Apr 26 - May 2 massive gains, Project Utopis has a limited supply

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What a crazy ass week last week it was last week was the week that I completely did full-time I managed to pull a massive 50 hour work week allowing me to earn roughly $37 bucks an hour.

Listen 👂 I know it might be a lot of hours a week I’m thinking I can bump it to another 10 hours making it 60 hours a week now mind you this is not gonna be forever and I will be taking breaks here in there, but in order for me to pursue my goal of being a crypto millionaire I need to put in the work hustle I need to make profits so I can put them into crypto that’s the way I know how to make my money grow once I have a nice big enough bath or I can have my crypto literally work for me then that’s when I can go ahead and start doing other stuff.

I am making a good amount of crypto as of now thanks to Hive With all its projects with all its communities with its attempt and define and with Leo finance so just because I’m making decent money online does not mean I should stop the hustle I need to augment My wealth. I wasn’t cautious enough to hold my crypto bags back in the early days now I have to put in work to put in work because becoming a millionaire with crypto is not an easy task unless you have diamond hands and you have Doge!!

Listen Utopis it’s going to be huge I’m gonna make it so I’m gonna keep on grinding I’m going to keep on building you just keep on holding that point do you want to get rewarded for supporting me because in reality that’s what it is you’re supporting my hustle so we can go together and we can go are well my actual proof of work.

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Stupid question time. Where do I go to buy this? Would you please give me a link to the market.

Thanks in advance.

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I bought more off the market, but someone was under cutting your price again. I have a nice round number now, but have a hard time not buying more each week with whatever I can find liquid.

Keep up the good work. I have found way better success investing in people and their passions than trying to pick the next big crypto.

The utopis sound like a great project to watch out for....@chronocrypto

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Great to you're working hard towards boosting rewards and building utopis for the long term

Utopis will be bigger than ever