Play-off #25

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Hello everyone and welcome for the last program of @rabona season 25.

This time we will make a summary of the teams that were promoted and the champion of the champions.

Champion of the champions

Beerbased Lifeforms

Congratulations to @twinnerfor conquer the 1st Rabona title.

League of Champions Promotion

Viktoria Linz (@thehockeyfan-at), Shrimp JC (@anubi), Music-99 (@musicgeek) and Preussen Berlin (@damus-nostra)

League 1 Promotion

Lok Chiemsee (@tufkat), ASSE (@heroldius), Goldberg Polyhedron (@matrixspinor), Nova Bari (@mosquito76), Dynamo Dresden (@spi-contests), Vinotinto FC (@pavonj), SPI LEO Lions FC (@spinvest-leo), Celtic FC (@niallon11), rangers (@saleg25), Real Madrid CF (@rubillo15), Star Wars (@altayimizmir), Fasstast FC (@leosoph), c22 (@cesarmorles) and Albuquerque FSociety (@serialfiller)

League 2 Promotion

Gribouille-Ninjas (@exolindos), RiveraCF (@taraska), HEROS FC (@heros), SC Schneppenbaum (@ynwa.andree), F.C. NeWorld (@jackdoe), Altay (@altayimgaziemir), Valencia CF (@siphon), Galatasaray (@veterinarian), Tin Foil Hats (@nobutsd1974), FC GreenBay Kickers (@photobook), dGoal Official (@dgoal), FC BEE (@fr-ida), Brick Boys FC (@notaboutme) and Myanmar FC (@myanmarkoko)

Congratulations for all promoted team.

See you next season for more Play-Off programs.


Woo... Thanks my boys❤
I am proud of you Myanmar FC😁

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Thank you I will check it out.


Command accepted!

Back in the LoC, but it will be hard to keep the league.

The Tin Foil Hats are in training. It is clear that League 2 takes things a little more seriously than the last one did! I plan to give you guys a run for your money though!