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The little sparrow paid a visit to the back deck last week. It was a rather chilly morning and she has her feathers fluffed up to keep warm,

She was checking out what seeds I had thrown out for the birds. I hadn’t seen her all winter and sparrows are known to stay close by the same area all year.



A sparrow’s diet consists of insects, seeds and some fruit. They are often visitors to backyard feeder and like commercial birdseed such as millet and sunflower seeds. Later I saw the sparrow on the ground pecking at the birdseed I put out.

A photo from last May of a sparrow, on a branch of a young birch tree, by the edge of the forest. This one is probably a male with the brighter colors while the female is a a dusty brown.


There are many different types of sparrows. I believe these ones to be house sparrows as one built a nest in the eaves of the house last spring. The nest had to be removed once the babies were big enough and flew away.

The house sparrow is a small active bird that adapts well to living among human habitation. It frequently builds nests in the eaves and roofs of houses and even breeds indoors, especially in area that have factories, warehouses, food courts and zoos.

Edited photo of the sparrow


Interesting fact about the sparrow is it’s shape is used on Egyptian hieroglyphs.



I have heard that a sparrow coming into your life is a reminder to be happy. So let’s be happy!

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Very nice photos of the bird! Haha That climate reminds me of the cold north east. I'm from New York, I'm pretty sure we had Sparrows with their feathers puffed out to keep warm there too. Now I'm in the islands of Thailand. Bit different here, no sparrows but a lot of sun and beaches.

Keep up the great work on the blog!

Thanks Dan@world-travel-pro. Yes we have a cold winter probably similar to N.Y. but things are looking up with spring here now and the sun is shining today.

You are in a great place to enjoy beautiful weather.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you! That is great that spring and summer are around the corner.

Have a excellent weekend as well :)

A nice selection of sparrow photos and a great edit! I don't see many of them here so I'm always appreciative of seeing the ones in other people's yards!

Thanks so much Melinda @melinda010100 and for the Ecency points.

Cute little sparrows! Hope the weather will become warmer for them soon! So there’ll be more insects around.

Our snow is finally gone. Spring is strong now and weather becoming warmer every day @kaminchan.

It will be good when more insects around for the birds to feast on. The ants are out already :)

Great to hear that warm spring cats are back! We have too many red ants! I wish the birds would feast on them! But they don’t like these ants somehow!! I gave to borrow your sparrows! LoL

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

Small bird frequently around, really become part of the family. Unusual you did not see them all winter, to my knowledge they do stay close to where they were reared.

Our Cape house sparrow we call a Mossie, males are very distinct from female in markings, I must take some photos of them to share, very cute friendly little birds.


Hi Joan. I don’t know where the little sparrow stayed all winter as I didn’t see her coming by to check for food with the other birds.

I would like to see your Mossies.

Thanks for the wine.

Perhaps sensed winter was going to be colder and did a short migratory trip to sleep in a warmer area, little birds are so clever.

Lovely photos of the sweet little sparrows Jo. They are not well liked unfortunately in my neck of the woods due to their numbers and nesting habits in ceilings of houses. But, all birds are God's little creatures and worth admiring and being cared for.

Thanks Angie. Yes they can be bothersome if they start nesting in the eaves of houses around here.

How cute they certainly don't forget who cares for them by feeding these cute fellas 😊

True @kohsamui99. I think I have the same birds year after year. if they die then their children visit. :)

Haha... i am sure the parent birds have already bought there kids around to your house 😄