#CAMPFIRE CONVERSATION: Season 7 - [Fungi Lovers Challenge]

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Hola, fungi lovers!

The next week of talks around the fire is over and it's time to take stock. I will try to be as short as possible

Наша компания у костра ещё немного подросла Я даже не буду делать коллаж из фотографий, а размещу каждую отдельно. Наши самые большие грибы действительно велики в размерах. Думаю, что каждый грибник радуется таким трофеям. Это действительно здорово. Из одного гриба можно приготовить много блюд. И он хорошо смотрится на фотографии.

Our company by the fire has grown a little more. I will not even make a collage of photos, but I will place each one separately. Our largest mushrooms are really big in size. I think that every mushroom picker enjoys such trophies. It's really cool. Many dishes can be prepared from one mushroom. And it looks good in photography.


50x25 cm ... it can serve as a rain and sun hat. Polypore from @ruta-rudens. Yes, you can't cook it for lunch, but you can dry it and use it for your health. But here we must take the lower, younger mushroom

50х25 см... это может служить шляпой от дождя и солнца Трутовик от @ruta-rudens. Да, из него не получится приготовить на обед, но его можно высушить и использовать для своего здоровья. Но тут надо брать нижний, более молодой гриб


This gorgeous figure belongs to our friend @qwerrie. In form, he looks like two at once.
I see a girl in a cap and a sundress.
I see the head and shoulders of a forest spirit (possibly Leshy). Eyes, nose, cheeks, chin. Everything is in place.
Could it be the ONE WHO IS OUT OF THE GRAVE? )))

Эта великолепная фигура принадлежит нашему другу @qwerrie. По форме он похож сразу на двоих.
Я вижу девушку в колпаке и сарафане.
Я вижу голову и плечи лесного духа (возможно Лешего). Глаза, нос, щёки, подбородок. Всё на месте.
Может быть это ТОТ, КОТОРЫЙ ВЫЛЕЗ ИЗ МОГИЛЫ ? )))


@Oh, this is a delicious mushroom. Great umbrella. It needs to be baked in batter in a frying pan. It tastes like poultry. Our friend @ suzana72 is very lucky. I only once found such a mushroom with a diameter of 35 cm.

О, это восхитительный гриб. Отличный зонт. Его нужно запекать в кляре на сковороде. На вкус как птица. Нашему другу @suzana72 очень повезло. Я только один раз находил такой гриб диаметром 35 см.


This close-knit family fell into the good hands of @einfachnathi. Our friend knows what to do. Great mushrooms, but hurry up. Insects like these mushrooms too :))

Эта дружная семья досталась в хорошие руки @einfachnathi . Наш друг знает, что нужно делать. Отличные грибы, но нужно торопиться. Насекомым эти грибы тоже нравятся.


Our dear friend @sketch.and.jam does not feel sorry for his friend at all, she is holding the giant head of an amazing mushroom with her last bit of strength. I wonder how many people can be fed with this mushroom?

Наш уважаемый друг @sketch.and.jam, совсем не жалеет свою подругу, она из последних сил держит гигантскую голову удивительного гриба. Интересно, сколько народу можно накормить этим грибом?


Our friend @ laurakatze visited a coral reef. It turns out that you can also go diving in the forest. A wonderful and rare specimen. In Russia, these mushrooms are even listed in the Red Book.

Наш друг@laurakatze побывал на коралловом рифе. Оказывается, в лесу тоже можно заниматься дайвингом. Прекрасный и редкий экземпляр. В России эти грибы даже занесены в Красную Книгу.


And finally, a giant oyster mushroom. Our friend @valerianis claims that she weighs more than a kilogram. I believe him, although I have never met such large oyster mushrooms. Great catch.

И наконец гигантская вешенка. Наш друг @valerianis утверждает, что она весит больше килограмма. Я ему верю, хотя таких больших вешенок мне встречать точно не приходилось. Отличный улов.

Если хотите погреться и поучаствовать в дружеской беседе, я вас приглашаю к [нашему грибному костру]((https://hive.blog/hive-166168/@bambuka/campfire-conversation-fungi-lovers-challenge))

If you want to warm up and take part in a friendly conversation, I invite you to [our mushroom fire]((https://hive.blog/hive-166168/@bambuka/campfire-conversation-fungi-lovers-challenge))

Спасибо всем, кто подкидывал дрова к наш костёр. Особая благодарность выражается команде Original Content Decentralized (#OCD) за весомое поддержание нашего костра и грибников.
С призами разберёмся позже, когда деньги поступят на счёт.

Thanks to everyone who threw firewood to our fire. Special thanks go to the Original Content Decentralized (#OCD) team for their significant support of our campfire and mushroom pickers.
We will deal with the prizes later, when the money is credited to the account.

The next topic is ** "My favorite mushroom place" **. Every self-respecting mushroom picker has his own cherished place. He doesn't even tell his friends about this place. As a last resort, you can show the direction :) I do not require showing the exact coordinates on the map of the General Staff, where you can even find paths in the forest. Just show a photo of your favorite place. If there are mushrooms there, it will be just fine. I will not be able to verify the veracity of your words and I trust your honesty. Well, who will cheat by the fire?
Submit a photo in the comment under this post and tell a story about it (50 words max).
Big request to make the image size ** 800 pixels wide **

Следующая тема - "Моё любимое грибное место". У каждого уважающего себя грибника есть своё заветное место. Про это место он не рассказывает даже друзьям. В крайнем случае можно показать направление :) Я не требую показывать точные координаты на карте генерального штаба, где можно найти даже тропинки в лесу. Просто покажите фото вашего любимого места. Если там окажутся и грибы, будет просто замечательно. Я не смогу проверить правдивость ваших слов и доверяю вашей честности. Ну кто же у костра будет обманывать?
Отправьте фотографию в комментарий под этим постом и расскажите о нем историю (не более 50 слов).
Большая просьба сделать размер изображения шириной 800 пикселей

Terms and conditions of participation are set out in the first post.

Happy Fungie Friday to you!

I'm waiting for your story by the fire

Unless otherwise specified, the text and photos are mine

From Russia with Love





This is the first time I am participating in something like this. I love picking up mushrooms, just like my parents do also. And even if we are separated for almost 20 years somehow, I sometimes go in the forest, pick up tree clay for burning in the room, cut old tree branches of sick trees and make a fire with friends and pick or not pick :) certain mushrooms. This is my favorite place, an entry in the woods from this area. But I have other places with mushrooms in Bulgaria that I like. I am in another country now.


The photo is from my DeviantArt gallery, taken with Olympus e-420

Upvoted, reblogged and I am so happy I have discovered this!

Thank you!

hey, warmly welcome to our fireplace. I like your foto and a story very much. I may only add, that I totally share same feelings about the fire. my grand-daddy passed me all his passion, might be so...

Thank you for the warm welcome, @qwerrie!
I love days when Hive sends me new friends! I'll be following you!

I do not post mushrooms too often, sometimes, on Fridays - we have a #fungifriday fun challenge here, you know. most of the time, if you follow, it is streetphoto from St.Petersburg, Russia -- I am a metropolis habitant, natural environment is a luxury I can afford mostly in the Summer. I also love macrophotography. and you? thats it!


Yes, I love macro also. I have managed to do some good photos with my DSLR inverting the lenses along the years...never got to buy myself a macro objective, though...they were too expensive for what I could afford.

just buy macro rings. They can be used with any lens. A good lens with a macro-ring will give the best result in comparison with the mediocre macro lens :)

Thank you for the tip, @bambuka. I'll look for these macro rings!

You are welcome :)

with an ax in his hands in front of a dark forest ... looks defiant))
Welcome aboard, I think you will bring many more interesting things :-)

@bambuka, thank you so much for your advice and for the warm welcome!

You are welcome :)

Never forget your axe in the forest, who knows you might find a huge tinder conk to help you make a fire.


#CAMPFIRE CONVERSATION: Season 7 - [Fungi Lovers Challenge]

My favorite place is Deliblato Sands ❤️..... It is also called the European Sahara ... A special nature reserve .... Preserved breath of wildlife when you go a little deeper into an area full of sand, pine forests, acacias .... And of course various types of mushrooms, some rare and protected, some ordinary ... But they are all dear to me ... they are my friends who teach me about themselves. And I also learn about nature and the inhabitants and those areas and their symbiosis☀️


This is just a fraction of that beauty❤️


this is my fave forest - actually, it is a swamp location with poor pine's forest and a solid bushes of berries. there is not a great variety of fungi species here, but russulas always were in presence there when I checked it, even when the rest of the forest was too dry. And - very important note - the location is well-lit with sunlight which is important for macro photography, ordinary forest cant suggest such a benefitable opportunities for macro photoshoot. (but, ofc, can suggest a better variety of species). I also was able to found here Xerócomus subtomentósus, valui (Rússula foétens), fly agaric, and various unidentified toadstools. Oh, forgot to mention -- it is located apparently in 25-30 mins by foot from our summer house.

yes, I also like light swamps. This is a typical picture for the northwest of the Leningrad Region. But in such places I like to pick cranberries and blueberries more.
And for a macro, yes, the conditions are suitable and there are a lot of objects :)

I have what I have, at my location. I'd prefer the Karelian pine forests better, than this. low mushrooms divercity here..

where is it here?
здесь это где?

80 кэмэ на юг, за Вырицей

таки, почти Мшинская с его Мшинскими болотами. Тоже знакомо. Нормальные там леса и болота))

80 кэмэ на юг, за Вырицей

The place is mushroom, but very strange!
When we first stopped there, at a crossroads, there was this horse skull on the pillar. There were a lot of mushrooms around, they grew right on the road. Then only I considered that part of the forest was standing after the fire. Now we come there every year, though the strange artifact on the pillar has been gone for a long time.
Maybe it was a security talisman for the place? Who knows?

Место то грибное, но очень странное! Когда мы впервые остановились там, на перекрестке, на столбе был череп лошади. Вокруг было много грибов, росли они прямо на дороге. Только тогда я рассмотрела, что часть леса стоит после пожара. Теперь мы приезжаем туда каждый год, хотя странного артефакта на столбе уже давно не видно.
Может, это был охранный амулет для странного места? Кто знает?

These kinds of talismans are common in the rural areas around here. It's to scare away all the city slickers from the mushroom spots lol.

Нас ничем не испугаешь))

Нас ничем не испугаешь
Yeah the mushroom hunters see it as a sign to go in there to look for mushrooms lol.

maybe, they should arrange a gigantic simulacre of a worm, with inscript; 'We already ate all of your mushrooms!' - but still I am not sure that I will turn around after seeing that!

Too many worms here, turn away now mushroom hunters lol. There are Mongolian deathworms here beware... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_death_worm

scare away all the city slickers from the mushroom spots lol.

haha! funny comment, I like it. -- as a city habitant I should say : no go, will not work on me :)))


We have to make an extra scary looking protection talisman to keep you out of the secret mushroom area :-)

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Someone stole ... but in vain, Leshenka will be angry. There will be no luck for that person in this forest))
And the forest is good, mixed, light. The boletus is probably in stock :-)

Кто-то спёр... а зря, Лешенька будет сердиться. Не будет удачи тому человеку в этом лесу))
А лес хороший, смешанный, светлый. Белые наверняка в наличии :-)

Там в посадках много груздей, вдоль дорог - маслята и на лужайках опята по осени, а вот белых там ни разу не встречала. По-моему, для них там слишком сухая и песчаная почва.

Белые, которые не боровики, а те, что с зеленью или желтизной под шдяпками с берёзами очень даже любятся, и чтобы травка была не очень густой. У нас в таких местах точно есть)

There will be no luck for that person in this forest

I agree!

I prefer to hunt for my mushrooms in and around the of wetlands of Manistee National Forest in Michigan, USA. The variety of old and new-growth trees and associated ecosystems they help to produce make for great mushroom hunting spots that can support a wide host of different fungal species. The pines are quite beautiful too :)

Life After Death 2.JPG


Yes, it looks tempting, I would not only wander there with a basket, but also with a camera))

Manistee National Forest

Awesome I usually end up driving up through Manistee about once a year to go camping in Whitewater Township near Elk lake. Lots of good mushroom hunting there. The Grass River Natural area is also a great spot to find red and yellow amanitas in the fall.

Thanks for mentioning this. I've been looking for campsites in the area. I'm hoping to make a trip there sometime soon.

The whitewater township campground is a nice private campground next to elk lake only costs like 20 bucks to reserve spot. But its a nice central location to go around to various forest areas to mushroom hunt. Also swimming/kayaking on crystal lake is nice.

can support a wide host of different fungal species. The pines are quite beautiful too :)

agree! pine forests are the best. (and the 2nd best after burch forests, in terms of how it benefit for come best edible mushrooms).

My ultimate favorite mushroom place to go hunting is on the Black River in Michigan. This river has a bunch of waterfalls that continuously generate mist that feeds the mushrooms in the thick forests on either side of it. You can find endless species of mushrooms here all year around (except winter) because of the constant humidity. Unfortunately I only get to visit this area around once a year on vacation. Then after a long day of hiking and mushroom hunting you can drive a bit further north and take a swim in Lake Superior to cool off.

Beautiful place. Probably in every area there is a river, which is called the Black River))
I know at least druh near my town. There is even a settlement named after such a river.
There should be trout and grayling in your river. You can combine mushroom picking with fishing :-))

Haha true I know of a few different black rivers out there lol. I think they call this one black river because there is a bunch of iron ore in it. I would call it the rust red river rather than black river but who knows why they named it black river. The fishing is actually really good in that area but you get a lot of competition from other fishermen up there and very little competition for mushroom hunting.

In fishing, participation is as important as the result. However, in the hunt for mushrooms too: D

Красиво у вас в Мичигане и природа похожа на наш Урал.

Our mountains are only hills compared to the Urals.

Thank you very much @bambuka 😊

You are welcome


some mushrooms look very interesting and cool...

you can show us your favourite forest, where you go hunt for mushrooms?..

in the forest in the area where I live in the forests of North Aceh, Indonesia. there I often hunt for mushrooms .....


спасибо за костровое угощение))

Оно было невелико в этот раз)) во благо))