Feathered Friends Featured in PEAKD demo video

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@peakd.com announced improvements they are making that include a redesigned homepage.

I, @melinda010100, was delighted when I watched the instructional video HOW IT WORKS and found that the Feathered Friends Community was featured in the demo

I wanted to call your attention to it and to the nice comment @jarvie made when I thanked him for featuring us! It is well deserved praise for all of you who help to make this community so wonderful!

Well I do think you have such a great use case for communities... it seems very active and you guys love your content, your passionate about the content and interacting. There seems to be a lot of money centric communities(which is ok) but I see feathered friends as a nice pure community built on solid foundations. @jarvie


Go to peakd.com then click on HOW IT WORKS.



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Oh my ...How great is that to have the community featured in such a lovely way !? 😊

... and mostly, what a wonderful comment ! ❤️

thank_you_poussin.png for the community @jarvie,
that is indeed a place of kindness, wonderful pictures and knowledge brought by enthusiasts, amateurs or professionals who each benefit from the contribution of each other ...🐦🦅🕊️

We do have some marvelous members! None of us could do it without you!


indeed, so sweet! feedback is always means a lot, without it you - after giving away your best efforts, your passion, energy, lifetime - only become empty and in the end, eventually, frustrated and un-fruitful. so, my warmest congratulations to you, Mel! we have a wonderful community here, and nice engaging challenges
Hive on, what else can I say!!



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It is a grand community with wonderful members, like you! ❤️

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!



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Greetings, your work is excellent as it reminds us that nature is wise and beautiful.👍👍👍👍