Monoarc's snapshot: "Contrasting People"

in GEMS10 days ago

Among the many photos that I made so far, this one is probably my favorite.


Firstly, I'm impressed with the artwork. It may seem morbid but it speaks something about our society.

Another interesting aspect of this image is the way the people in front of the painting to be calm. It's as if they don't even notice the painting. Maybe they are too busy queueing and they are occupied with what they are doing or talking about.

There's a strong contrast between the painting and the people standing by it. And for me, that's interesting.

I love taking photos of anything and I like to turn them into black & white images. It is for a simple reason that the picture becomes pure, free from color preferences. With black & white, you interpret the meaning of the photo and not the colors..

Thank you for viewing