Hello Feathered Friends Lovers !

@barbara-orenya here, bringing to you the weekly curation post


you'll find a subjective sample of the posts curated this week by the feathered team of the Community 😁

You may have noticed that some of your posts are submitted to the curation of the @ocd team, so we hope this does motivate you to give your best and lightning up the community with your beautiful propositions


If you like to post on our winged friends, or even just read and discover the wonders shared by some passionate bird watchers that we are lucky to have with us, you would love being part of a community like that of Feathered Friends 😊


I remind you the community has a new contest you can enter :

* the Show Me A Photo Contest round 9

run by @nelinoeva and theme this week is BIRD IN WATER

And you also better check your wallet from time to time because we will be sending some Ecency Points to reward even more some of your posts !

As @melinda010100 wrote in her post

  • "Ecency will begin paying POINTS to our community account each time one of you posts into the community using Ecency. All Feathered Friends posts from Ecency will earn us POINTS and we will be rewarding them back to community members in prizes and tips."


But for now, stop by and take a look at the wonderful content of our community members this week :


my philippine birds photo collection#022621 by @digitalis



Walking and birds spotting Week 08 by @oks2crypto



A curious bird in Uganda! by @elkezaksek



The Cape white-eye (Zosterops virens) Brought Their Friends: A Flock of Friends in the Trees by @fermentedphil



The eleven by @keuudeip



We are impatient to see your posts !

We appreciate that your posts have more than two or three images, but also that there is text to accompany them,
we enjoy the quality of the images of course ( a smartphone can also take very nice photos), but we also like information that shows that you have taken care of your post and therefore your audience 😉


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See you on next week for the curation report !



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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

thank you Mr Pix 🕊️

Delightful selection of birds! You do such a great job choosing who to showcase. The curation posts are beautiful!

Merci chère Madame 😊

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