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Everyone Should Study Propaganda Techniques

Years of being subjugated to NPR (against my will), I've learned the methods of the propagandists. In radio, it's all about TONE, which NPR is seductively good at. You know this if you've ever listened to their PROGRAMMING.

If NPR is on in the background, you could list the words that your ear picks up because of a certain emphasis. Looking at the list of words, you can get the message custom tailored for your subconscious mind.

Brilliant, masterful propaganda mind control.


Propaganda In Print

In print, it's WORDS. Look for the verb and noun (sometimes adjectives) to determine the "spin" of the article. The article writers will use "soft" words to help the reader invoke a favorable or approving opinion of certain topics, people, places, things, etc. Sometimes soft words are used to weaken a position that the writer wants the reader to demolish.

The writer will use "hard" words in either a positive or negative way. As a positive, hard words invoke strength, and authority. A popular hard word is the word AUTHORITY itself. Right now, with the conditioning we are experiencing, hard words are becoming "trustworthy" and "safe". A great example is "Health Authority". Some examples of hard words which are negative would be "defiance" or "flouting" as we will see below.

The Case of Grace Life Church

In my previous post , I describe the events which occurred today, with the confiscation of the Grace Life Church building in Alberta Canada.

Super short version: congregation continued meeting despite COVID restrictions, pastor was arrested, released charges dropped. Congregation met for Easter Sunday, few days later they find two fences around the building and security guarding the entrance.


Disclaimers First

I will be the first to admit that I am biased in this news event, given my firmly held belief that THEFT IS WRONG. If my bias is TRUTH, so be it. I hope you agree with my bias.

I will also admit, that I sometimes use soft and hard words to convey my opinion, which is legitimate as I am writing an editorial. Editorials cannot be propaganda, because anyone is free to disagree with my OPINION.

Selectively choosing hard and soft language to convey a bias in a "News Report" is a journalistic crime. Propaganda disguised as NEWS is IMMORAL and should be ILLEGAL.

Fine for editorials, not fine for "news reports".

The Edmonton Journal: Subconscious Imaging

This article uses all sorts of soft and hard language to present a "spin" to what may be thought to be a well balanced article. It's shocking how many people would read this and believe that it's unbiased. But let's look more closely at the choice of words and the subconscious images they invoke.


Hard words: flouting, defiance, authorities, rules
Soft words: shuttered, fencing, convoy, assist


Hard words: violation, comply, requiring, restrictions
soft words: adorn, placed, closure, blocked, support

Perfect Example of Propaganda

By observing the choice of words, we can see the "spin". They want their readers to be in favor of (as they say) shuttering the building. Why? Because they were (as they say) flouting the authorities.

Totally legit.

The propagandists are saying, between the lines, "Let the reader understand: these church people are the BAD GUYS. But not just bad guys, objectively bad guys, because this is an unbiased news report and they are defying authority."


Words invoke images, whether we intend to or not. When we hear the word "Shuttered" we may not actually visualize a white shuttered window, but something like the image below is what the subconscious would receive:

Nothing offensive here. Shuttering is fine and reasonable.

This subconscious message eliminates the absolute revulsion of the SHUTTING DOWN of a CHURCH! No, it's "shuttered". A natural mind would be disgusted, but to help confirm a preexisting bias, words like these are comforting. "Church shuttered".

"Adorned with Black Cloth"

Then there's the fence. The one that prevents congregants from going to the church building. How do you "spin" a fence to make it not sound oppressive? Use outlandishly soft, almost beautiful language:

A layer of fencing adorned with black cloth had been placed around the perimeter of the building.

Oh so soft. It invokes a comfortable piece of clothing. Words like "layer", "adorned with black cloth", "placed around".

Are we talking about tyranny or a trendy scarf????



I hope this has been a good expose of the tactics the propagandists. Articles like this one from the Edmonton Journal don't even try to hide their spin and bias, assuming there has already been enough re-enforcement of the unified message: nobody can be allowed to undermine efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Once a reader has accepted this premise, the words of this article are comforting. Yes, church members should stay away from GraceLife Church - they are defying health orders!

Any sane human reading this would be appalled. They would place themselves in the shoes of a church member and imagine the distress and disruption this illegal, unfair and outrageous action would cause. A normal person would feel sympathetic, imagining how it would feel.

The unsympathetic mind controlled individual would feel that "shuttering" the church is just and right "for everyone's safety".


Wake up and BEWARE. Satan is Prowling Like a Lion Looking to DEVOUR the Minds of Many

Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, burn the newspapers, filter your information before your mind is LOST.


The Red Pill is "extremely dangerous to our Democracy." SO BE IT!


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I do not know why people can not see this. Our young adults have been trained for decades to recognize this language just to pass the SATs, the GREs and any standardized test. But they seem to think that only applies to taking test.

The NYTimes, long a decent source of news, has used this technique of negative language (although I look for the adjectives and verbs, not so much the nouns) since 2014, escalating its use significantly ever since Trump's legitimate election in 2016. The language used to report "news" for those five years was ridiculous - it would be a rare person (me) who could read that daily and NOT think Trump had fueled white supremacism. All false, all the time, I know. But still very much in effect, and the zombies among us can not see it.

Short personal testimony: For a long time I couldn't see it. I was very easily swayed and refused to believe any black and white view on any subject could possibly exist. I was that "yeah but" guy that drove everyone crazy. What a wonderful thing to have my eyes open to the deception and trickery. Smooth words, flattery, confirmation bias, paradigm reinforcement - all comforting lies that tickle the ears and hasten the feet on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Even outrage, if done right, feels pretty good for the blind leftest. They don't know Trump, if they did, they would like him. They only know the strawman that the propagandists have created of him, and they hate that strawman. They enjoy punching him down again and again. They really hate that his Twitter has gone silent. Where can they direct all that hate to now? Oh, I think I know.

They are directing their hate at the likes of me, who are openly refusing to engage in the forced medicalization of the entire world.


Hey @ironshield, here is your HYPNO ;)