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RE: The Hive Engagement League 🏆

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@jaynie lifestyle is a choice #lifestylelounge
Yeahhhhhh she is back on track! Well done dear ! Ofcourse the guys had outstanding numbers aswell. Congrats to , @galenkp, @bozz, seem to recall that you are also in the other leo league !?! And ofcourse the rest of the list @melbourneswest, @dagger212, @amr008, @melinda010100, @nickyhavey, @silversaver888, @mipiano, @joanstewart, @qwerrie, @nonsowrites, @edje, @bhattg, @chekohler, and @chrisrice.

Great to see the numbers up again.
For all the regulars in parts of our world without power and in the cold. Keep faith and the leaugue will be here next time.

@abh12345 thanks for the numbers @ocdb thank you for the prize.

Last but not least @tripode is lucky number 50 so your prize is send !

See ya next week


Thank you and well done to yourself also you have done a great job! It would be great to have you across with us on Leo. Leo is bringing out project blank which is short form blogging on anything.

They have also removed the 5min wait between posts.

You also receive 50/50 rewards whenever you vote not at intervals they have created a wonderful service and I think the Terminal would be a great community to also have on it.

I missed the memo that the community is open to non financial blogs??!? Do you have a link, I hate to blog outside community rules and regulations, I know some do that

Khal dropped a blog on it and I think a few others are also posting about it.

There is an incoming air drop they will give 1 to 1 project blank coins to current staked Leo Coins.

Nows a good time to get in or even write a few financial posts to earn some Leo to get the air drop.

I think and don't quite me Project Blank will be open slather on what can and can't be posted but more information is yet to be provided.

I think I'll enjoy it alot more so been investing quite abit into it

Can you drop me the khal link

Thanks for sponsoring the EL Britt, and for the weekly Heidi Klum gif! 😍

Thank you :) can't stop to get enough of Hive. The addiction is real lol

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Thanks @brittandjosie , and a big congratulations to you also 💗

Congrats to you too sweetie. 💗

Aha @brittandjosie you are everywhere all the time, engaging and helping members so thanks for what you do too.

Congrats to you! This has been a week of highs and lows for me and I am pleasantly surprised to be in the top 10!

Thank you and congratulations, girl @brittandjosie!!!

Woohoo, again in the top top. 🥳💃🏻🎶🕺

Thanks a lot @brittandjosie!

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thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Haha that was 4 days ago

no thank you then? hahahahaah JK, I had missed that message! I'm glad I found it!

better late than never right?