Apr. 14, 21: Routine, Oculus, TV, and Games

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I have to admit, I really felt completely wiped today. Got up at a reasonable hour for once, just slightly past six, but I didn’t get to sleep until nearly midnight last night so I was still another two hours short.

Didn’t get much of anything done all day, but I’ll take it as a minor victory that I didn’t nap at all...wanted to, but didn’t.

Just the usual during the morning routine. Hit the faucet, chatted on Discord, curation, bloody bloody...spent yet another inordinate amount of time shifting around H-E tokens (or, rather, tiny fractions of them), you know, the usual.

Bitcoin pulling back a bit, just like I said yesterday, but we seem to be finding support at the old resistance, which is a good sign...higher lows...could be breaking out soon. Good to see the volume start to rise and come into a normal range, still a little on the low side to really see bull run potential, but I think it’s lurking just below the surface.

I started getting ready to go out for a walk to try and get a #AutomaticWin, but then I saw this:



Literally fricking freezing again! That put the kibosh on that right quick!!! Instead, I decided to jack in for a while and play some Beat Saber.

Unlike the last time, I just couldn’t get into the zone...felt tired and just couldn’t summon the accuracy I need to push my scores any higher. 😢

Switched over to Swarm and cleared a few more levels on normal. There’s a lot more people playing now and I don’t know how they’re getting the scores they are, but I’m definitely not close to the top on most of them now...did get into the top twenty on one level, but I imagine that’s likely only temporary.

I wanted to get some work done on the site and I still have some lecture videos to record, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. I laid down after lunch in the hope of taking a nap, but it was not to be.

Finished Typewriter. It was pretty good, but only five episodes and the one season...more or less a really long movie. It had all the elements of being a satisfying scary show, but it was more for a younger audience, I think...or maybe just low budget, not much special effects for the ghost bits.

After that I started Dead Set. It’s a British zombie series...about the set of a Big Brother house while the rest of the world collapses into zombie apocalypse. Entertaining enough so far, I suppose...Walking Dead was still better.

Grabbed a bowl of cereal for dinner and played a few rounds of Splinterlands until I rage quit, walked around the house a bit since I hadn’t really been moving all that much, and then got ready for bedtime and watched some Abnormals with the wifey.

I do have to admit, if there’s anything I’ve learned from Hive, it’s how to stretch a nothing day into eight hundred words or more. 🤣

Well, we haven’t been screwing players around enough lately in dShitty, so better pile it on; ‘cause, you know, “math.”


I did actually check the market today, but I didn’t have enough to get anything that would significantly impact my unemployment penalty. I went the other way instead and made it worse by starting to dump it all over to Solairitas, just sent my Zoo, but now the flood gates are open.


Good to go for two Holybread potions and still three days left before I need to refill. Got all my task done early and so just been chugging through quests to boost my gold.


Still waking up to find myself knocked down to around sixth or seventh, but I’m still able to fight my way back up to nearly the top, close enough anyway. 😁



Damn! I actually thought about CryptoBrewmaster today but then never actually went in and checked it. 🤬 Really not going to make any progress this way, but I can’t blame anyone else for that one.

Despite there being barely a day left in the Splinterlands season and despite knowing it was, in every way, against my best interest to play Splinterlands today, I did anyway.


Ended up worse for wear once again. 😡



I had that one win with Death splinter left just sitting there staring me in the face and I wanted to get the extra chests, not that it paid off at all:


A couple cards and some DEC... I suppose it could have been worse. The next daily quest was three wins without neutral, which I thought I could hopefully do relatively easy, but I just kept losing again, so I rage quit. It is what it is, the reset is nigh.

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