I Am Alive Challenge - Day 241 and #aliveonthursday submission...

Hello all ,

Thanks God for wonderful day.
Today is day 239 of participation,

Wakeup time - 08.50am
Today is Gurseerat's Birthday. Picture was clicked last night when we were working on decorations...

My Vision for Alive Tribe ....
Flaxz is the person managing the #iamalivechallenge and taking a step forward he is now about to launch the ALIVE Tribe. Which means Alive will be 2nd layer tradable token.
I am fully believe on the project and the person behind it. The @iamalivechallenge community community gives me some much love and the helps me lot for the growth of my kids account.
Engagemen is the key for success on Hive blockchain so engagement should be in top priority. Engagement may be increased by organizers the contests or by rewarding the people for good engagement. I wish to add the #alive token also in the engagement initative by @amr008

We here in #iamalivechallenge community share our gokd and bad experiences and memories and that was the idea behind creating this challenge so the same should be continued in Alive Tribe also.

The initial month of launch will be very crucial for the Tribe token price in my opinion. As I have seen and experience in recent launch of tribes the price flatulence a lot and their is good seling pressure on token. So I will suggest to incentive or encourage people to stake more. Even some contests similar to #HPUD will be helpful.

Hope you will like the ideas.....

Thanks all for your kind support and helping me to grow my kids account.

I thanks to @flaxz for the initiative.
For more details and participation please check the link.

This account belongs to my kid. She is just 2 year old and as she does not know writing so my wife (@mk992039) and me (@guurry123) are managing the account for now. We will handover the account to her when the time comes.


Thanks for stopping by my post.
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First of all, 😊 birthday to the young girl.

Yeah, the tribe is coming to live sooner than later.
It's true that there would be more sells than buys in the first face of lunch which would certainly affect its starting price.
I'll join you to advise traders to exercise patients. Hold and stake more for the Coin to gain more value.
Have a great day

Thanka for the wishes..
Other side is that the airdeop is for #iamalivechallenge and #lukeisalive participants so hope their will be less sellers...
Hope so.. or time will tell..
Thanks for stopping by...

I hope that we'll act mature after the airdrop

Congrats to the spotlight @gurseerat and very happy birthday. May God fulfill all your dreams in your life. Stay best and happy always. It’s your 241 day with iamalivechallang it’s a long journey that’s really great.

Thanks a lot for the wishes.
Competed almoat 250 days but still look like its gew weeks back only I have start participating

Time flies very fast..
Thanks for stopping by....

@gurseerat, Happy to see you are live in this planet and growing and learning fast. Many happy returns of the day little daughter. Celebrate you day without connect many once.

Engagement is the key for success on Hive blockchain so engagement should be in top priority.

Exactly. So that's why I always try to connect with other Hivers. Be safe and stay healthy.

Thanks for the wishes and stopping by..
Engagement is very important and will helps a lot in growing the account.
Keep engaging...
Thanks again

Happy birthday brave girl!
Whishing you all the happiness and luck!

Thanks a lot for the wishes...

I am very happy to see @gurseerat celebrating another birthday today,congratulations dear wishing you long life in good health and prosperity best of luck in your endeavors have a blissful fun day 🍾🍹🍿🍔

Thanks a lot for the wiahes and your lovely words...
Wish you a lovely week ahead...

Thanks so much @gurseerat

Hope that your kid as well as you had an awesome day on this birthday. Good wishes for her for everyday.

Nice to know about your vision. Hope that their will be many more contest to keep occupying us.

Thanks a lot for wishes...
It was a wonderful day and I was so busy that ot able to reply the comments..
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week ahead..

Happy birthday to that bright girl!
I wish you all the best of luck and that your wishes realized.
Have a great day

Thanks a lot for the wishes amd stopping by..
Hava a wonderful wwek ahead..

@guurry123, please convey my belated birthday wishes to @gurseerat.
Hope you had a good celebration.

yes, first few months price fluctuations will happen, some of them will sell it.
But i think majority will stake it.
Contests similar to the one CTPSB did for ctp, may encourage members to stake more.
Market buys may happen and improve price.

@guurry123,thanks for sharing your views

take care and stay safe

Thanks for the wiahes...
More selling pressure can reduce the price like anything which ultimately reduce the peoples inteast in tribe....

Glad that you are alive and happy belated birthday. I wish you long life and happiness @gurseerat

Thanks for the wishes and stopping by...

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Thanks a lot..
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You're welcome @gurseerat, that's with pleasure! 😊👍

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Thanks dear..

Great to see @gurseerat alive and well and a big Happy Birthday to her, and thanks a lot for sharing your vision for the Alive Tribe, and some staking contest sounds really great, sorry that you missed the prize drawing, we will have a new subject for next week, and I hope you will consider that too, enjoy your day and stay safe, awesome and alive.

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Hello friend...
I am glad that your love the stacking contest idea.. more participants meams more stacking which will reduce the liquid token in market and will helps in price stability.

Will check the new contest and will participate for sure..
Beat of luck for the project...

Good Morning, @gurseerat! Thank you and Thank you as well for participating in the Alive Community. Enjoy your day!😀

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