Black and white walk

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On this walk, the colors are not very deep. There was little light, there was a lot of dirt under our feet. However, the asphalt was a little dry and it was possible to maneuver normally between the remnants of snow, puddles and mud. Therefore, in the first photo, I hid it all with processing.
And in general, I wanted to remove all the colors. Let there be light, shadow and form.



There are many courtyards, trellises and fences in the city. People are hiding from each other. Sometimes they try to do it gracefully. But in the old part of the city there are many simple courtyards that have seen better times in their lives.


This balcony is the only one for the whole building. Moreover, it all consists of cast iron gratings.



We passed the zoo in the same way. But we didn't go in. For some reason, I am sad to look at wild animals living in captivity.
These birds are at least made of bronze.



Sometimes the sun looked timidly into the gap between the clouds ... it's still spring

The walk was not very fun, but we were satisfied. We returned home when it got completely dark...


CameraSony A7М2
LensSamyang 1.4 35
Post productionin LR

Manual processing in Lightroom

Unless otherwise specified, the text and photos are mine

From Russia with Love




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nice impressions!

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Прекрасные черно-белые фото! А орлы - это вообще нечто)

Привет, давно не виделись.Как поживаешь? У вас там становится всё горячее или это информационная компания?

Дела нормально, стажируюсь на второй работе, поэтому и времени нет, что-то постить(
А по поводу горячести, пока что непонятно, со всех утюгов пугают, но пока что тихо... Хотя готовимся к худшему!

Да, ты прав, утюги раскаляются. Может здравый смысл восторжествует.

Надежд что-то все меньше и меньше...
Ну будем посмотреть, что нам подарит 21 - год)

да, время покажет

Хорошая работа) Строгая графика пространства и много подробностей.

Благодарствую на добром слове :)
Мегаполис, он графичен