BMR for 8th April 2021 - Lost epiphany

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Hello world,


Wow. I had this, what I thought, in my sleep, an epiphany to write about this morning. I think I thought about it just before I feel alseep. I had this chat with so many people. "Start writing idea down". And sadly I do not. Because I think I would going to have one blow your mind post this morning.

Time get a note pad an pencil, small one, and keep it on my 24/7.

Market Report:

Hive: $0.5909 Made a nice rebound since I went to bed last night.

Bitcoin: $56,988.16





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Have a great day all.




That's funny, @bradleyarrow ! For today's #3StepsNoExcuses I watched a Plus1Success video about capturing those ideas as they occur! (Day 22 if you need to check it out!)

BTW, "Lost Epiphany" sounds like a great name for a band, or at least a track on a heavy metal album!

Lol. Thanks.


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