I Am Alive Challenge - Day 254

Hello all ,

Thanks God for wonderful day.
Today is day 254 of participation,

Wakeup time - 07.30am
I come to know that the their are some Covid19 cases in our neighbor societies. We tried to restricted Gurseerat's movement outside home but it's not easy task. Normally we take her out in the evening in the park but now will see how to Hhandel that...
In the below picture she is playing with sand clay, this is one activity she likes the most in inside games...

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Thanks all for your kind support and helping me to grow my kids account.

I thanks to @flaxz for the initiative.
For more details and participation please check the link.

This account belongs to my kid. She is just 2 year old and as she does not know writing so my wife (@mk992039) and me (@guurry123) are managing the account for now. We will handover the account to her when the time comes.


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