the platform can’t still get hacked from the outside but we have seen this happen to WLeo and guess what? The team ponied up their own cash to pay for the losses of the users, if that doesn’t tell you anything about the team, I don’t know what does because I stand with Leofinance and I am invested in cubbies let’s pump it.

Then of course we got hit with this nice piece of news.

Today begins a pivotal week for $CUB as 1 month+ of developments are released publicly

  • #LeoBridge tomorrow
  • CubDeFi UI V2 overhaul
  • #Kingdoms contracts deployed and launched later in the week
  • $CUB staking feature announcement and #BSC roadmap update post-Kingdoms

LEO might pump!!


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

$10 CUB sounds nice in the future. Now if only I can get enough funds into Cub before it takes off. I am looking forward to the new features announcements as well.

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Get into it brother! Still abit of time. About 12 months before the project takes off if it follows traditional crypto market boom and bull run.

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I am trying lol. I dumped about 120 LEO in today and hopefully I can add in another 100 LEO in later this month.

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It's going to be a big boom. It peaks and dips atm. Tomorrow it will be over $3

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Do i need to use a vpn to use cubfinance in the US?

No you do not. and MetaMask