Acrylic Painting of a Winter Holiday Scene

Painting First Winter Scene

Since it's the holiday season, I decided to attempt a somewhat holiday themed painting. I didn't want to go full on Christmas with this, that way the painting could be hung year round... since I'm spending so much time on these painting lately, I don't want to paint something that I would plan to store!

The Process

At first I really didn't find doing clouds fun, but after my previous painting I am starting to like to do them more. Mostly because I can spend a few hours on them alone to get all the details right while listening to some holiday classical music. I find this very calming and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This was the first painting I've done with trees in it as well. I watched a few guides and followed a guide for this painting. Eventually I'll be able to paint scenes directly from photos without following any guide and apply the techniques I'm learning while doing these paintings... that I look forward to the most.

I think a good idea will be to hold a contest on Hive where I request photos of various scenes and the winner will get some Hive. Maybe when I'm a better artist I can sell these paintings from peoples photos!

Making Mistakes

The thing I really like about painting is that it's pretty easy to cover up your mistakes. In this photo I thought it would look cool to have little snowy patches on the ground. Then after stepping back from the painting and looking, I realized that it didn't look good. It was like the painting got infected or something, so I covered them all back up.


One technique I enjoyed learning about the most was the lighting. When I first saw the painting done from the guide, I didn't realize that this part came at the last moment, but throughout the painting process.

This was very important for me to learn because it would be a lot harder to paint lighting in throughout the process because it's hard to know what it will look like in the end and if it will look good, so that you don't have to fix any mistakes you might have made.

The Final Winter Scene

Here it is the final winter scene. It took me about 15 hours or so to make this painting believe it or not, but it will be with me and my family forever. I may add a snowman, a sled or children playing but for now I'm just going to leave it as is and keep practicing other paintings so I can get better and detailing those type of things before I screw this one up any further.

Next up is Abstract

The next type of painting I plan on doing is going to be abstract. I'm not the biggest fan of abstract because it requires a lot more out of you, since you can't follow a photo, model, etc. It's really taxing on the mind and the mistakes aren't easy to clean up... but I'm going to enjoy the challenge!

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Nicely done, enjoyable scene to hang on a wall, never seeing snow it makes a lovely story @cryptoknight12

@tipu curate

Much appreciated my friend! I don't see snow anymore either since I live in South Florida... my son will never know what living in a cold Chicago winter is like (where I came from). I kind of miss the snow sometimes so this helps makes the house feel cozy.

Turn the AC on high and wear a sweater, that's my winter!

Hope the winter painting is in the room with the AC giving more effect. Yes we live in a region where winter is bliss, currently mid-summer you can fry an egg on the concrete.

Perhaps for the winter experience one day take your son up, my sons have seen snow on top of the mountains, never on the ground, perhaps one day we will time it right.

Snow is much more fun to go and visit than have to be exposed to it daily and shovel driveways! Yes, one day I'll take Owen to Chicago, my brother also lives in Colorado so I want to teach him how to ski/snowboard. It's nice when you use snow in a functional way like learning how to skit or sledding.

The winter season does have something calming about it though, sipping a warm drink by the fire snuggled up in warm clothes is nice!

I can imagine it not being fun to live in, shoveling pathways nor when it starts melting and becomes mush.

We planned many winters in the region always missed snow on the ground by a week either end of our holiday, hence one day we will hit luck!

Don't know much about Chicago except a big city, Colorado sounds like an exceptional place of beauty. Take him to both, one to show him where you grew up, the other to enjoy the great outdoors.

You and your brother would be able to spend some quality time remembering your childhood, teaching your son how to do things you guys did when you were young'er...

Please do tokenize this. NFT showroom and @juliaponsford I am not sure of the details, though. It is classy.

Thanks! Painting is kind of my new thing now, I still consider myself a novice and these are just me practicing so I haven't looked into NFT. Once I am able to paint scenes, portraits and stuff better I will definitely do that. Maybe I'll post some old stuff. Right now I have about 3 paintings I'm proud of but feel like I greatly improve with each one. Then when I get better I don't want to go back and detail old paintings because I've lost that frame of mind and don't want to screw it up.

I appreciate the feedback thou!

I just finished an attempt at abstract. It's a scene from the City of Chicago (where I lived and became an adult). I'm curious to hear honest feedback, going to make a post of it too so this is a sneak peak.

You'd be surprised how long this took me and abstract scenes are much more stressful than realistic. Realistic you can cover up mistakes, but abstract you kind of just have to go with it and change your plan up


Man... it's a faaaaaaantaaaaaastic one.
I liked the whole process of this drawing.
You are so talented, I should say that.

Thanks dude, I really appreciate that. This is my new hobby and you've motivated me even more! I'm going to continue doing landscape scenes until I feel like I'm able to do them more freely and off photos I take, look forward to more to come!

how are you dear friend @ cryptoknight12 good night
What a beautiful work, full of Christmas magic.
I loved that you let us know the process and the steps of the creation of the work.
I appreciate that you let us know and that you immortalized it in our blockchain
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the week. Successes

Painting is a learning experience and each one I've done so far I feel like I've actually got better. Hope this week is going to be good - I'm moving next Monday so I can't paint as much since I'll be packing!

Hope you have a good week as well my friend!

that's good news, you will start the new year in a new home, all the best in that new home. may success never be lacking

I like your painting very much, it looks beautiful, the lights look very real, I congratulate you, a beautiful painting to decorate. Greetings

Thanks! This one will go up in my mom's house per her request... so I know she'll use it to decorate!

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I think that's a great piece! Nicely done.

There are no mistakes in art. Just happy accidents that we either use in the final product or learn from. 😀

Thanks man, so true... I learn the most from accidents and taking risks... I guess that's kind of like life in a way too!