It's Spring!

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Today was the first day when it was warm enough that I could go outdoors with a cup of tea and watch the sunrise without a coat on!


It wasn't a dramatic sunrise because it was quite overcast, but the warm temperatures made up for it!
Back when I was able to work in my flower gardens, I planted 150 daffodil bulbs around the yard. They are maintenance-free and the deer don't eat daffodils. Plus they even spread a little. They brighten my springtime days and they have just begun to bloom.




I went down and sat by the river for a while and saw a mature bald eagle fly upriver but missed the photo and was wishing the light was better for taking pictures.


I was lucky enough to see a pair of pelicans go floating past.




While not exactly a photo of mating birds for the #smap Show Me A Photo contest, both male and female American White Pelicans develop a pronounced bump on the top of their large beaks during breeding season. This growth is shed after breeding season.


Knowing springtime will arrive with daffodils and birds makes a long winter bearable!


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wow Awesome photo

Thank you! I'm happy you liked them.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks, Pix!

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Hey @melinda010100, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Pelicanus? 😅 This is a lake?

No, it is a river, but we are lucky enough to be on their migration route. There are hundreds of them, and they are everywhere, on the water and in the air..... And then they will be gone.

There's something inspiring about being able to go out side and enjoy the day without having to wear so many layers. I was able to enjoy a day like that a list week it was nice. It's funny how the weather affects our moods. Love the three pictures. Seems like a nice day. Funny but I took a picture of daffodils earlier this week. Yet I didn't know that was what they were. I just loved the bright yellow lol. Thanks for sharing.

Now you know daffodils! It really is nice not to be wearing heavy coats!

Very nice! I think my season is about two weeks behind yours. My daffodils are up a couple of inches.

That would make sense, but it will get there! We have rain and cooler temperatures on the way, but this beautiful weather was certainly nice while it lasted.

Oh Melinda, we had our first beautiful warm day today, 23 C/73.4 °F. It was glorious!

Doesn't it feel marvelous? It has cooled again here, but now we have felt the promise of those lovely spring and summer days, and it is such a happy feeling!

It sure does! It cooled here too but our freezing nights are gone.

Daffodils and white pelicans... you can't beat that!
Being close to nature makes your life so B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L , @melinda010100!
Hugs and kisses 🥰🌺🤙!!

I truly do not know how I would have made it through this past year without being able to turn to the natural world. 😁

Ahhh... you are surrounded by natural wonder!!!

Empowering Thank You for using LOH.jpg

There is no place I would rather be! Just wish I could be here more! ♥️

What a great way to greet the morning Melinda. Spring has finally arrived when the daffodils bloom. Your daffodils are beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed the morning outside and see the pelicans.

I was just this minute thinking of you and feeling like I had not seen any thing from you in a while. I get so immersed in birds and shadows that I don't get out often enough to see what my friends are doing! We have some rain and cooler temperatures coming, but this nice warm weather is a nice reminder of things to come

Amazing Melinda that we were on the same wave length. I’ve been on Hive quite a bit and was thinking of some featheredfriends photo to post.

I hope you are keeping well. 💕 Happy Easter week after. 🌸

Nice! I'm surprised you have flowers already, there. And the pelicans! I haven't seen them come through here, yet, but they're probably working their way through the area.

Everything is brown muck, here.

The pelicans have been here for the past week. Hundreds of them. But today I only saw a few, so I suspect they have left and are heading your way. Watch for them!

The daffodils began to open on Easter day and we began seeing tiny green leaves on some of the bushes. Rain and cooler temps are on the way though. Maybe that will make the daffodils last longer.

So beautiful pictures 😍🥰

Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.

When the white pelicans show up in Florida they do not have the bump on their beak, it starts to grow in the spring and when it gets about 2 or 3 inches high, they leave here. I had always thought they stored water in it for the long flight home. I think it was last year that I found out it has something to do with mating. But now I wonder what role it plays. Do they have some sort of kinky sex with it? You rub my bump and I will rub yours. lol

Maybe they think those bumps are just super attractive! We have hundreds of them here on the river in Wisconsin for about a week, and then they move along, further north.

Maybe, I guess we will never know for sure. We only have them in the winter, we have the brown ones that stay all year.

What good news the arrival of spring, you will continue to delight us with your photos of flowers and birds.
Beautiful daffodils, especially the white one with the yellow center.

The daffodils usually last for a few weeks so I am hoping for more photos as more varieties open!

Nice, you planted quite a few bulbs, I imagine you have a variety.



I am glad you were able to go out of the house for a bit - thanks to the weather. Keep well.

Beautiful flowers!

It is heavenly to be able to actually enjoy being outdoors again! 🌞


Lovely photos of daffodils. Their bright yellow color made up for the lack of sunshine. Pelicans look awesome too. Reminded me of the book Pelican Brief also made into a film.

I have read a couple John Grisham books, but not that one.
I'm always surprised each time I see them by how big pelicans are! They are so beautiful to watch.

Excelente, espero que la siga pasando bien. Me gusta el ambiente.

Me encanta el lugar donde vivo ... ¡cuando no hace un frío brutal!

Very nice👍


I wish there is spring in my country.
I love your picture of daffodils. It's so pretty.

It is a lovely time of year! Even when I complain about winter, I do enjoy having 4 seasons.

I bet! I've been meaning to visit a Japan or South Korea in Spring. But my flight was cancelled due to the pandemic 😔 hopefully I get to experience spring soon. 😊

How nice you will starting to like that warmer weather and all the birds coming back home.

It is a lovely time of year!

It really is and great for your health as you say 😊