Bitcoin Dominance 48% & Dropping Hard!

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BTC dominance continues to tumble with absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Are you ready for Alt Season?

In this post I continue to track BTC dominance to help myself and possibly others understand where we are in the larger macro crypto cycle.

Let's just say if you're trying to blast off to the moon it helps to understand what's going to happen next and prepare accordingly!🚀


I'll continue to track and monitor BTC dominance, using this as an opportunity to speak about Alt Season strategy and to generally talk shop with those that stop by to hang out. As the saying goes individually you're good but together we're great!

Bitcoin Dominance Now Firmly Below 50%

It was roughly 3 weeks ago that I started really tracking BTC dominance and wrote about it in this post titled When Alt Season?

At that point in time BTC dominance was in the area of 55% and already on a steady downwards trajectory.


This is a LEO power-up post! All LEO rewards will be staked.

It's Time for the Alts To Shine!

In the last 3 weeks since I started tracking BTC dominance, BTC itself is actually down by 2% while over the same period of time ETH is up a whopping 50%!

  • DeFi market cap is now $138.5B

  • NFT market cap is now $30.4B

These are the market caps that I'm keeping an eye on as we smash our way into alt season. Both of these market caps are taken directly from coingecko at the time of writing this post.

These market cap figures are representative of the top 100 coins in each of these market segments.

How To Win Alt Season?

Personally my strategy will be built around increasing positions in coins that have exposure to DeFi and NFT's, along with some of the other blue chip alts that I already hold such as XTZ, DOT, and LINK.

I'm scaling out of BTC somewhat in order to fund these changes, for example yesterday I took a position in BNB,..finally! I mean I always hold some BNB to fund trading fee's but now it holds a spot in the hodl bag.

BNB likely needs no introduction at this point but I'll mention that it will soon enough provide exposure to NFT's in addition to DeFi, as Binance recently announced that it plans to launch an NFT marketplace and publishing platform.

Between ETH, BNB, and WAX I'm confident that my little portfolio that could has good exposure to NFT's.

On the DeFi front I'm now looking at potential positions in UNI, CAKE, and AAVE. All of these are top coins with working technology and products. The beauty of this bull run vs. 2017 is that we have working products and ecosystems to invest in instead of whitepapers with big dreams.


How Are You Preparing For Alt Season?

Are you making any changes to your holdings?

or maybe your bag is already well enough diversified and you've got this game on lock, ready for the next blast off to the moon.

Ciao for now,


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As a former investor I know that ETF's will stick with the top 10 but overweigh ADA because it is less impacting the environment. This is so important nowadays to attract investors. SO for me just hive (going down) and ADA/Cardano up in the portfolio.

ah cool, will be interesting to see what role energy consumption and environmental impact plays over the long run. I'm not convinced it will have much impact in the next 6 months but it's certainly worth considering.

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I think BNB will be the boom, yet here I am only Hodl $10 of it..... silly me. Miss out again

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If you think it will climb higher, then it is not too late!

This is true, but each spike is more unaffordable but BNB appears to be where all the action is lately. It's great in the bleo - bnb pool. As it increases it sells off and buys Leo. As Leo rises it sells off and buys BNB

By my estimate there is plenty of time left!

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I think this is a trend likely to continue. My view is we are not going to see Bitcoin with a dominance rate like we saw in the past. Simply too much going on and the numbers are against it.

We are seeing a lot of projects that can grow at a rate a lot greater than Bitcoin. That doesnt mean BTC is crap, it isnt. However, when you have dozens of projects doing 20x, 50, or 100x, Bitcoin simply cant keep up.

This is only enhanced by the fact there are new projects coming online all the time.

I expect we will see BTC settle down to a max of 10%-12% of the total market cap.

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My view is we are not going to see Bitcoin with a dominance rate like we saw in the past.

I'm glad you commented on this, in terms of btc dominance I found it tough to draw comparisons to 2017 and I think it's for this reason, the landscape is different to a degree. I would image it will still come in waves (btc dominance), with some more up swings in BTC as we move along.

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People realized BTC doesn't have any utility beyond value reserve.

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Hahaha so true! I have friends that will still say "but BTC doesn't do anything", and I'm like exactly! It's a store of value, that's all, and it does this really really well imo.

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I don't really have ETH and the gas fees turn me off from it. I have however cross-posting to get a little bit of ETH. I am continuing to stack my WAX but my BNB position is quite low.

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The gas fee's suck! gas fee's a side there's going to continue to be tons of growth for the ETH ecosystem. dont have to pay gas fee's when picking up ETH on binance 🚀

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I find it hard buying into alts now because I feel like it's already too late. I had coins on my list to buy last November but never got around to it. Now they look hugely expensive in comparison. 😂

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for sure, starting to hear that more and more from all sorts of people, totally get it. thing is alts will be the majority of growth for the next 6+ months.. still lots of money to be made.

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alts will be the majority of growth for the next 6+ months.. still lots of money to be made.

Thing is I'm not a natural trader. I'm better at hodling. So I need to find some tokens that are a good bet long term and have a good chance of bringing me some income while I hodl.

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staking tokens to earn is a seriously awesome aspect of defi! I have to imagine it will only become more popular and hopefully with it more good options.

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and hopefully with it more good options.

Yes this is what I'm hoping for too. And I'm very optimistic that it will come. 😊

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That's right buddy. I woke up today and saw first this and second the amazing rise of Ethereum. I think this is the first time I see Ethereum going up like this without relying on BTC. Since I've been in the crypto world in 2017 I always saw that BTC was very responsible for Ethereum's rise and the alts.... Apparently this is changing.

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Have to appreciate days like today! Yesterday I took a BNB position and my best friend took an ETH position, and we both win!

Good observation with ETH and BTC, i find less options to trade when they link up and sometimes it seems like the entire top 100 link up to BTC. ridiculous, good to see some separation for sure!

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Wow, I'm really glad you guys won, good trade 💪

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yeah win some and lose some, I think my buddy still gets bragging rights with todays ETH gains tho.

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